A new trend has been sweeping through the Crypto world: Deflationary Tokens. These are tokens that have their supply constantly reduced when used, making them rarer over time. Tokens like $BombToken and $Fuze have been leading the way with experimenting on what happens when a token’s supply is cut down with every transfer. Due to […]


LIVING PLANET FOR HUMANITY WHAT IS GPM COIN? GPMCoin is not subject to inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. Excellent prospects if you purchase the GPMCoin in the early stages of the project. Complete transparency of investment and implementation of all project stages. GPMCoin is a fully valid token.Trust of participantsEach participant is able to obtain the […]


Aero Ten Inflation Selling PointsThe hyperinflationary approach is a more economical way of mining cryptocurrencies. Now you don’t need high energy, complex computers and millions of dollars to set up your mining sector.Aerotoken can be mined with only one transaction completed. You can’t set all skills together to increase 1%, but with AET, there are game modifiers.Aerotoken […]

Overview – Instant Exchange

SimpleSwap is an easy-to-use instant cryptocurrency exchange. WEBSITE  | WHITEPAPER  | TELEGRAM  | TWITTER  | FACEBOOKMEDIUM  | REDDIT | YOUTUBE | ANN THREADHello everyone … see me again Wong Linglong3 this time I will explain at a glance about * * so see carefully read thoroughly to your knowledge who knows useful for you in the future … WHAT IS SIMPLESWAP.IO? is a fast and secure exchange […]


AllbebetAbout AllbebetAllbebet integrating into the business model of blockchain technology and neural networks makes the process fair and honest. Based on the achievements of modern digital technologies, Allbebet creates a platform on which millions of people can play with each other, place bets, obtain predictions and analytics, freely withdraw the winning, and communicating within […]


GLOBAL REWARDS COMMUNITY ABOUT Cryptocurrency is disruptive but more people need to understand it in order for it to be truly transformational. Nexxus has chosen a suite of services designed to help popularize cryptocurrencies. They pivot around the Nexxus Rewards — Global Rewards Community. Merchant loyalty programs suffer from several problems that blockchain technology can uniquely […]

Overview AsclepiusNetwork – Delivering the most advanced medical Care

Delivering the most advanced medical care To people around the world ASCA Token ICO Implementing Company MEDICALBIT FOUNDATION OÜ Network Project WhitepaperAsclepius Network IEO is Live! News & Topics Sep 22, 2019NEW! Asclepius Network IEO is now live on Australian exchange “TAGZ”Mar 15, 2019The listing of ASCA tokens issued by the Medical Bit Foundation It has […]

Hawk Network

THE WORLD’S FIRST SELF-SERVICE MINING SCOOTER WAS BORN Sharing e-scooters is now a new trend in sharing the mobility industry after sharing cars and sharing bicycles. Companies like Lime and Bird have brought this new mode of transportation throughout North America.This trend is becoming increasingly popular with the availability of large funds and leading industry […]


ÜBER AZULTEC  Guten Morgen an alle Leser unseres Blogs: Heute sprechen wir über ein neues Mining-Projekt der Generation, Ich möchte mich bei Ihnen dafür bedanken, dass Sie mein Schreiben gelesen haben.Mit der Entdeckung des Kryptogeld-Sektors und der Entwicklung der Blockchain-Technologie hat eine neue Ära in der Weltgeschichte begonnen. Eine neue Ära hat sich als Maschinenzeitalter entwickelt, […]

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