DAIN is the next-generation artificial intelligence platform

Welcome to my simple article, and I am sure that my article will be of use to you. happy to read articles about the crypto world.On this occasion I will discuss abou thttps://dain.ai/ several companies in the world. I am very interested in joining this company, so do you. let’s join this very promising company!… INTRODUCTIONArtificial […]

Wolf Crypto ICO Review: Lition

Website:https://www.lition.ioTelegram:https://t.me/LitionEnergyWhitepaper:https://www.lition.io/docs/Lition_Whitepaper.pdfMedium:https://medium.com/lition-blogGithub:https://github.com/lition-blockchainUpdate: Lition have released details of their banking partnership. The partnership is with “ two cooperatives of the German VR Bank” who is a “ is a German co-operative banking group that together has 11.000 branches, 915 cooperatives, assets of € 891 billion and 18.5 million customers as of 2017”.More details can be found in the article […]


TYCOONWhy Tycoon?Manage your own investment at preferred exchangesSecured API connection in real timeThe platform is developed with the highest security standardsInvestment is never stored on the platformThe investments are never stored on Tycoon. The followers can freely assign a part of their volume to each selected trader and set an individual stop loss. Selecting multiple traders […]

Nexxus Rewards

https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nexxus/ About Cryptocurrency is disruptive but more people need to understand it in order for it to be truly transformational. Nexxus has chosen a suite of services designed to help popularize cryptocurrencies. They pivot around the Nexxus Rewards — Global Rewards Community. Merchant loyalty programs suffer from several problems that blockchain technology can uniquely solve. […]

Asclepius Network

Asclepius Network increased operability of electronic medical records in the world If at present the use of medical services applications can only be used for individuals. Currently Asclepius offers its services also to companies or hospitals that have the desire to empower it. The ASCA-EMR application is the name chosen for company services, while the ASCAa-Personal is […]


PRESENTATION The real essence of blockchain and cryptocurrency is to distribute decision-making powers from central authorities and big powerhouses through decentralization. One of the more interesting features of cryptocurrency is that it can’t be controlled by any middlemen or authorities. On platforms like Bitcoin network where the framework is peer to peer, the transfer of […]


WHAT IS CODEO?codeo is part of the business unit of FIVE ANGELS INVESTMENT (HOLDING) LIMITED British virgin Island (BVI) where we are engaged in business development and innovation in the digital-based financial world. through this company also supports the funding of digital startup companies through an incubation program held to grow new startups towards unicorns […]

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