Aero Ten Inflation Selling PointsThe hyperinflationary approach is a more economical way of mining cryptocurrencies. Now you don’t need high energy, complex computers and millions of dollars to set up your mining sector.
Aerotoken can be mined with only one transaction completed. You can’t set all skills together to increase 1%, but with AET, there are game modifiers.
Aerotoken is compatible with Imtoken, Trust wallet, etc.
AERO token informationAERO tokens allow hosts (e.g., property owners) to approve assets for rights management drone operations.
By voluntarily providing reversible ease of navigation (“ROW”) and granting access to personal or public assets in the AERO network, asset owners and drone service providers maintain control over their assets, usage policies, and We continue to communicate. -time.
Instead of pursuing major domain activities that do not need to encourage public policy issues and the likelihood of litigation by unsuspecting individuals, we offer incentives for the involvement of real estate owners (ie hosts), while providing unlimited possibilities to create routes. Suggest a mechanism to provide. Dynamic flight (as opposed to static lines) for commercial drone service providers and the ability to fly at lower altitudes than private land without intrusion.
Characteristic-AERO tokens allow hosts (e.g. property owners) to approve their property for the operation of commercial drone drones.Participants can inform that the airspace blockchain is available, make unused assets (airspace) a source of revenue and maximize their potential use.As a utility token, AERO tokens are the exclusive fuel of the AERO network. Having AERO tokens before network availability can be similar to having gasoline before road availability for cars.
AERO Token (AERO) ICO details and financial informationName of  ICO  Token AERO  Aero  symbol  TBA  start date  TBA  end date  Country   N / A No platform   this
Distribution mechanism40%-Development / Registration20%-Air Drop / Bounty40% -community
teamChase perkinsEric WobbleHaley HalpinRobin BacomJason ThomasPaolo Santo Nosito
adviceAaron CrewMartynine NanjiAndrew HartSpencer noon
Username: Kevinryan


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