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A Smarter Way To Share And Earn All token sale participants are required to register for whitelisting. Invest in a working businessInvest in a revolutionary productInvest in a strong management team

About Canlead

Canlead Ltd (reg no. 10524761) headquartered in London, UK that operates an online recruitment and property advertising marketplace which is accessible via its websites and mobile apps. Members can use the service to post business opportunities such as a job or service and make referrals to earn extra income. Canlead aims to be a decentralised opportunity sharing platform that creates trust between parties in the global economy. Our Vision and Mission Recommendations, referrals and word of mouth have been the norm in how people refer other people to unique opportunities since the beginning of their existence. Today, technology advancement has reached a juncture where an opportunity could be tokenized, shared, referred and earned in a decentralised network. With this realisation, Canlead aims to incentivise people to share and earn from any opportunity they may find on-chain. What Is CAND Token Canlead is introducing the CAND Token to the OPPORTUNITY SHARING ECONOMY, helping you refer people to opportunities and rewarding successful referrals. Furthermore, the CAND token is a utility token even though people earn tokens by performing certain tasks in the network or they can buy tokens to get access to the Opportunity they want from the Platform – people are not buying tokens with the expectation of profit then they are contributing with the expectation of getting the Opportunity. WATCH VIDEO

Why The Blockchain The blockchain technology offers several real-world benefits and advantages. The token connects opportunities with users and rewards successful referrals. Furthermore, the token unlocks all product features and services. A decentralised and distributed ledger provides users with a safe and secure system, giving them the confidence that no business can change the system of records. A consensus mechanism removes any centralised controlling body to enable network participants to validate transactions, proof of opportunity and referral, and add clarity for both the business and user. Problems Canlead Is Solving With The Blockchain Tokenising opportunities based on the Canlead Opportunity Sharing Economy Model. Monetising social networks and reputation through sharing and earning. Solving proof of opportunity and referral. Adding transparency and reducing opportunity wastage in a multi-billion dollars’ market. Providing access to the higher quality of talents globally at lower costs. Reducing complexity in payment, cross-border payment, billing and settlement. Token info Ticker: CAND Type: Utility-token Token price in USD: 1 CAND = 0.04 USD Accepted currencies: ETH BTC Token supply: 500,000,000 Soft cap: 7,000,000USD (fiat)  Bonus Program ICO private sale: $50k (minimum) to $200k (maximum): Q4 2018 #1 40% to 50% bonus Q4 2018 #2 30% to 40% Q4 2018 #3 25% to 30% ICO presale: $20k (minimum) to $100k (maximum): Week 1 20% to 25% Week 2 15% to 20% ICO Crowdsale $500 (minimum): Week 3 15% Week 4 10% Week 5 5% Week 6 0% Token Distribution 50% – token sales 20% – founders, team 10% – reserve 12% – advisors, contributors 4% – partners, early investors 4% – bounty, referral program Funds Allocation Technology and Engineering: Development 40% Sales and Marketing: Marketing 30% Infrastructure and Hosting 10% Legal and Compliance 5% Security and Audit 5% Contingency 10% Roadmap 14 December 2016 Canlead registered in UK Feb 2017 – Sep 2017 Software development & MVP version Oct 2017 – Mar 2018 Software development & beta version Aug 2018 – Dec 2018 ICO advisors onboarding Sep 2018 – Mar 2019 ICO: build community Aug 2018 – Dec 2018 ICO advisors onboarding Sep 2018 – Mar 2019 ICO: build community Q1 & Q2 2019 Piloting with friend and family customers Q1 & Q2 2019 ICO: token sales Q1 2020 Launch the world’s 1st ‘opportunity and referral’ platform on TestNet Q2 2020 Launch the world’s 1st ‘opportunity and referral’ platform on MainNet i.e. available to the public Q3 2020 GOAL: onboard 50k users and 20 partners/ customers Q1 2021 GOAL: onboard 200k users and 50 partners/ customers Team Michael Quan: CEO & Founder Luke Lynch: Head of Engineering Manager Dan Dale: Business Development Manager Filip Berdowski: Customer Service Manager Advisors Asher Looi Gavin Allen Simon Telfer  Siri Narasimham

Website | App | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Lite paper | Medium | Username: Kevinryan


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