The crypto-space is not an easy environment to maneuver. Besides being familiar with the rudiments of this sector, you are expected to be security conscious at all times. One false move and an unknown fellow somewhere is giving your account a undesired clean slate. No one wants that, but scenarios like this take place rather too often not to take the necessary precaution.Another problem facing crypto-currency is the unstable pricing. BTC, ETH and the like have seen rapid changes in their price over the years. This is not surprising since most are not backed by any material with some value. The outcome is a non-adoption by those who are interested in a stable currency outside fiat.


Another area where crypto-currency hasnt made much of an impact is the day-to-day transactions like renewing and regulating subscription services, PAYMENT of goods and services. After the days work, many young people just want to Netflix and chill. This has gotten quite popular making the entertainment giant a force to reckon with. Users are at liberty to end their subscription to such service. What if you can make the necessary changes to your subscriptions using your crypto-currency portfolio through a simple application? what if you can make PAYMENT for goods and services at just a single click through the use of an APP? This is not limited to just as there are other functions this APP can do such as conversion of crypto-currency to FIAT money and so on.With XCARD’s mobile application, you can access your crypto-currency token stored in the SECURED WALLET anytime you want, you can also make transactions and EXCHANGE both from Crypto-Crypto and Crypto-Fiat. Users of XCARD wallet can make subscriptions to their various services and make modifications where needed.


Users of XCARD can also make peer-to-peer transfer, lending and recurring payments. The security of the platform is one of a kind. You dont have to document passwords for every transaction because users will only need to know just that of the mobile app alone. You can edit how PAYMENTS are made monthly, weekly, day its your call.XCARD seamlessly incorporates the use of fiat in its platform. If youre low on the dominant crypto-currencies, you can use the regular currencies. Theres a provision of credit card for users in the platform so as to make unlimited transaction without any limitation in the platformIf you are interested in crypto-currency trading, the XCARD platform gives you the opportunity to hone your skills with its exchange service. You can buy crypto-currencies easily, sell and keep coins with glowing potentials. XCARD will keep you informed of the latest in the crypto-currency space which might come handy when making a trade.


The MBM Token advantage
To ensure the platform survives the test of time, the XCARD project has launched its own native token known as MBM TOKEN which is the currency for every transaction on the mobile application. Users will be charged from the MBM in their hot wallet as transaction fees.THE TEAM
XCARD is committed to dominating the transactional payment space with its platform. To achieve this, recruiting adequately motivated individuals who are well-informed about the financial and software industries is a must. The team consists of people with an adequate understanding of what the project requires and the right way to go about it. Consult the Whitepaper for more information on these individuals.ROADMAP


To know more about XCARD project check the links below
Website: http://xcard.ioWhitepaper:

Username: Kevinryan


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