In my opinion wherever we live, everyone wants to receive quality service. Especially when this same service is related to finance or other vital fields. In addition, this is not a matter of sadness, but in the simplest desire to receive quality action from various organizations during the implementation of certain services. This is normal.
The problem is:
However, it is not always possible for all organizations to do this at a high level. From this a series of problems emerged that many users and clients had to struggle every day throughout the world. All of this happened mainly for several reasons. First, many financial transactions that are classic (eg centralized) offer users very high service fees. By charging too much commission for certain transactions. Which naturally leads to what is called a financial loss on the part of the client.
Second, in addition to high commissions, people often spend too much time making any international payments. And sometimes even to confirm your operation, you have to pass a rather difficult check, answer all kinds of questions to bank employees to whom and where do you send this money ?!
And if all of these options in many cases cause inconvenience and inconvenience to the most ordinary users, then what can we say about entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors and traders. Whose activities are directly dependent on the quality, speed, and convenience of all financial transactions?
In fact, the solution already exists and was developed by an official company registered in Estonia and called LIQIO.

About the project and its features:
Besides the fact that LIQIO is an officially registered company, LIQIO is also in the process of obtaining the two most sought after financial licenses to view its activities. What has already done a higher level than LIQIO is relative to many analogs that exist in the financial services market.
However, I would like to note that the LIQIO project aims to see all of its operations using modern Blockchain technology to ensure its users are only the safest, most reliable and transparent conditions for collaboration. However, as I wrote before, the classical (centralized) market for financial relations has long not met this requirement. In addition, it is significantly behind all the decentralization functions provided.
If we talk more about LIQIO, then this platform is the exchange of digital assets, where every participant in this market will be able to find not only a convenient tool for using all the capabilities of the ecosystem, but also can receive pleasant dividends to store the platform’s internal markers.

The benefits:
Developing the theme of dividends, the developers plan to allocate around 50% of the profits from the platform’s own revenue for payments to its users. What do they mean to do this practice every month. Which naturally is able to provide many users with passive income for careful storage of internal LQO token systems in their wallets. For me, this is a great idea. In addition, this method will clearly contribute to reducing coin volatility, and hence giving them the right value.
50% of this profit will be accumulated from the platform’s own revenue, which includes moments like:
=> commission fees for registering new coins with LIQIO;
=> trade costs;
=> service fee;
=> commission to withdraw money from LIQIO,
=> and for the payment gateway itself.
At first, it seems to you too much, they include various commission fees as part of their platform. However, compared to traditional financial operations conducted at banks or other financial institutions, this percentage is very minimal. So they are far more practical than what they are now. Because of this, LIQIO definitely wins in all directions.
In addition, owners who will have their internal platform tokens will be able to actively participate in voting, during the development of LIQIO, functions and subsequent actions. What I consider very comfortable and in demand. People like it when they consult and sincerely want to know their opinions. However, the user itself is the main link in the system, for that reason, in principle, the whole LIQIO EXCHANGE decentralized structure is created.
As for the working tools and trading interface, here the developers try not to reinvent the wheel, but to make everything as simple as possible, understandable and comfortable. After all, the easier it is for users to do all the necessary operations, the less time will be spent on it. And as we all know, “time is money.” So, we can safely say that LIQIO is convenient to use for the beginner of the digital asset market and professionals in their fields. However, as I said, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, everyone wants to receive quality service. And the LIQIO story is just about that.

As for the internal system token (LQO), it will be developed based on Ethereum and will comply with the ERC-20 standard. It is important to note that the supply of coins will be limited to 100,000,000 LQO. Which intends to give not only the value of the coin itself, but also has the potential to increase demand in the digital asset market. In addition, the developers plan to conduct STOs, where the proposed number of coins will be distributed. For me this is a good strategy, I hope it will fulfill their expectations, and they will collect the desired amount of the Hard CAP stated in 100 million.

In fact, the LIQIO platform still has a number of advantages and features, mono easily includes 24/7 multilingual support, as well as a competent strategy for the development of its ecosystem, a quality team and more. In short, LIQIO EXCHANGE deserves your attention, so that in the process of familiarizing yourself with it, it will become for you the most loyal and reliable tool in the world of financial transactions.

But as they say, no matter how eloquent the author is, no one will tell the best technical documents about LIQIO EXCHANGE. Therefore, I suggest you continue your introduction with LIQIO EXCHANGE through official resources. The link you are waiting for at the end of this article.
With this, maybe, I will finish my review of LIQIO EXCHANGE. I hope the information above is not only interesting, but also useful for you. I would love to hear your opinion about this in the comments. And also don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Thank you and see you soon. Your KLIMENOK SERGEY.
For more information, please visit the link below:
WEBSITE: THREAD: https// https://www.

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