DAIN is the next-generation artificial intelligence platform

Welcome to my simple article, and I am sure that my article will be of use to you. happy to read articles about the crypto world.On this occasion I will discuss abou thttps://dain.ai/ several companies in the world. I am very interested in joining this company, so do you. let’s join this very promising company!…

Artificial intelligence is positioned at the core of the next-gen software technologies in the market. Companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft have actively implemented AI as a crucial part of their technology. But this comes at a cost: the vast number of computer resources required to perform these tasks. The hardware must be constantly renewed and consumes huge amounts of electricity for cooling. And with the exponentially increasing amount of data to exploit, the trend is only growing.The cloud market is valued at USD 291 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 1.25 trillion by 2025, at a CAGR of 27.50% during the forecast period. Machine learning is projected to be the segment with highest growth, reaching USD 188.4 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 48.60%.DAIN COMPONENTS
Understanding and leveraging the possibilities of an artificial brain with unlimited scalability is a complex task. This white paper splits the explanation of DAIN’s potential into three different interlinked components, examined separately and in detail:DAIN Ecosystem:DAIN is created, built, and grown by and for its users. Like theinternet, DAIN users will define what DAIN will become in the future. Users can participate in this ecosystem by playing different roles.DAIN Solutions:The business toolbox designed to offer out-of-the-box value toDAIN users.It aims to streamline the democratization of AI and enable new business models.DAIN Platform:The core underlying infrastructure that enables the ecosystem and the creation of solutions. Its mission is to establish a secure marketplace for computing resources, data and AI models.DAIN ECOSYSTEM
DAIN is conceptually designed to interact with two kind of users, end users and institutions (private companies or any other kind of institution, such as universities or research centers).End Usersfuel the computational resources market, sharing the free computing capacity of their devices to cover institutions’ requests for service, receiving a reward (tokens) as payment.Institutionsmake requests for service to the network, consuming its computational resources. Depending on the type of service request, they can be divided into:Producers:They create new AI models trained in DAIN using their own data and/or data provided by the network members, paying tokens in exchange for the usage of the required computing resources or data.These solutions can be created only for their own consumption, or they can be exposed in the marketplace at any time to generate new revenue streams.Consumers:They directly access the AI marketplace to reuse existing solutions created by Producers.DAIN SOLUTIONS
As described, DAIN Solutions provide ready-for-use business solutions. This section details the initial set of solutions that will be provided on top of the DAIN platform

  1. Empathy – Engagement platform
  2. Knowledger – AI Marketplace
  3. Soul – Autonomous agents
  4. Psyche – A Zero-Code Artificial Intelligent Journey Platform
  5. Intuition – Laboratory

DAIN implements different techniques to promote the stability of the utility token and the overall system:

  1. DAIN token value is referenced by the computing power constituting the network.
  2. The token has reduced volatility, as the value (not the price) is linked with real and measurable indicators.
  3. There are clear token value growth drivers.
  4. Wealth distribution

DAIN Token Value
A DAIN token is directly linked to the computing power of the network. To quantify the network’s computing power, a reference index is defined: DIPS (DAIN Index Performance Standard). Every service request handled by the network can be characterized by a DIPS number, which represents the estimated computing power required to solve it. A DAIN token (DAINT) is defined as the computing capacity allowing the execution of a service request of 1 DIPS, in every active Minimum Resource Cell in the network. 1 DAINT = 1 DIPS x #MRCs To prevent artificial network growth, each MRC requires a DAINT reserve to be considered active and allowed to provide services.While the price of a specific task is driven by supply and demand, there is a pricing mechanism that links it to the token value, reducing volatility.Service Fees
Services provided within DAIN have a fee (dsf, DAIN service fee*) paid by the requestor. The purpose of this fee is to reward DAINT holders. The fee is determined as a % of the service price, and the corresponding DAINTs are“burned” (i.e. no longer circulating in the network). As the total number of DAINTs in the network decreases, the value of the DAINT increases, directly rewarding DAINT holders.Wealth Distribution
In order to guarantee the network’s survival, it is necessary to ensure that all the participating actors earn a fair reward, avoiding wealth centralization by actors with more capacity or voting power.This mechanism incentivizes new users to share their computational resources through DAIN, regardless of how big or small the device’s computing capacity is.The DAIN protocols implement rules designed to ensure that all device types can have equal access to collaborative associations of nodes with heterogeneous characteristics, subsequently ensuring a proportional distribution of the rewards.Roadmap
We are just beginning, but everything is already mapped out and planned. Learn about our next steps.2018 Q3DAIN network conceptualized2018 Q4DAIN technical design complete2019 Q1Agreement with Universidad Pontificia de Comillas to fund a research project on DAIN2019 Q2DainWare fundedWhite Paper publishedFunds raised from 8 angel investorsAdvisor Board2019 Q3Agreement with SecondWindow to provide development workforceWe are here2019 Q4IEO 1.0Token Private SaleTelefónica & Eleven Paths LoI sign off2020 Q1IEO 2.0 with additional exchanges for extended reachResearch Article PublicationPoC Industrial Use Case2020 Q2ICO2020 Q4Testnet launchConcept Demo Release2021DainServices set-upgo-to-market service provider and integratorThe DAIN Team
The DAIN team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in startups, entrepreneurship and large multinationals. We also are proud to have the support of collaborators from multiple sectors and the academic world.José Ramón García LuqueCo-founder & CEOCognitive & AI Architect at Sabadell BankLuis Garcia San LuisCo-founderCIO at Deutsche Bank SAECarlos Díaz CondeBusiness Development & Strategic AlliancesJesús García San LuisCTOCTO & Founder 8g AnalyticsTechnology Advisor LossLessLinenLuis Garcia LorenteCOOPromptwave founder(ICEX Innovation award)Strategic Partner Advisor & Judge @Startup Europe AwardsAndrés Contreras GuillenHead of Solutions & ServicesResearch Team
José Luis Gahete DíazProfessor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADEDavid Contreras BárcenaDirector of the Department of Telematics and Computing at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADEDavid AlfayaProfessor in the Department of Applied Mathematics of the ICAI School of EngineeringAlejandro García San LuisProfessor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADEIsrael Alonso MartínezProfessor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADEAdvisory Team
Francesc Fajula De QuintanaDirector Open Innovation at Banco SabadellRoberto Nuñez Del RioFounder at Why? Training and HubIT DigitalMarcos De PedroCEO at myClouddoorCovadonga FernándezDirector at Blockchain ObservatoryJosé SalamancaCOO at UST Global España & LATAMJorge AlonsoGeneral Director at Second WindowRicardo UsaolaRegional Vice President – Iberia MuleSoft Sales at SalesforceValentin GalanChannel and Alliance Regional Partner Director at Mulesoft, a Salesforce CompanyJuan BoqueraOperations Manager at The CocktailJuan Antonio Sánchez CañibanoHead of Digital Services Sales SpecialistsJorge AponteInfluencer Blockchain & Crypto | Global Busines DeveloperFor more information, please visit the link below:
http://dain.ai/https://t.me/dainwarehttps://twitter.com/dainwarehttps://www.facebook.com/dainware=========================================Username: Kevinryan Link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2653700

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