A new trend has been sweeping through the Crypto world: Deflationary Tokens. These are tokens that have their supply constantly reduced when used, making them rarer over time. Tokens like $BombToken and $Fuze have been leading the way with experimenting on what happens when a token’s supply is cut down with every transfer. Due to the fact that future generations will likely seek a non-inflationary monetary system, taking part in these experiments will help provide data-points for future generations who will be looking for the best implementation of a currency.So far, these experiments have had a 1% and 2% cut to the supply amount of any transfer. This will certainty provide for interesting results.However, these tokens are likely just a social experiment than an attempt at an everyday currency. They are not trying to produce real applications. It’s not entirely clear what end goal these projects have.

Introducing SMASH Token, A Deflationary Cryptocurrency with Real Life Use-case

I am pleased to introduce SMASH Token, a self deflationary cryptocurrency that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. SMASH Token mission is to become world’s first Deflationary Token with a real life use case. At the same time introducing a deflationary cryptocurrency that will serve both as a store of value and can be easily obtained by anyone, Low entry barrier.The SMASH Token core algorithm is designed to ensure that for every transaction done with the token, 2% of the amount transferred is burnt. This inbuilt self-destructive process will improve the scarcity of SMASH Token as an asset base over time. The developer looks to provide SMASH as an asset base that will serve both as a store of value cryptocurrency as well as a hedge against inflation situations that are most often associated with currently available cryptocurrencies.In addition to breaking the utility issue within the Deflationary Tokens, SMASH Token creator aims to develop a Social Platform that will allow for interaction between caregivers and supporters, all powered by the SMASH Token. The platform will serve as decentralized economy that will SMASH poverty and lack out of This world.

Token Details and Breakdowns

Token Detail:

Token Symbol: SMASH
Total Supply: 1,000,000
Platform: Ethereum

Recipient Breakdown:

30% – Airdrop, An amount of 300,000 SMASH Tokens will be available through airdrop programs.
20% – Bounty, 200,000 SMASH Tokens will be available through bounty campaign.
20% – Investors & Exchange Listing, 20% of total supply (200,000 SMASH) will be available for investors and exchange listing.
10% – DApp & Marketing, 100,000 SMASH Tokens will be used to DAPP Development & Marketing.
10% – Team, The team will allocated 100,000 SMASH Tokens. The team token will be locked for 6 months.

More Information:

Smash Token Website:
Smash Token Medium Page:
Smash Token Official Telegram:
Smash Token Official Twitter:

Username: Kevinryan


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