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Bright Nuclear Token main goal is develop the cryptocurrency position and build up the charity fund

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IntroductionBright Nuclear Token hasa unitvalue,that value will betradable.This value will could bein the formot cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Bitcoin etc. Tokens will beused to raise fund sinan ICO (Initial Coin Offering) orcrowdsale.ICO fund will help to raise project growth.Bright Nuclear Token project main thought process comes from charity build. We believeon Easeand Ease will help allto build the irown position.Bright Nuclear Token charity fund will help sunder privileged People.

About Bright Nuclear Token PROJECTBright Nuclear Token is the Leading Ethereum based Blockchain of Digital Creation.It’s applies blockchain technology increating and sharing in the newvalue. Bright Nuclear Tokenis ERC-20 based token and the system in the formofourutility token.Bright NuclearToken is introducinga new way of blockchain with a Growth Spiritand challenging spirit,and the service is also help to build Charity fund. Themain the meon this projectis Bright Nuclear Token that’s why project name is Bright Nuclear Token,The goal of Bright NuclearToken is stable position on Market.


Bright nuclear Token (BNT) will always serve their customers.We have created all Secure Chainsthis way.This project is a cohesive and united project so we valueour customers most.

That is why we will provide all their services. We will make everyone’s security chaina wareo four customer sand keep them safe and secure. Our team members,officially adminsand support system 24 hours ready to provide all service toour use rsand investors.

Secure Service. Bright nuclearToken global system provides highly security to information for both buyer sand sellers. Bright nuclearToken secure chain system provide full facilities for their users.

Mobile App.

In future we will launched Bright NuclearToken app, Bright NuclearToken app will help to builda platform for buyer sand sellers. Bright NuclearToken will in clude our own currency and other currency and members buy and sell those currency in this app.

Sellers will receive pay mentsinthecurrency oftheir own choice.All transection will bes mooth lydonefor user’sfacilities.Bright Nuclear Token own brand items will be sold through cryptocurrencyand other currency.

Goal OF Bright Nuclear Token (BNT)The main theme on this project is Bright Nuclear Token that’s why project name called Bright Nuclear Token. The goal of Bright Nuclear Token is stable position on Market. This stable position will helps our buyers and sellers to growth their position. Bright Nuclear Token main goal is develop the cryptocurrency position and build up the charity fund. Bright Nuclear Token Charity fund will provide many facilities like Education, Clinic and others for Underprivileged People. The 20% of Project success will go to piece charity fund.
Pre-sale & ICO Criteria
Pre-sale First Round
● Start:- 10-March-2020 (6:00) GMT

● End:- 19-March-2020 (6:00) GMT

● Price in usd $0.025 (50% Discount)
Pre-sale Second Round

● Start:- 21-March-2020 (6:00) GMT

● End :- 30-March-2020 (6:00) GMT

● Price in usd $0.0375 (25%Discount)
● Start:- 31-March-2020 (6:00) GMT

● End :- 7-April-2020 (6:00) GMT

● Price in Usd $0.045 (10% bonus)
Bright Nuclear Token DETAILS
● Name: Bright Nuclear Token

● Symbol: BNT

● Decimal: 18

● Supply: 500,000,000 BNT


1. Gilbert Blazho Chang (CEO&Founder)

2. Alberia Margiun (SD&Co-founder)

 Asa Markar (ICOAdvisor)

 Indra Redovic (CFO&Co-Founder)

 Cleizer Tatagiba (CCO&Co-Founder)

 John Lester (CSO&Co-Founder)

 Admin oF Admin (MarketingManger)

 Esenbai Abdyshev (EAoFBNT)

 Wellington Martins (COOoFBNT)

 Jean Ramirez (CLOoFBNT)

 TrầnHuy (CTOoFBNT)

 Carlos Mahutana (CIOoFBNT)

 Yoezriva lRenanda (MMoFBNT)

 Mehul Kansam (CMOoFBNT)

 Ali Sudirgo (SPOoFBNT)
 United States

 Japan

 Germany

 United Kingdom

 France

 Brazil

 Canada

 Russia

 South Korea

 Spain

 Australia

To get clearer information please visit the link below:
● Website: https://brightnucleartoken.com/
● Bitcointalk: https://ip.bitcointalk.org/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FhFmHSLT.png&t=610&c=ZKrDp7P7vSTHCw

● Whitepaper: https://brightnucleartoken.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Whitepaper-oF-Bright-Nuclear-Token.pdf
● Facebook: https://facebook.com/brightnucleartoken
● Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/brightNucleaR

● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightNucleartoken/
● Telegram: https://t.me/BrightNuclearToken_Support


Username: Kevinryan


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