Wolf Group A New Face Of Investment


As opposed to other projects based on blockchain, Wolfs Group OÜ is already active on the market and the projects it is involved in are either in advanced stages of development or fully functioning profit-turning entities. The appreciation in the price of any one project as well as the group as a whole will always result in the token price rising as well. WLF tokens will be fully convertible and listed on cryptocurrency exchanges capable of being bought and sold at any time beginning with the first purchase of a token/tokens. Investors will be able to easily diversify their assets through an instant sale of their tokens on the exchange. Meanwhile, the exchange will facilitate an Initial Exchange Offering process as a form of distributing and veryfying the project (including production details and potential functionalities). The first project which Wolfs Group OÜ intends to tokenize is Ferpay Ltd., an international money transfer service currently involved in utilizing the functionalities of blockchain for its needs. As the second stage of the Wolfs Group OÜ project, Wolfs Development, concerned for many years with construction, sale and renting of property, will be tokenized. Wolfs Development will be able to tokenize its assets thanks to the blockchain technology. Ultimately, the capital collected from the first stage of the IEO will fuel the growth of Ferpay Ltd., to be discussed later (own cryptocurrency exchange, cellphone app and a new money transfer service). All funds will be used to fund alread existing projects and services.

What is a WOLFS token?

The Wolfs Group OÜ token (WLF) will be based on the ERC20 standard and the Ethereum blockchain. This will allow for a broad availability of the WLF and its inroduction onto the industry’s largest exchanges. The ERC20 standard is a broadly utilized standard allowing its users to secure their funds using a contract with the token.

Our Business Model

Wolfs Group OÜ is an investment and advisory firm which utilizes a model combining private equity and venture capital.Wolfs Group OÜ is mostly concerned with investing in new businesses representing multiple industries. As a private equity fund, Wolfs Group OÜ invests in well-established business with reliable services which are willing to upgrade: e.g. expand their offer or enter new markets. In such situations, the main objective of Wolfs Group OÜ is to secure medium and long-term returns from capital appreciation while managing investment risk. Venture capital, meanwhile, has to do with investment in fledgling companies, otherwise known as startups. Startups are based on good ideas and patents which can turn lucrative in the future. The invested capital serves to spur an early company on its path to growth by introducing its product to the market. The risk is commensurate with the large prospective return on the investment.


Wolfs Group OÜ investment options comprise over 15 companies. We are, however, focusing our efforts on the two most promising ones.WOLFS GROUP OÜ PROJECTSFerpay Ltd:- Ferpay Ltd. is a fintech entity. This modern finances-oriented company facilitates quick and secure international money transfers. There are few companies sharing the market with Ferpay Ltd. capable of the comprehensive treatment individual and business clients receive from the aforementioned. Owing to the experience enjoyed by Ferpay IT, finance and marketing managers, Ferpay is fast becoming a “Challenger” meaning a fintech company capable of competing with banks. An FCA licencee (Authorised Payment Institution Ref.№607425), Ferpay can process transfers in all of the world’s currencies with eight having been introduced as of today.

How does Dain Work

The IEO process with Wolfs Group

Proces Initial Exchange OfferingInitial Exchange Offering involves investors purchasing tokens on a well-known exchange (exchange selected by the project team). The tokens act as a means of investment in the company — its products and services. The tokens allow holders access to the services and returns on their investment. As intangible goods, the tokens are subject to price fluctuations typical of other cryptocurrencies. In most cases, the tokens will be instantly listed on the same exchange they were purchased on as part of the IEO, but over time the tokens can migrate to other exchanges.Ieo On P2pb2b Exchange:https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/WLF/1And Also 2nd Ieo On Coinsbit Exchange:https://coinsbit.io/ieo-list/WLF_37

Why Wolfs Group OÜ was created

Wolfs Group OÜ represents a new chapter and a host of new possibilities for the entirety of Wolfs Group, an entity engaged with investing in various strategic industries. Up to this point, the structures in place within the group precluded the full utilization of its assets and this, coupled with capital starvation, made substantial local and international growth impossible. The location of the refurbished Wolfs Group in Estonia is strategically crucial for the steps that the group will be taking in the years to come. Under Estonian jurisdiction, Wolfs Group OÜ will allow for the expansion of the whole group to foreign markets located far beyond the outlines of the EU. This is made possible by Estonian law and international agreements regarding the blockchain technology and the new ways it opens up to capital acqusition. The location of the project in Estonia guarantees legal transparency, financial security and a gateway to global investment and investors. This friendly country boasts an economic environment characterized by freedom, flexibility and the possibility for rapid growth for those of us already in the digital age.Estonia is one of Europe’s most technologically advanced countries. Its lawmakers make it a point to keep up with market changes and demands. It is currenly one of the few countries in the world and the only country in Europe to have officially sanctioned cryptocurrency trading. Estonia is distinguished by its transparent and business-friendly tax policy where cryptocurrencies are not subject to a VAT or financial transaction tax. Estonia also places no limit on investment in cryptocurrency which, together with the country’s generally straightforward laws and low operation cost, makes Estonia the perfect place for anybody’s cryptocurrency-based operation. The Wofs Group OÜ team plans to tokenize a selection of the projects they are currently working on within the next two years. Any investor in possession of WOLFS tokens (WLF) can share in the gains from any tokenized project.

Roadmap Of Wolf

Team Of The Wolf


OBSERVANCE OF THE LAW AND TRANQUILITY OF WORKPLACEAs it relates to following the law as stipulated by relevant legislation both limited to the country where a project is situated and internationally, this company unequivocally insists on following the law in any and every situation with the accompanying transparency of actions as a given. In order to guarantee that the above is observed, this company and the capital group WOLFS have adopted a number of policies outlining the rules and procedures for corporate and anticorruption-related challenges. Corporate policy is an internal structure within the organization which regulates relations between parties within the capital group. The purpose of this corporate policy is to ensure that the interests of the Capital Group are taken care of with the relevant letter of the law being observed without fail. Acts and revolutions originating out of the capital group will be observed likewise. The anti-corruption policy reflects the company’s zero tolerance for corruption in any area of activity within WOLFS.

AML and KYC policy

Wolfs Group OÜ will strive to meet every requirement of the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing legislation. Wolfs Group also vows to strictly observe the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy to maximize security of assets of all investors participating in Wolf Group OÜ’s first ICO. To that end, all measures at the group disposal will be utilized with strict observance of EU law wherever applicable as well as safety standards to maintain the security all future investors’ and holders’ personal information.More: Informations, please visit the link below:Website: https://wolfs.group/Telegram: https://t.me/wolfsgroupFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolfsofficial/Twitter: https://twitter.com/GroupWolfsLinkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/wolfs-group-585a1a194/

Username: Kevinryan


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