SimpleSwap is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows swap coins in an easy way. SimpleSwap supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and guarantees safe exchanges. The service is free from sign up and provides limitless exchanges at good rates. Also, it is possible to make fixed rate exchanges and participate in the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program.SimpleSwap has  developed a new generation system that allows you to trade as many subcoin as you want without any liquidity shortage and reliably by following very simple steps. When you want to buy a token or sell it, you will be able to make your  transactions  through SimpleSwap without any technical knowledge. I will talk about the steps of the process to open the process a little more.

  • From the SimpleSwap  menu, you select the currencies you want to trade.
  • After the swap process, you enter your wallet address where you want the money to be deposited.
  • You send the currency you wish to send to the specified address for a trade.
  • Your new currencies or tokens you want to receive are automatically deposited to your address specified in the second step after the transactions are approved.

As you can see, it is possible to perform the shopping you want in 4 small steps easily and reliably. You can now  log in  to the SimpleSwap website and exchange more than 300 currencies. The currencies you want to trade do not have to be on the same network, for example you can trade between two Ripple and Ethereum based currencies. The project team is constantly working to make more currencies exchangeable.Yes, there are similar ones on the market, but  there are features that make SimpleSwap different from others. First of all, we are talking about a platform that has been running for more than a year. The biggest disadvantage of this type of swap sites is that they don’t have enough money behind them and SimpleSwap has more than enough reserves. In other swap sites, the fees charged for clearing are very high, while on the SimpleSwap platform these charges seem to be kept to a minimum.


As you all know, today’s stock markets face very serious problems, especially when the market is stagnating, liquidity and stock markets like Mt. I will continue by opening up some liquidity problems. You have entered a stock market, you have thousands of altcoins and you want to sell them, but it is impossible to do so because the stock exchanges are usually very low. Even in today’s most locomotive stock market, like Binance, you may have a similar problem with most altcoins. Even now, when you enter the binance home page and check the volumes, you will see that the volumes are awful for many subcoins. For example, when I open it now, the volume for MFT seems to be only 1 BTC.Even if you only want to sell 1 BTC in this pair, the price will drop very seriously. For this reason, it is really difficult to make the shopping you want in today’s stock markets. Knowingly, I gave an example of the most known stock exchanges to understand the situation better.


Variety of coin swapsSimpleSwap supports more than 300 coins available for exchange.24 / 7 supportOur friendly and skilled support team will help you out when you need it.Reliable exchangersWe don’t have any mass system failures. 99% of the time SimpleSwap is ready to go.User-friendly interfaceWe make the process of cryptocurrency exchange easy and convenient for everyone.


SWAP tokenSimpleSwap Coin(SWAP) is the one for the first tokens issued by an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. SWAP will serve as an internal currency for SimpleSwap customers. As SimpleSwap grows fast, the tokens will be in great demandSWAP Utility ValueSimpleSwap Coin token will serve as Loyalty Program and will give benefits for holders, such as cashback on exchanges, voting for currency listings, affiliate and bounty rewards, dedicated support and much more features to come.Exchange listingSWAP will be listed on trading platforms in October 2019. Until then tokens are only available as an exchange reward and as a bounty.


  1. Swap cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap and receive SWAP tokens as a reward2
  2. Participate in bounty campaign and get rewards in SWAP (starts on September 30)


Launch – APR 2018100 Coins SupportedPublic API – NOV 2018Fixed Rate exchanges introducedAffiliate Program Launched – JAN 2018250+ Coins SupportedSWAP token Launched – SEP 2019SimpleSwap Loyalty Program Launch – OCT 2019SWAP Listing on Major Exchanges – NOV 2019More features for SWAP holders

Username: Kevinryan


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