GPM Carbon

This project is part of the GPM-Planet group, detailed information about the company can be found at The project brought together a professional team of like-minded people. During the collaboration, from research to prototyping, the team demonstrated determination, resources and professionalism. At that time, when we were going to launch a possible application for the technology industry, we formed a friendly and effective team aimed at results.

As for economic indicators, this project is interesting in its ability to convert cryptocurrencies into real money with a good conversion rate. This marketing is dictated by the market as a double situation with investment strategies arising among cryptocurrency holders.

In addition to creating a unique production using high quality raw materials, we provide our customers with the highest level of service. A vertically integrated structure has been created on the basis of the company, which includes: production location, warehouse, transport and information logistics. Process management is carried out in all business units, and company tokens will become payment units for the entire ecosystem of the company.

The GPM-carbon project solves 3 main problems of modern society:

pollution Soil
pollution Food pollution

What is activated carbon
Due to its physical and chemical properties, activated carbon is a unique and ideal cleaning agent (absorption). It is currently difficult to mention sectors of the economy where this unique adsorbent is not used. In fact, this is the second material after iron in its widespread use.

Applications for activated carbon Activated carbon is used in the following areas:
• Atmosphere:

Purification of gas emissions, including desulphurization, gas purification systems from nuclear power plants, steam traps for gas emitted by vehicles, destruction of chemical weapons, destruction of solid waste, purification of air entering residential and workplaces.

• Hydrosphere:
Drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, water treatment, liquid radioactive waste treatment, gold and non-ferrous metals mining.

• lithosphere:
Protection of lands from xenobiotics, including pesticides, soil restoration, sanitary protection zones of water sources.

• men:
Means of individual and collective protection from filter types, production of chemical and pharmaceutical products, vitamins, antibiotics, enterosorption and hemosorption, production of environmentally friendly food.

Main applications of activated carbon:

• chemistry.
Products: chemical fibers, synthetic rubber, dyes, chemicals, etc.

• medical.
Products: chemical and pharmaceutical reagents, antibiotics and vitamins, medicines, etc.

• food.
Products: sugar, oil and fat, starch and sugarcane, wine and vodka, cigarette filters and others.

• metallurgy.
Production: flotation (enrichment) of non-ferrous metal ores, non-ferrous metallurgy and iron, gold mining.

• Distillation of gas and oil.
Production: separation and purification of process streams, production of plasticizers.

• Nuclear industry
Modern production problems
Studying the experience of activated carbon production by leading world manufacturers leads to a disappointing conclusion: most of the leading manufacturers often create products of the highest quality, actions aimed at solving environmental problems. Time causes serious damage to the ecology of the planet. This is mainly associated with the methods of production and preparation of raw materials necessary for their production, as well as with technological and production processes.

Analytical studies of the development of activated carbon markets
The unique cleaning properties of activated carbon, allowing to solve various environmental problems and modern production technologies, are constantly expanding. The range of activated carbon is very wide, and the gap between supply and demand continues to widen.

Factors that determine the growth of the activated carbon market:
• Continuous improvement of strict environmental regulatory standards in key markets – in the USA, Canada and Western Europe. Purification of water, air and industrial waste, strict standards for the removal of mercury from the air in the production of energy using fossil fuels (carbon, oil and natural gas), more stringent emission standards for vehicles – all of these areas require wider application. Activated carbon.

• Raising emission standards and controlling water and air pollution in China, India and many other developing countries. Population growth, water and air pollution caused by rapid industrialization and depletion of clean water sources increase the demand for activated carbon.

• Increase production activity and actively introduce innovative technologies in industrialized countries. Most processes using activated carbon are based on their use throughout the entire production process.

The goal of the Carbon project is to regulate the production of activated carbon in accordance with the developed environmentally friendly technology (see Description and technical description above) and provide appropriate services to consumers through the introduction of vertically integrated structures.

Business structure
Launching the production of activated carbon using our technology is based on the following advantages:

Raw materials Always available in the required quantity. The quality of the raw materials necessary for the production of activated carbon is one of the best in the world.

Production of a product using our technology significantly reduces costs compared to the costs of the largest global manufacturers.

For the successful implementation of the project, we have a dozen innovative economies that are patented

. Production technologies will be located in the complex area of ​​our production, competitive advantages include excellent geographical position, highly qualified personnel, full technological readiness from the production site for the installation and commissioning of technological equipment. USP

Token Features

GPM Coin is a project of the real sector of the economy that has material embodiment. GPM Coin gives you the right to receive this highly liquid product (activated carbon for universal use), which has a good competitive position due to its high quality and physico-chemical characteristics and is produced using a unique environmentally friendly technology through the use of technical raw materials. The ecosystem of the company is designed so that customers can pay for GPM Coin tokens. Markers will become a universal payment tool in carbon ecosystems.

blockchain The entire GPM Carbon ecosystem will be rebuilt using blockchain technology. This will provide maximum flexibility and security for all transactions in the company. At the stage of launching the product line under the GPM Carbon brand, all products will be marked and entered into the blockchain registry.
INFORMATION // gpm- Kevinryan Link:;u=2653700

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