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HackenAI Personal network security application

Hello readers and welcome to my blog. Believe that all of you are safe during this Covid-19 pandemic. Health and safety is really Paramount!

Personal network security application

Using networked devices, what are the habits of the user that can cause insecurity, data leakage, danger level … and how to fix it.

(AI) has been developing rapidly, beyond the fields of academia, research to enter the flow of commerce, with innovative products, helping people to change approaches and utilize information. . Improve your personal security with a simple interactive tool.

Your essential network security suite


A unique educational program on key cyber security topics including Account Management, Anti-Phishing, Privacy and more. Serving as an introductory journey to HackenAI, users will learn how to stay safe and learn the basics needed for all things local and web security on the web.

DarkNet Monitoring

DarkNet Monitoring is an identity theft prevention product that enables you to monitor your identity information on the dark web and receive notifications if your information is compromised or found online.

Password Manage

Using advanced encryption, you can backup your passwords and store them in HackenAI’s secure storage in just one click. The HackenAI secure storage is secured against all forms of cyberattacks, including sim-swaps, viruses, malware and more.

Digital Wallet

Easily send, receive and store your digital assets and cryptocurrencies on your device. The HackenAI Digital Wallet is secured with advanced encryption technology and supports many different blockchains, including VeChainThor and more. The main place to store and stake your HAI tokens, exclusive NFT collectibles.

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Coming soon!
  • Secure Storage
  • Coming soon!
  • VPN
  • Coming soon!
  • Antivirus
  • Coming soon!
  • Anti-Phishing and Malicious Websites Blocker
  • Coming soon!
  • Risk Scoring System for Installed Apps

The current mobile application HackenAi supports both iOS and Android

Hacken is a scope of client-server applications. Clients applications are available on:

  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Desktop applications for Windows and macOS
  • Web version
  • Extensions for most popular web-browsers. All operations with user’s data are performed on client-side.

The backend doesn’t have any access to decrypted user’s data or keys to decrypt data. On the backend application level, HackenAI has a microservice architecture. The microservice architecture allows for easy scaling and the ability to quickly add functionality.

APP IOS : https://apple.co/2XjnvcJ

APP ANDROID : https://bit.ly/2Rmhf08

The CyberBootCamp will consist of:

module 1

Accounts Management. In this module, users will learn how to create a strong password, what passwords they should avoid, and how to minimize risks of being hacked using weak passwords. Also, users will check their accounts for compromised data leakages and learn how to use 2FA-authentication in the safest way. After passing this module, the user will gain access to and learn how to efficiently set up the HackenAI password manager and will be allowed to subscribe to a dark web monitoring service.

module 2

Anti-phishing. Users will learn what websites to avoid in order not to be caught by phishers. Useful life hacks on how to recognise phishing sites will be presented in this Boot Camp. As a part of a social engineering test, users will receive actual phishing exploits to his or her linked emails without any warnings. This module is one of the most important for users because phishing attacks are becoming more common and in most cases it’s quite difficult to distinguish phishing services.

module 3

Privacy. During the third module, users will gain crucial knowledge about important privacy settings of his or her social media accounts and hardware devices. Users will learn how to determine whether an application that collects data might be compromised, what permission(s) they should deny while installing new applications, and how to set up the privacy settings to keep the personal data secured.

module 4

Data Protection Rules. In this module, users will learn basic principles about how to protect his or her personal data on the internet. It includes best practices for how to store data securely, basic encryption methods, and critical backups.

module 5

Digital Assets Security. This module was created in collaboration with white hat hackers and will be extremely useful for digital asset users. We have consolidated all trusted knowledge about secure storing of private keys, secure trading practices, cryptocurrency exchanges API policies, operating software crypto wallets, hardware wallet usage, and much more.

module 6

Essentials. In the last module, users will learn how to use global DNS, when it’s necessary to use a VPN, what antivirus software to trust, and essential information about available cybersecurity tools.

HackenAI Open Beta Available on iOS and Android, other platforms coming soon.


Health care = health care

The precautionary measures go together in health and cybersecurity. However, many individuals do not invest in preventive measures to improve their health or network security protocols. Usually, we only visit the doctor when there is a problem or seek professional IT help after an attack.

Health care and network protection require a preventative approach. But many people still disregard their personal network security because:

• They believe network security is too complex and don’t want to spend time with it

• There is a misconception that antivirus software solves all problems

• Lack of educational materials on personal cybersecurity

• Most people think they are safe just because they are a small target, which is why they are the perfect victim.

  • Lack of sense of urgency because they haven’t been hacked or individuals don’t know any hacking victims

HackenAI solution

Right now, people are looking for a solution that will give them peace of mind without the need for any cybersecurity expertise. Fortunately, there is one product that does exactly this: HackenAI.

HackenAI is a revolutionary 360 ° cyber security companion product, encouraging users to learn good network security habits. Provided by native HAI tokens, HackenAI takes ownership of network security of users by always monitoring all potential threats and flaws and immediately reminds users of details. , timely. It even suggests steps to minimize mining risks.

For users and early users who are not engaged in any cyber security activity, they start with the control panel of practical educational modules that they will need to complete to achieve the level of protection. 99.9% against known cyber security threats. HackenAI will motivate users through clear notifications and instructions and will actively follow up to win daily practical knowledge.

The official blog of HackenAI — a revolutionary, 360° cybersecurity companion that incentivizes users to learn good cybersecurity habits.

With the existing HackenAI beta app, everyone has access to its groundbreaking features. Currently, the app has received over 5,000 downloads and the feedback we have received so far is still extremely positive. We thank you for your support! We will push towards 1,000,000 subscribers and will do whatever we can to achieve this goal.


With HAI, we have created an ecosystem where both stakeholders and end users benefit from the growth of HackenAI application user base. HackenAI application and HAI token will revolutionize the mobile application market in the near future. We will see more and more unicorn apps moving their growing value from equity investors to app users. There is no doubt that there is a need and fit for HackenAI to accompany lifetime network security. Let’s open up its success.

Website: https://hacken.ai/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HackenAI
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hackenai?lang=en
Telegram: https://t.me/hackenai
Medium: https://medium.com/@hackenAI
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/hacken/
Whiteboard: https://hacken.ai/content/hackenai_whitepaper_v1.0.pdf
License: https://hacken.ai/content/hackenai_litepaper_v1.0.pdf


Username: Kevinryan


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