Decentralized Lending Platform and Mobile Banking App


Pngme is a hybrid centralized and decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows open access to finance anywhere at any time through a smartphone. Targeting emerging markets users can make instant payments, save money, and get a digital credit score using data from their smartphone.Pngme is launching first with cryptocurrency peer-to-peer payments and cryptocurrency interest-bearing savings accounts using Pngcoin. Subsequently Pngme will be launching regulated, regional, asset-backed stable coins. This will allow for payments, savings, and digital asset backed loans to be taken out through our mobile application or DeFi Dapp in the following fiat currencies:Users of Pngme will be able to stake Pngcoin to earn interest and increase their Pngcoin holdings as well as get discounts on lending rates and fees. Each quarter Pngme will repurchase Pngcoin with 10% of its profits back from users.For borrowers Pngme provides the necessary tools to credit score their customers and raise capital by issuing digital bonds that are sold on our lending platform to investors. Our Credit Scoring APIs allow for seamless integration with a borrower’s mobile payment application in order to embed credit default risk into the digital bond through our Digital Bond API. By providing current and historical credit risk information investors are able to price capital more efficiently and increase the supply of affordable capital for borrowers.Additionally Pngme’s mobile banking application increases access to finance for business owners and consumers. Featuring mobile-to-mobile payments, savings, and a digital credit score, the app gives consumers easy access to finance anywhere in the world from their mobile device.Our mission is to close the $5.2 trillion dollar finance gap that affects 200 million micro, small, and medium sized enterprises globally. This will drive sustainable economic growth from the bottom of the financial pyramid increasing opportunity and quality of life.Users of Pngme will be able to:

  • Make mobile payments
  • Earn interest on savings
  • Take out asset backed loans
  • Build a digital footprint credit score

Pngme’s vision is to enable anyone in the world to have democratized access to financial services from their mobile device.


Mobile PaymentsLow or fee-less mobile payments in your local or digital currency.Everyday AccountsEasily create a daily spending account for everyday mobile payments.Piggy BankEarn interest on the money saved in your Pngme piggy bank account.Credit ScoreAlgorithmic credit score created from a user’s mobile digital footprint.Peer-to-Peer LoansLend and borrow money on Pngme at competitive interest rates.PngcoinEarn Pngcoin when you sign up, refer friends, or save to your Piggy Bank.

Available on Android and iOS

Coming SoonLaunching in 2019, our mobile app will allow early users to earn rewards, lend money, and build their borderless credit score.Our second release will bring, USD, GBP, EUR, and KSh currencies to a users wallet. Allowing users to make instant payments and save in their local currency.Earn RewardsBy signing up and registering for a free credit score you will receive free Pngcoin directly to you Pngme accounts.The more you build you credit score the more Pngcoin you can earn! Pngcoin are redeemable for cash in the future.


With a global presence, Pngme has a talented team with experience in blockchain technology, data science, product development, and growth.Brendan Playford: Co-founderCate Rung: Co-founderGiovanni Valdenegro: Product DesignerAshley Wilson: Business OperationsMashiat Mutmainnah: Data Science EngineerGeorge Mosomi: EngineeringPeter Okwara: Blockchain Engineering


Paul Sonier: Blockchain TechnologyArjun Dev Arora: AdvisorA.S Oberoi: Advisor, PartnershipsGeorge Shaw: Advisor, Data ScienceMatt Wolf: Blockchain TechnologyGrégoire Belhassen: Growth & Partnerships | BrazilJake Kuckeruk: Advisor, Business DevelopmentZach Resnick: New Economy Fund | InvestorMatt McGraw: Angel & AdvisorJeffrey Premer: AdvisorBecca Salisbury: Advisor, Project ManagementRichard Titus: Advisor


Codigo Del Sur: Front End DevelopmentFlight Design Co.: Brand

Username: Kevinryan


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