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ALLBEBET – PLATFORM FOR BETTING ON SPORTS What is Allbebet project? is a sports and e-sports betting app directly between people. The adoption of blockchain technology into the existing bookmakers’ business model has enabled us to create an environment where there is no control over users and their funds. The app logic is based […]

About ParamountDax (PRDX) ICO

ParamountDax  – Profit Sharing Exchange NOT JUST ANOTHER CRYPTO EXCHANGE As one of the few crypto exchanges licensed before its launch date, ParamountDax serves the real needs of the crypto community. In this respect,we created a highly proficient, stable and secure decentralized hub for your crypto assets.We’re committed to strengthening the reliability of your financial operations […]

Overview INMINING – Innovative Mining

INMINING aims to give everyone an opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency mining without having to buy equipment, set up farms, solve the problem of cooling, and so forth. Whitepapper | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | Reddit You will get access to the latest mining technology from the world’s leading manufacturers. INMINING will build Russia’s largest data center in the Alabuga Special Economic […]

WANT Marketplaces (WNT) STO

WANT MARKETPLACES -Global B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C eCommerce Global ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C social, hyperlocal, private groups and secure messaging based marketplaces powered by the benipal shopping search engine with contextual, relational Image, Voice and Text based shopping search. Features WANT Marketplaces runs a global ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C hyperlocal, social, […]


CurioInvest is a platform CurioInvest is a platform that allows you to invest in rare cars that can be billed by buying security tokens. CurioInvest collects individual requests through a Liechtenstein-based tokenization structure that issues tokens that are directly connected to the underlying target billable car. About CurioInvest Collectible cars as an asset class have significantly […]


TYCOON – Social Crypto Trading. Made Simple. The first fully-automatic social crypto trading platform with real cryptocurrency. About Tycoon Tycoon — the first Social Trading platform developed by Professional Traders. If you read this then you have probably been for the lookout for a Social Trading platform that is focussed on Crypto. And you probably have tried […]

Erosion: Ethereum’s First Hypodeflationary Asset

(EROS) Erosion is the first hypodeflationary™ currency originally based on the ethereum blockchain What is Erosion Token (EROS)? Erosion Token (EROS) is a gradually deflating (hypo-deflating) currency on the Ethereum blockchain. There were originally 10,000,000 EROS created and no more will ever be minted. Every time Eros is sent, 0.01% of the transaction is gone […]


INTRODUCTIONThe crypto-space is not an easy environment to maneuver. Besides being familiar with the rudiments of this sector, you are expected to be security conscious at all times. One false move and an unknown fellow somewhere is giving your account a undesired clean slate. No one wants that, but scenarios like this take place rather […]


Invech Tentang InvechInvech Cryptocurrency Exchange adalah pertukaran cryptocurrency yang dipelopori oleh Invech Group. Kami memiliki token platform kami sendiri yang disebut Invech Coins atau IV yang berjalan pada platform ERC20. Dilisensikan dan disahkan langsung dari Pemerintah Timor Leste, lisensi kami mencakup seluruh kerangka blockchain dan cryptocurrency, termasuk pertukaran cryptocurrency, ICO, pertanian pertambangan, solusi blockchain, dll. Ini juga […]

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