Overview SimpleSwap.io – Instant Exchange

SimpleSwap is an easy-to-use instant cryptocurrency exchange.

WEBSITE  | WHITEPAPER  | TELEGRAM  | TWITTER  | FACEBOOKMEDIUM  | REDDIT | YOUTUBE | ANN THREADHello everyone … see me again Wong Linglong3 this time I will explain at a glance about * SimpleSwap.io * so see carefully read thoroughly to your knowledge who knows useful for you in the future …


SimpleSwap.io is a fast and secure exchange service that provides simple cryptocurrency swaps without the need to sign up. SimpleSwap supports over 300 coins, this is more than other instant exchange service does! And now we have launched our own token – SimpleSwap Coin as a Loyalty Program and Utility token to provide SimpleSwap customers the best possible experience.


SimpleSwap Coins (SWAP) will serve as a Loyalty Program and bring significant benefits to SimpleSwap customers. SWAP Token holders will receive cashback on exchange services, exclusive fixed rates, accelerated support and many other features!


The SimpleSwap team is glad to welcome you at our service. We have done the process of cryptocurrency exchange simple, safe and comfortable. Our customers don’t need to create accounts or store their funds at SimpleSwap.We offer swaps of more than 300 cryptocurrencies. Our team is always glad to add new coins to the SimpleSwap list of currencies and is looking for new partners to make our platform even better.Our service provides two exchange types: limitless and fixed rate. You can always choose the most suitable one for you.SimpleSwap offers the affiliate program with a 90% revenue share mechanism to any crypto service that wishes to broaden its audience and implement new exchange options.We make the cryptocurrency exchange process simple as a daily shopping trip. All in order for you to exchange what you want, when you want and as much as you want.


300+ Supported Coins. SimpleSwap supports more cryptocurrencies than any other instant exchange, providing the largest amount of trading pairs available for an exchange.The best rates. SimpleSwap have integrations with over 40 different exchanges, which enables us to provide our customers the largest amount of coins to exchange.We never store your funds. SimpleSwap is a non-custodial service and doesn’t store your funds. All exchanges are executed automatically.24/7 Customer Service. Real-time support is available 24/7 to deal with all queries and questions.Affiliate Program. SimpleSwap provides one of the most profitable affiliate programs on the market sharing 90% of the revenue with the affiliates.


SimpleSwap is one of the first instant exchanges to launch its own Token as a part Loyalty program.SimpleSwap customers can get SimpleSwap Coins as a reward for their exchanges, and use it as an internal currency to get additional services on the platform. Customers who have over 1000 SimpleSwap Coins on their address will get a cashback on their exchanges, or will be able to use their coins to vote for new assets to be added the platform.


SWAP tokenSimpleSwap Coin(SWAP) is the one for the first tokens issued by an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. SWAP will serve as an internal currency for SimpleSwap customers. As SimpleSwap grows fast, the tokens will be in great demandSWAP Utility ValueSimpleSwap Coin token will serve as Loyalty Program and will give benefits for holders, such as cashback on exchanges, voting for currency listings, affiliate and bounty rewards, dedicated support and much more features to come.Exchange listingSWAP will be listed on trading platforms in October 2019. Until then tokens are only available as an exchange reward and as a bounty.


Swap cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap and receive SWAP tokens as a rewardParticipate in bounty campaign and get rewards in SWAP (starts on September 30)


TOTAL SUPPLY: 100 000 000TO BE DISTRIBUTED: 8 000 000CONTRACTS: 0x163c649ac276c5fdcc27db30a1c1f070cb731c044 000 000: Distributed during bounty4 000 000: Distributed during airdrop2 000 000: Reserved for bonuses for the team (4 years vesting with 12.5% release every 6 months)4 000 000: Reserved for the development(in lockup for 6 months)2 000 000: Reserved fund for risk prevention3 000 000: Reserved for advisors75 000 000: Reserved for Private investors (will be burning 12.5% every 6 months, if there will be no investor interest during that period)6 000 000: Will be distributed during next 12 months — rewards, bounties and market making


Launch – APR 2018100 Coins SupportedPublic API – NOV 2018Fixed Rate exchanges introducedAffiliate Program Launched – JAN 2018250+ Coins SupportedSWAP token Launched – SEP 2019SimpleSwap Loyalty Program Launch – OCT 2019SWAP Listing on Major Exchanges – NOV 2019More features for SWAP holders

WEBSITE | https://simpleswap.io/?utm_source=BountyANNWHITEPAPER | https://simpleswap.io/token?utm_source=BountyANN ANN THREAD | https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4187686.msg38322552#msg38322552Join/follow SimpleSwap on all official channels:Telegram Chat: https://t.me/SimpleSwapChatTwitter: https://twitter.com/SimpleSwap_ioFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimpleSwap.ioMedium: https://medium.com/@simpleswap.ioReddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/simpleswapexchange

Sincerely, Good luck on target Thank you

Username: Kevinryan


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