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BRND is the only project that cares about ecosystem growth

Introduction Loyalty programs are as ancient as the barter system of trade. They have been a valuable tool for enhancing relationships and trade among various people. With time, they have been developed to become an essential part of the competitive markets as customer loyalty programs. Different periods have had different kinds of customer reward schemes that show the kind of associations and customer relationships they have. The idea behind it is to offer certain members or customers certain benefits, such as early access to products and/or services, discounts, free merchandising, or even investment and networking opportunities.
Basically, loyalty rewards or programs offer the users access to certain rights and/or opportunities that are not accessible to members that are not in the network. Nowadays, loyalty reward programs have been implemented to attract new customers and build sustainable relationships with existing customers. This way, brand loyalty is established. Loyalty reward programs are created by a single company or within a particular industry. For instance, single company rewards are Starbucks Rewards, Target’s REDcard, and Urban Outfitters Rewards, among others.
In these programs, customers can earn points after making a purchase. These points will likely accumulate over time and then be redeemed for product discounts and/or services. There are other kinds of rewards that are multi-industry and issued by third parties. These can be redeemed for products and/or services by players that have chosen to take part. An instance is the Air Miles Program. In either of the cases, consumers can redeem these points for merchandise eventually when the points accumulate up to some point.
What we do ● Brand Token
● Token marketing
● Unique data
● Exchange and
wallet provider
SOLUTION How it works Issue brand loyalty tokens on the public Ethereum Blockchain. Unlike loyalty points, tokens are valued in real-time and can be exchanged and transferred between users. Brands can reward their clients, like with points. Users can redeem tokens for discounts, products, and services. They can also exchange them for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Brands can use their tokens to acquire new customers or reward loyal clients for purchases, engagement in social media, participation in events or sharing their personal data.
Built for everyone Brands Consumers who redeem points have higher purchase rates & stronger brand association.
● Higher engagement
● Higher retention
● Low breakage
● Loyalty automation
● Low cost
● Automate Redemption
Users Most consumers prefer options to redeem their points from time to time.
● Liquid loyalty
● Transferable
● Priced
● Volatile
● Flexibility when to redeem
● Cash like Token Rewards
Loyalty Management Market Loyalty systems are designed to reward customers for their past purchases or other useful actions. It is also designed to provide them with incentives for making future purchases. By having reward programs, businesses are enabling activation, retention, up-selling, and referrals, along with providing firm value offers to customers.
How brands can use their tokens Build a successful brand token campaign keeping an equilibrium. Build a successful brand token campaign keeping an equilibrium between supply and demand.
Supply depends on the distribution model.
Demand depends on redemption deals.
Distribution ● Miles points For each mile drive with car sharing app user would earn Miles points. ● For reviews Users would earn tokens for reviewing drivers. ● Good Drivers Drers could get tokens for receiving great reviews. ● Referal Program Users earn tokens for referring new clients. Redeem ● Select or Black Upgrade your ride to Select with Miles points. ● Discount code Clients can exchange their tokens for discount codes. ● Priority Support Get priority status for your support tickets.
71% of consumers say that loyalty programs are a meaningful part of their relationship with brands.
75% of shoppers claim they favor companies that have some kind of rewards program.
95% of loyalty program members are looking to engage with brands via new high-tech solutions like augmented reality and digital loyalty programs. This digital trend is a good thing for retailers.
Token Info Although individual brands can create their tokens (xB), BRND is a token of the Brand Tokens platform. It will be utilized in our ecosystem as a means of payment for:
Token BRND ● SYMBOL: BRND ● TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 BRND ● DECIMAL: 18 ● BLOCKCHAIN: Ethereum – ERC20
Token Sale ● SOFT CAP: 250,000 USD ● HARD CAP: 1,000,000 USD ● ACCEPTED CURRENCIES: BTC / ETH / FIAT
Token Distribution ● 10%: Pre ICO ● 20%: Round I of an ICO ● 40%: Round II of an ICO ● 15%: Marketing ● 10%: Team ● 5%: Reserve & liquidity
Roadmap 2020 Q1 ● Brandtokens OU Company is incorporated in Estonia as a software and technology company. ● New website allowing Sign-Up for both Brands and Users with opportunity of subscribing for favourite brands tokens. ● preICO open for internal clients (limited edition to only 100 mln tokens).
Q2 ● Voting system for users to decide which Brands they welcome on the platform. ● ICO – 400 mln tokens in distribution. ● First 1.000 Brands in the system.
Q3 ● Mock-ups of an application ● Launch of loyalty program in tokens with BRND and xB for beta-testers and early adopters.
Q4 ● Open platform for every company, massive on-boarding. ● Marketing deals, growing brand and user base. ● Launch Marketing Automation Tools for Brands.
2021 Q1 ● AI powered profiling, new quality in Marketing Automation. ● Platform development.
Q2 ● ICO Round 2. ● Intense marketing of the platform.
Q4 ● BRND token listed on exchange platforms. ● Buyback of BRND tokens for the first time. ● Platform development.
The Team Robert Wesker: CEO & Co-Founder Szczepan Bentyn: COO & Co-founder Mohanraj MS: CTO Tomasz Rozmus: CBD Marta Lapacz: Business Developer Mustafa Dahdouh: UX/UI Designer Lirdi Cani: Project Manager Zofia Pacholczyk: Social Media Manager Khaled Mouhssine: International Sales Manager
To get even more accurate information please visit the link below: ● Website: https://www.brandtokens.io/ ● Medium Page: https://medium.com/@brandtokens ● Telegram: https://t.me/BrandtokensChat ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrandTokens/ ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brand-Tokens-104051281046530/ ● Whitepaper: https://brandtokens.io/assets/PDF/Whitepaper.pdf ● Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/BrandTokens
Username: Kevinryan


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