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AoS brings Cryptocurrency to the average person by pooling funds JUMP IN


AoS is a platform that truly makes the best of cryptocurrency exchanges and investments. There is a lot of buzz today about cryptocurrency but the truth of the matter is that not everyone is getting it right. AoS has developed several strategies that will ensure that anyone who invests with them is always going to smile to the banks.

As they understand that nothing is more important in a business relationship than trust, AoS has cultivated a solid network based on trust, integrity and reliability with their customers. Apart from the immense profits that you stand to gain, there are other reasons you need to sign up with AoS.

The cryptocurrency market is one that is full of uncertainties. However, with a crew of tested professionals and experts like the ones at AoS, you are very sure your investments will be in safe hands. Hence, you will have absolutely no reason to worry about your investments at any point in time.

AoS focuses a lot on professionalism and excellent delivery at all times. They go that extra mile to ensure that as the client, all your goals are reached. They always get the job done for you. That is why people keep signing up with them.

The same scenario plays out at RealKoyn where there is a whole new dimension added to the various investments that can be done in the real estate niche. With a team of savvy and highly-dedicated professionals, there is no better place to lodge your investments than with RealKoyn. With them, you are very sure you are dealing with real assets and getting only real profits. The whole platform is solidly based on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain technology and this is very good news for investors.

There are several advantages with investing with RealKoyn. The entire process has been simplified and buying tokens can be done with the click of a button. Another reason why it is a solid and worthwhile investment is because it is tied to the land. Apart from water and food, land is the most important resource for humanity. It is one entity that is always increasing in value no matter what — land never depreciates in value.

What AoS has done is to totally disrupt the niche by blending cryptocurrency investments with real estate transactions. So although Koyn may function just like any other ERC20 token out there, what makes it different is what backs it in terms of security and value.

Sadly, the great majority of crypto offerings don’t make it to an exchange

This reality is not good for the investor or the cryptosphere. AoS understands that real partnerships are based on trust. Our focus is on keeping our word and performing in a world class manner. Many people see the promise of cryptocurrency but because of the ill prepared and bad apples in the space; those people are hesitant and skeptical. AoS eliminates the need for unhealthy skepticism.

Because of the uncertainty, you need AoS. We help navigate the cryptosphere so that you don’t have to be stressed out or confused. You are partnering with experts with a track record of producing. Integrity is at the foundation of our organization. We take meaningful steps to ensure you are comfortable with your investment. At the end of the day, what do we really bring to the table? Well — we get it done.

Expertise: We’ve done it

Character: Character counts

Support: You are not alone

Security: We are cautious

Transparency: Don’t guess, know

Credentials: Qualified by others

Partner with AoS, a top tier organization and let us help you navigate through the dynamic crypto terrain.

About 15% of cryptocurency tokens are profitable. We have discovered the pitfalls and and how to cross them. The returns of crypto cannot be beat, so it is completely worth the journey. Join us and capitalize on our expertise.

Unvetted Projects (this is where we help most) 78%

Failed 4%

Quit 3%

Why Go With Us?

If you are still asking why, take these three points into consideration.


We are not trying to figure all of it out. Much of it has already been figured. Experience is a valuable commodity when dealing with people’s hard earned money. Our goal is to use all of our combined experiences to grow your assets.


Much of our team has operated under licenses in which governmental scrutiny is an unavoidable reality. This gives us an edge on competitors who haven’t operated in such environments. You don’t want to pay for them to figure it out.


You will know precisely the status of your koyn. You will have access to everything you need to know and more to ensure you are always in the know. We believe in the marriage of new school tech and old school values.

Scarcity Gives Value

Our Investments are based on scarce tangibles so there will always be value. Those things that cannot be reproduced easily or economically are prime targets; real estate, industrial metals and precious metals are our focus.

All tokens are backed by real assets

Multiple tokens offer multiple opportunities

Token values are reinforced by eachother

Blockchain is the Future of the Internet

The Internet of Things is converging toward block chain technology. Many cite blockchain as the biggest thing since the internet. Smart investors are looking to the future and positioning themselves for the next iteration.

Across Industries

Across Technologies

Across National Boundaries

Timing is Everything

The most important thing is not what you invest in but when you invest in it. Blockchain technologies including cryptocurrency is maturing and when the space completely settles, the returns will act accordingly. With most major tech companies and many non-tech companies investing tremendous resources in blockchain, the opportunity will wean.

Global Firms have Stepped in the Space

In 10 years almost every person knows Bitcoin

Most will enter the market too late

We have the Answer

Most cryptocurrencies are backed by good will only. Our opportunities are backed by stores of value. By using the oldest assets on the planet (the planet itself, ie. land, minerals, etc.) and game changing tech, we are creating something never seen before.

Safer than other cryptocurrencies

Same type of gains possible

Long term and short term gains

Real Koyn (RKYN) is AoS current offering, win with us.

Real Estate is as “real” as it gets. By aggregating properties your tokens earn value. With so many tokens that never make it to trade, work with a group that has already established relationships to ensure your tokens trade. Our goal is to grow your money.

Not just a coin but a. . . Koyn Kollection!

To earn our spot as your go to cryptocurrency partner, we have to offer diverse opportunities and provide not just impressive returns but liquidity as well.

Koyn — The Mother

Koyn is our answer to tokenization. Tokens secured by some underlying value like real estate, metals or businesses, etc. Koyn is the next generation of secured assets; in the cryptoverse or the financial sector in general.

Real Koyn — Available Now

Our current entry in the blockchain space ,based on the worlds best values,in real estate. Early investor bonuses,and benefits make it a great opportunity. http://www.realkoyn.com

Gold Koyn — October 2020

We have employed experts to develop a world class model to secure gold and bring additional value to our members.


Multi tranches are better for early contributors

  • 20%: Reserves
  • 60%: Real Estate Assets
  • 5%: Airdrop
  • 2%: Contributors and Advisors
  • 10%: Founders
  • 3%: Bounty and Marketing


With a mix of property types we can find the very best deal

  • 10%: Industrial
  • 10%: Land
  • 35%: Multi-Family
  • 25%: Residential
  • 20%: Commercial


Most funds are associated with acquiring projects

  • 5%: Marketing
  • 85%: Real Estate Identification, Securing, Development, Sales
  • 10%: Administration, Operations, Legal


APR 2018

Organization Development

Create the offering, including Legal and Whitepaper

JUL 2018

Core Team Recruitment

Identify core team members, outreach and placement.

SEP 2018

Core Team Development

Organize the team for a successful raise and project planning and development thereafter.

JAN 2019

Social Media Network Beta Development

Began to develop concept and architecture of our answer to the Social Media gap.

MAR 2019

Community Development

Outreach to the Crypto world to include all major crypto media and channels.

JUL 2019

Social Media Network Beta Development B

Continue to next phase of development for our Holisitic Social Network.

NOV 2019

Team Development and Preparation

Properly recruit and place new members and prepare for launch.

JAN 2020

Media Launch, PR and Community Engagement

PR launch and a blitz through social media channels.

JAN 2020


Raise Funds through Pre-Sale bonuses and discounts — motivating investors.

FEB 2020


Continue to raise funds through 4 Stage ICO.

MAR 2020


Continue to raise funds through IEO with carefully selected partner.

APR 2020

Exchange Listing

After review of exchange options, we will execute a contract and list on several exchanges.

JUN 2020

Project Commencement

Our team will research, identify, analyze and secure projects that meet our criteria.

JUL 2020

Social Network Site Complete

Members will enjoy the benefits of a holisitic online community.


Username: Kevinryan


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