CODEO is a new digital asset that provides a new experience of safe and comfortable transactions

1. What is CODEO?
CODEO is a new digital asset that provides a new experience of safe and comfortable transactions that implement decentralized and unlimited Blockchain technology.

2. Why CODEO?
CODEO is not only a digital asset or payment instrument, but is also supported by a network of traders and strategic partners that encourage the growth of ecosystems and provide easy access for people and users to transact digitally within the CODEO network.

Similar to Paypal, CODEO exists and will change all conventional payment methods into a decentralized and peer to peer system.

3. CODEO Legality and Validity
CODEO is a LIMA INVESTMENT LIMA ANGELS business unit based in Tortola British Virgin Island (BVI) which is distributed and supports CODEO products and its global operations.

4. The existence of CODEO in the future
Stop CODEO starts with the first step of our Ecosystem step. Market exchange, Archidax, and our Incubator Program will support the growth of digital startups and support the use of all CODEO network products released by startups as members of the Archidax and CODEO incubation programs. CODEO will also continue to expand its market network and transactions in all crypto market exchanges throughout the world offered in the top crypto market. The use of CODEO will also continue to grow in all industries outside the Blockchain, both digital and non-digital. Like Paypal, our vision and mission is to make it easy for users to transact easily anytime and anywhere without the fees required by conventional banks.

5. Roadmap and CODEO Realization of Products and Ecosystems
To reach our agreement, we completed our IEO on CATEX and SATOEXCHANGE received by BINANCE.COINEAL and HUOBI which were included in the list of planned tasks to be carried out at the end of January. Meanwhile, Archidax Exchange will be launched soon after January 2020. We will continue to improve our community and our business development team will also continue to improve the supplier network and transactions that accept CODEO as our business payment instruments worldwide.

6. The advantage of having a CODEO Token
CODEO is not only used for transactions, but is also used as a valuable transaction instrument for now and in the future because CODEO guarantees a value of not less than $ 1. If then CODEO Token Prices are cheaper than global markets under $ 1, you can trade Your CODEO TOKEN through our market exchange, Archidax Exchange.

Another advantage of having a CODEO TOKEN is that, you will get 2% of the interest rate each year which is accumulated from the total amount of your CODEO TOKEN and will be calculated at a price of $ 1 per CODEO and 2% of the receipt of your CODEO TOKEN Benefits. Distribution of this 2% interest rate on June 7 every year.

7. Why does CODEO guarantee $ 1
CODEO TOKEN guarantees all market participants such as investors, traders and CODEO users by using protection for those involved in the CODEO Ecosystem. As a means of payment, CODEO will certainly provide those who are safe and comfortable who will never be contacted by market sentiment or any global policy that can support Crypto currency trading worldwide.

8. Why does Codeo Token give users an interest rate of 2% every year?
Codeo tokens appear as digital assets that synergize between products, merchants and users. This happens because of the role of all users who drive the world Digital Economy in the CODEO Ecosystem. With this in mind, CODEO TOKEN provides a fixed interest rate of 2% that is generated from every profit earned on Codeo Tokens and all business networks supported by Codeo Tokens. This is one of CODEO’s real appreciation to all those who praised our CODEO Ecosystem.

9. How can we own and convert our Codeo Tokens into money
Besides you can use your Codeo on all merchant networks that work together with CODEO TOKEN, you can also convert your Codeo on the crypto market exchange both locally and globally. This will be realized in early 2020 at Archidax Exchange.

10. Distribution of CODEO Tokens in the Global Market
Distribution is carried out according to the needs and value of global trade through markets that we work with around the world.

11. CODEO TOKEN based on global agreement and request
Codeo Token Value will gradually develop and develop with the growth of industry and business in the CODEO Ecosystem.

12. CODEO TOKEN issues 1 trillion CODEO
Because our vision and mission are valuable digital assets for now and in the future, CODEO TOKEN is designed and is expected to be the main alternative as a payment instrument such as Paypal. CODEO TOKEN will be a stable digital payment instrument and has a good investment value. CODEO TOKEN issued 1 Trillion to provide and facilitate users with adequate payment instruments to meet global economic growth.

13. How the CODEO TOKEN Ecosystem works
Ecosystem development and projects will be divided into three phases. The first phase of the project will be valid for 2 years starting in the fourth quarter of 2019 until the fourth quarter of 2021. Codeo Tokens will only focus on developing products such as Archidax Exchanges and Digital Start-Up Incubator Programs. At the same time, CODEO TOKEN will provide all crypto market funds both locally and globally as well as transportation service providers to provide sufficient CODEO providers and facilities. In the second phase, the first quarter of 2022 to the quarter of 2024, CODEO will rise to the development of merchants that support the CODEO Enhance token as a method of payment and transactions in all merchant networks throughout the world.

For the first quarter of 2025, the project’s target will be to increase the number of traders and mass outreach to increase public awareness from conventional to adaptive to digital payments using CODEO. This development continues to increase by expanding the network of traders and working together in various industrial sectors ranging from hospitality, food and beverage, automotive, game platforms to agriculture and fisheries.

14. do CODEO TOKEN Ecosystems and their strategic work around the world?
The success of the project and the development of the CODEO token ecosystem cannot support community participation and support. Pros and cons of digital assets and Crypto currencies in some countries is still a polemic. CODEO TOKEN can support automatically absorbed from any sector. Meanwhile, for expansion and development to countries that have not yet been approved to receive Crypto Currency, CODEO TOKEN with its brand and product CODEO PAY will exist and become a digital wallet that asks for an acceptable solution in the country with the assistance used in those countries.

15. The existence of CODEO TOKEN Ecosystems in the future.
CODEO TOKEN is designed as a digital asset that is ready to serve you continuously and will always be developed using the latest technology. ERC 20 is a brand new technology that will always be developed by our CODEO TOKEN Developer

16. How does the CODEO TOKEN value work?
In our precise calculation, the value of CODEO Token growth will continue to increase over time in accordance with global market growth and various determinants such as supply and demand parameters.

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