INMINING- Mining as it should be.

Available. Effective.

INMINING aims to give everyone an opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency mining without having to buy equipment, set up farms, solve the problem of cooling, and so forth.You will get access to the latest mining technology from the world’s leading manufacturers.INMINING will build Russia’s largest data center in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone (Tatarstan, Russia) with a capacity of up to 10MW.

Current issues in Bitcoin mining

Tightening regulationsThe authorities of many countries are considering a full ban on mining for both companies and private individuals. In particular, mining may soon be banned in China, which hosts over half of the world’s mining hashrate.Lack of infrastructureA mining enterprise requires a separate, secure territory; 24/7 access; professional tech support; and much more.High energy costsFew jurisdictions can offer the affordable electricity and scalable access that are necessary to build a successful mining operation.Excessive taxesTaxes often eat up most of the profits.

The INMINING solution

The project provides an effective solution to all the key issues plaguing large mining businesses.The Alabuga Special Economic Zone is one of Europe’s top locations for launching large industrial projects. Thanks to its dedicated railway terminal, equipment can be delivered directly to the site. The data center’s security will be guaranteed by the fenced-off territory, professional security personnel, and in-house fire brigade.Affordable energyThe site provides a total of 350 MW of power (of which 30% is currently unused) and a free-of-charge service connecting the production to the electricity mains.Tax exemptionsINMINING will be exempt from land, property, and transport taxes for 10 years. Furthermore, the territory of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone is considered a free customs area.

Mining operations

The INMINING data center will use the BlockBox AC containerized hardware from Bitfury. This will allow for easy scaling with a minimum step of 1.2 MW, the minimization of capital investment, and fast setup and launch.Top-level productivityA BlockBox AC mobile data center is comprised of 176 air-cooled servers with a total hashrate of 14 PH/s.Innovation & scalabilityBlockBox AC is one of the most powerful yet least costly solutions available in the global Bitcoin mining market.MobilityBlockBox AC data centers are a comprehensive, containerized solution that can be positioned in any geographical location.ReliabilityThe round-the-clock monitoring and tech support provided for the BlockBox AC guarantee maximum productivity and fast problem resolution.Remote performance monitoringThe owner of a BlockBox AC can remotely monitor the hardware using a browser interface or a mobile app.Next-generation technologyBlockBox AC data centers can be easily upgraded by replacing only the necessary components.

Benefits of containerized mining solutions:

Minimal costsFast delivery to the siteQuick setup and launchUninterrupted functioning even in difficult conditionsProtection from rain, snow, and bad weatherMobilityEase of useRemote monitoring and managementEnterprise-grade qualityEasy upgradesEnvironmentally friendlySimple design

INMG Token – Key Facts

Type: ERC20Token distribution: in 10 days after the completion of the initial token saleListing of the token at crypto exchanges: December 2019Additional emissions: NoINMG tokens are not to be considered a security, investment asset, or financial derivative. Listing on crypto exchanges: soon after the completion of the token sale.Please note that US citizens and residents (tax or otherwise) are forbidden from buying, selling, or transferring INMG tokens. Potential buyers from other countries and jurisdictions must first ensure that purchasing INMG tokens is legal and allowed in their jurisdiction.


January 2019Start of preliminary planning for the data center constructionMarch 2019Site selection and negotiations with the representatives of the Alabuga SEZApril 2019Market research and selection of the hardware providerMarch 2019Formation of the token sale teamMay–June 2019Preparation for the token saleJuly–September 2019Launch of the advertising campaign and the first stage of the token saleSeptember–November 2019Main stage of the token saleNovember 2019Completion of the token sale and token distributionDecember 2019Token listing at crypto exchanges, start of the data center construction workFebruary 2020Launch of the data center

Our team

Marat AkhmadullinCEO / serial entrepreneurMarat has extensive experience in the field and excellent decision-making skillsKirill RechichCTOKirill is a strong technical professional who focuses on developing himself and his teamsStanislav MedyulyanovFounder & serial entrepreneurStanislav is a thought leader and expert in business process restructuringSergey FadeevFounder & owner of a construction companySergey has successfully run a construction business for over 20 yearsAlexey NasybullinIRAlexey is responsible for the development of investor relations (IR)Maxim NeretinMarketing managerMaxim is a specialist in the design and implementation of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns

Website | https://inmining.io/en/Whitepapper | https://inmining.io/files/white_paper_english.pdfTwitter | https://twitter.com/inmining_ioFacebook | https://www.facebook.com/inmining.io/Telegram | https://t.me/inmining_enReddit | https://www.reddit.com/user/INMINING


 Username: Kevinryan


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