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Sharing e-scooters is now a new trend in sharing the mobility industry after sharing cars and sharing bicycles. Companies like Lime and Bird have brought this new mode of transportation throughout North America.This trend is becoming increasingly popular with the availability of large funds and leading industry players such as Google, Uber, and Lyft join the club. In just one year, Bird has become one of the unicorn companies, making them the fastest startup to reach a $ 1 billion valuation. In comparison, it took Lyft and Mobike about two years to join this rank.Without a doubt, the E-scooter sharing platform has a huge market opportunity to solve the last mileage problem. Although companies such as Bird and Lime have the first mover advantage, there is still no dominant company in the E-scooter sharing field. However, we see many companies entering this market, from small startups to giant sharing companies like Uber and Lyft who have launched their own e-scooter platforms.

  • HAWK: Win-Win Financial Model

Hawk, the e-scooter sharing platform is the latest product from the UB Group sharing family. You might want to know, how many opportunities does Hawk have at the time, and what are the competitive advantages?Even with a battery, the Hawk e-scooter only weighs 13.5kg; can be used at a maximum speed of 25 km / hour. Users can open the scooter by scanning the QR code for $ 1, so it costs $ 0.15 / min. More importantly, if you become a Hawk partner and have your own Hawk e-scooter fleet, you will immediately get all the revenue generated from your HAWK. This is unlike other e-scooter providers such as Bird and Lime.According to UBGroup, one Hawk scooter costs $ 1200 ETH (equal to USD $ 1200). If purchased with ETH, UBGroup will convert USD $ 1200 to ETH according to the real-time exchange rate at coinmarketcap.com“When you buy more than 100 HAWK, you become a city partner. City partners will get a discount based on the amount ordered: 10% discount for 100 units or more, 15% discount for 300 units or more, and 20% discount for 500 units or more.The reason why UBGroup adopted a new digital currency revenue model is that HAWK is connected to current blockchain technology; this is the first sub-chain of UChain. Access to the UChain network sharing system enables sharing of enormous data resources in the world, while Hawk owners can benefit after other users use their scooters.In addition, HAWK is also a shared scooter with cryptocurrency mining functions. This can mine HKC virtual currency as a daily profit. “This HKC can be used for travel payments, secondary market transactions, UChain smart shopping malls, sub-currency exchanges, and future car purchases,” Ian Yu added.He also gave us calculations. “Every HAWK can generate income of $ 20 ~ 25 USD if used for 8-10 times a day. In addition, 2000 HKC can be mined every day. Therefore, we can estimate that the purchase cost can be recovered within 40 days.It is worth mentioning that HAWK is not the earliest joint project in the ecology of sharing UBGroup. Earlier this year, they had access to a U-bike bicycle sharing platform in North America for trial operations. Many users who have used comments that sharing bikes with blockchain technology not only bring more comfort to human life, but also a healthy ecosystem of mutual benefits and mutual benefits.“This is a division of real value!” Said a user cheerfully.

  • E-scooter-sharing: Tip of the Iceberg of the UB Group Ecology?

The reason for re-entering the blockchain + sharing of e-scooters from sharing bikes in North America is Ian Yu’s decision after years of observing the industry and careful consideration.As we know, Europe and the United States are the birthplace of cars; however, with severe car pollution, environmental impacts are increasingly being contributed by the community. In the United States, for example, data shows that the proportion of Americans holding a SIM has declined sharply over the past few decades, especially among young people. In 1983, more than 91% of young Americans aged 20-24 had a driver’s license; however, in 2014, this number dropped to 77%.“E-scooter is one part of an environmentally friendly travel mode. Secondly, it also covers up the big disadvantage of sharing a bicycle, which is difficult to meet the needs of users for comfortable, fast and medium-distance travel,” Ian Yu said.Although there are many bicycle sharing projects in the current situation, it still does not resolve the current economic shortcomings of division: the distribution of benefits from the transfer of user rights is uneven, the credit system is not yet popular, and the lack of privacy is data security.Ian Yu believes that “e-scooter-sharing that joins the blockchain can upload data to the blockchain and provide data values, consumers get prizes by using e-scooter-sharing, and blockchain will expand the distribution of the economic value of sharing. Second , because the Decentralization blockchain and information cannot be falsified, sharing thresholds for sharing can be lowered, building better trust mechanisms, allowing everyone to participate, sharing personal idle resources, and also protecting the security of personal data. ”In the future, in a competitive situation of sharing travel, user rigidity, product comfort, operational efficiency, and service experience are the main points, and sharing electronically scooters in the UBG Group Ecology, can do better in all three aspects.

  • But the purpose of UB Group is much more than that.

In the entire UBGroup system, e-scooter-sharing is just one of them. Ian Yu told us that “UBGroup focuses on the new ecology of the whole sharing economy.” Nowadays, besides sharing bikes and sharing e-scooters,UB Group has conducted various proposed layouts for smart sharing economics. Various layouts have been proposed, and have a series + blockchain solution that is suitable for different scenarios, different fields, and different countries.This aims to provide companies with lower access costs and a more efficient and trusted Internet of Things. Taking smart hardware as its base, artificial intelligence as its core, big data technology as a foundation, and big books distributed by the blockchain to balance ecosystem and production factors, the Hawk Network ultimately aims to achieve the goal of enabling the global Internet of Things .This distribution strategy adheres to the ideology of blockchain decentralization, and all BHK corporate investors around the world will distribute dividends brought by increasing the entire travel network that is distributed through distributed ledger technology. Meanwhile, BHK Intelligent Scooter is also a super-riding mining bike meaning mining, which is not only in accordance with the concept of having a green planet under sustainable development but also belongs to the community incentive model.By innovating technology schemes and economic models, Hawk Network applies edge computing, UID user digital identity and several encryption technologies to make devices, users and companies unobstructed on the Hawk Network, allowing the security of assets and data; HAWK Tokens are Hawk Network value exchange media, and will be applied in various scenarios, such as payments, mortgages, financing, transactions, and distributed Internet of Things circulation.In short, the Hawk Network uses blockchain technology to empower the traditional internet experiment of Things and reach a new generation of distributed internet smart Things. While HAWK Tokens are the main key of the Hawk Network, it can be said that the era of intelligence and perception of all things has arrived.The following are some features of the Hawk Network

  • Edge Computing

Edge computing is an intelligent computing mode wherein the side of computing energy is used together with the help of terminal devices.

  • Big Data

After the information is calculated with the help of various node devices, information is uploaded to a distributed database to type very large data.

  • Blockchain

Terminal software that makes sense completes the calculation, the information is uplinked, and the blockchain turns into a repeater and connects the data.

  • Smart contract.

Contracts  multi-level embedded plausible that helped the trend of contracts that can be programmed and add templates and interface standard contract.

  • Smart Terminals

Terminals are interested in decentralizing investment information series terminals to keep away from access to damaged supply information.

  • Network

Trusted Blockchain community after edge computing with the help of smart distributed terminal ways.

Share travel trade analysis

As of January 2018, a complete assessment of the five largest shared travel platforms for Didi, Uber, Lyft, Grab and Go-jek reached $ 129 billion. According to Bloomberg News, in 2017, the scale of financing for international cell travel manufacturers reached 28 billion US dollars. In China, the amount of financing in the joint car sector reached 76.259 billion yuan, while the prices of the Moby, ofo and Harrow bicycles in the shared bicycle

  • HAWK token information


  • Website: Visit
  • White paper: Read
  • Pre-sale Time: August 15, 2019 – August 30, 2019
  • ICO Time: September 1 2019 – 30 Dec 2019
  • White List / KYC: White List + KYC
  • Country: China

Token info

  • Ticker: HAWK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Available for sale: 4,000,000,000 HAWK (20%)
  • Total supply: 20,000,000,000 HAWK


  • ICO Price: 1HAWK = 0.0067 USD
  • Received: ETH
  • Hard stamp: 30,000,000 USD


October 2018

  • Project research and the began project

December 2018

  • Complete project planning and overall design.
  • Complete the selection of relevant fundamental technologies.
  • Research and connect smart hardware interfaces.

February 2019

  • Complete economic model design.
  • The first edition of the white paper was compiled.
  • The first official DAPP path BHK application is online pre-sale.

April 2019

  • Complete demonstration of edge computation technology.
  • Complete the Intelligent IoT Gateway Agreement.
  • Complete technical architecture.

June 2019

  • Hawk Network starts the underlying coding.
  • Start a private fundraiser.
  • Start the promotion of global channels.
  • Community Partner Recruitment.
  • Recruitment of city partners.

October 2019

  • Start the IEO Global Meeting.
  • The first Dapp is online.
  • The first equipment starts mining.
  • The top exchange starts trading HAWK.

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