iCoin is supported by original diamond mining.

Mining genuine diamonds and using profits to grow the crypto currency market is the best guarantee that tokens will maintain their value and grow significantly in due course. Millemium Mining was the first company to run an initial exchange offer by creating an international iCoin token and using the capital obtained to fund its operations and invest in real diamond and mineral mining in Africa. Every diamond that is mined will be sold on the open market and profits will be injected back into the iCoin International crypto market. This will bring in profits from 200% in year 1 to 1000% in year 3 and thereafter. Aman said that iCoin was supported by original diamond mining.
an investor receives shares in a company in return for their investment. In the case of ICO, there are no shares to discuss. Instead, raising funds through ICO provides a blockchain that is equivalent to shares: cryptocurrency tokens. Millemium Mining Corp has created the iCoin International token (ICOIN) to fund its operations. The profits from the mined diamonds will be injected back into the ICOIN market, this will result in ICOIN demand and value growth of more than 1000%.

Diamonds in Sierra Leone There is an opportunity in Freetown, Sierra Leone to open and operate an innovative and successful mining company that has found a great and proven catchment area for diamonds. At present, the mining business in SierraLeone includes around 2,500 small operations. Unlike oil, iron ore and even gold, diamonds are so easy to transport that if regulations are too heavy and taxes are too high, miners and exporters will simply turn to smuggling.
In 2018, Sierra Leone officially exported more than $ 150 million in diamonds, government records show. That’s important growth in the past 20 years, beforestrict new rules known as
The Kimberly process requires a diamond bid to be certified by the authorities. Before that, most of the country’s diamonds were smuggled through Liberia and Guinea and sold for weapons.

The advantage
Diamonds will always have intrinsic value that is universally recognized, being a safe haven asset that is time-tested. You can buy iCoin International tokens as a hedge against the unstable crypto market.
We sell iCoin for $ 3.5 million to start operations and mine 45 carats per day, 300 days per year. Diamond results are used to grow the value of iCoin as presented in the White Paper.
ICoin tokens can be easily transferred to all of our partners, exchanges or platforms on Ethereum. Tokens can also be easily stored and transferred between wallets that are compatible with
Our third party verifiers and auditors ensure that the mining process is fully transparent both in real time and in the future. The results of our protocol timestamp display a secure cryptographic system.
ICoin holders will have full visibility of digital ownership, transactions, inventory records and mining results in an invoative manner that offers security that is not provided by traditional diamond mining.
What is an Initail Exchange Offers (IEO)
IEO is a new form of crypto financing that is increasingly popular lately. What this practice does is introduce crypto exchange into a project-fundraising effort in a more direct, centralized, and direct way. Exchanges are basically partners in the entire process of launching tokens, allowing the crypto project to raise funds directly on the exchange platform. Go to LAToken.com to participate in ICOIN IEO.

Another part of our priority is adding protection for children when using the internet. We encourage parents and guardians to observe, participate in, and / or monitor and guide their online activities. ICoin International does not knowingly collect any Personal Identification Information from children under 13 years. If you think that your child provides this kind of information on our website, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately and we will make our best efforts to immediately delete that information from our records.
This web site has marketing objectives and is not intended to be legally binding. Nothing on this website is deemed to be a prospectus of any kind or request for investment, nor in any way related to the offer or request for offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction. The information on this website does not constitute a recommendation by anyone to purchase IXN tokens or tokens or other currencies and the Issuer (Millennium Mining Corp) has not authorized anyone to make such recommendations.

for further information about this project, please visit the link below:
Username: Kevinryan Link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2653700

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