In my opinion wherever we live, everyone wants to receive quality service. Especially when this same service is related to finance or other vital fields. In addition, this is not a matter of sadness, but in the simplest desire to receive quality action from various organizations during the implementation of certain services. This is normal.
The problem is:
However, it is not always possible for all organizations to do this at a high level. From this a series of problems emerged that many users and clients had to struggle every day throughout the world. All of this happened mainly for several reasons. First, many financial transactions that are classic (eg centralized) offer users very high service fees. By charging too much commission for certain transactions. Which naturally leads to what is called a financial loss on the part of the client.
Second, in addition to high commissions, people often spend too much time making any international payments. And sometimes even to confirm your operation, you have to pass a rather difficult check, answer all kinds of questions to bank employees to whom and where do you send this money ?!
And if all of these options in many cases cause inconvenience and inconvenience to the most ordinary users, then what can we say about entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors and traders. Whose activities are directly dependent on the quality, speed, and convenience of all financial transactions?
In fact, the solution already exists and was developed by an official company registered in Estonia and called LIQIO.

About the project and its features:
Besides the fact that LIQIO is an officially registered company, LIQIO is also in the process of obtaining the two most sought after financial licenses to view its activities. What has already done a higher level than LIQIO is relative to many analogs that exist in the financial services market.
However, I would like to note that the LIQIO project aims to see all of its operations using modern Blockchain technology to ensure its users are only the safest, most reliable and transparent conditions for collaboration. However, as I wrote before, the classical (centralized) market for financial relations has long not met this requirement. In addition, it is significantly behind all the decentralization functions provided.
If we talk more about LIQIO, then this platform is the exchange of digital assets, where every participant in this market will be able to find not only a convenient tool for using all the capabilities of the ecosystem, but also can receive pleasant dividends to store the platform’s internal markers.

The benefits:
Developing the theme of dividends, the developers plan to allocate around 50% of the profits from the platform’s own revenue for payments to its users. What do they mean to do this practice every month. Which naturally is able to provide many users with passive income for careful storage of internal LQO token systems in their wallets. For me, this is a great idea. In addition, this method will clearly contribute to reducing coin volatility, and hence giving them the right value.
50% of this profit will be accumulated from the platform’s own revenue, which includes moments like:
=> commission fees for registering new coins with LIQIO;=> trade costs;=> service fee;=> commission to withdraw money from LIQIO,=> and for the payment gateway itself.
At first, it seems to you too much, they include various commission fees as part of their platform. However, compared to traditional financial operations conducted at banks or other financial institutions, this percentage is very minimal. So they are far more practical than what they are now. Because of this, LIQIO definitely wins in all directions.
In addition, owners who will have their internal platform tokens will be able to actively participate in voting, during the development of LIQIO, functions and subsequent actions. What I consider very comfortable and in demand. People like it when they consult and sincerely want to know their opinions. However, the user itself is the main link in the system, for that reason, in principle, the whole LIQIO EXCHANGE decentralized structure is created.
As for the working tools and trading interface, here the developers try not to reinvent the wheel, but to make everything as simple as possible, understandable and comfortable. After all, the easier it is for users to do all the necessary operations, the less time will be spent on it. And as we all know, “time is money.” So, we can safely say that LIQIO is convenient to use for the beginner of the digital asset market and professionals in their fields. However, as I said, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, everyone wants to receive quality service. And the LIQIO story is just about that.

As for the internal system token (LQO), it will be developed based on Ethereum and will comply with the ERC-20 standard. It is important to note that the supply of coins will be limited to 100,000,000 LQO. Which intends to give not only the value of the coin itself, but also has the potential to increase demand in the digital asset market. In addition, the developers plan to conduct STOs, where the proposed number of coins will be distributed. For me this is a good strategy, I hope it will fulfill their expectations, and they will collect the desired amount of the Hard CAP stated in 100 million.

In fact, the LIQIO platform still has a number of advantages and features, mono easily includes 24/7 multilingual support, as well as a competent strategy for the development of its ecosystem, a quality team and more. In short, LIQIO EXCHANGE deserves your attention, so that in the process of familiarizing yourself with it, it will become for you the most loyal and reliable tool in the world of financial transactions.

But as they say, no matter how eloquent the author is, no one will tell the best technical documents about LIQIO EXCHANGE. Therefore, I suggest you continue your introduction with LIQIO EXCHANGE through official resources. The link you are waiting for at the end of this article.
With this, maybe, I will finish my review of LIQIO EXCHANGE. I hope the information above is not only interesting, but also useful for you. I would love to hear your opinion about this in the comments. And also don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Thank you and see you soon. Your KLIMENOK SERGEY.
For more information, please visit the link below:
WEBSITE: THREAD: https// https://www.
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map the market for artificial intelligenceNot long ago, the world of high technology turned our lives upside down. People become less employed in certain places, and enjoy all the humanitarian benefits that are available in everyday life which are the most ordinary. And all because of one crazy idea visiting the bright minds of more than one person with the help of which we have lots of technology. And who knows what awaits us tomorrow, if for the past 50 years, our society has largely moved forward.What is DAIN?
DAIN is the next generation artificial intelligence platform, a geographically distributed decentralized public computing network driven by the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to solve and solve problems. This platform uses computing resources efficiently and without intermediaries from other devices located anywhere in the world to solve complex AI problems. DAIN awards hardware owners and maps the artificial intelligence market. This allows companies with similar needs to provide or find joint solutions.

DAIN aims to make artificial intelligence easy and affordable, accessible to all consumers, from small businesses to large companies, from knowledge to big data, reducing time to market in production models, and obtaining information and knowledge. Produce. This platform allows users to rent idle computing power from devices and computers to help companies in data processing, problem solving, and problem solving using artificial intelligence technology. It also allows companies to develop new business models, new customer relationship models, and new revenue streams, providing a secure environment where they can safely sell, build, sell, and execute knowledge, solutions, data and infrastructure to create, consume, and implementing artificial intelligence. To share. Using corporate DAIN platforms of various sizes, it can easily and efficiently train new models with its own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model it with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. he can easily and efficiently train new models with his own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model them with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. he can easily and efficiently train new models with his own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model them with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties.

Why is DAIN necessary?
– Barriers to AI
Apart from its extraordinary influence on society and great interest, AI and its needs are difficult to understand. Organizations and experts are not regulated for large scale abuse. These conditions specifically affect the most conventional organizations, who are careless in the midst of troublesome changes. To ensure a reasonable, simple and agile AI integration in the eyes of the public, benefiting both organizations and their clients, explicit instruments are needed that address the limitations of this section.
– Lock-in and nonpartisan vendor
Behavior of discovery makes it very difficult to review AI. Models can present trends through information, shifting settings from ideal outcomes. Or on the other hand tendencies can be presented by model makers when models are made to imitate depictions of reality that do not coordinate their ideological superiority. The unaudited AI administration of a distributed computing specialist cooperative adds to this problem. It is important to offer organizations the opportunity to choose the most non-partisan and fair-minded arrangements and avoid locked sellers.
– Continuity
Late investigations warn of the impression of gigantic carbon and high power utilization due to current ways to deal with Cloud, AI and DLT. Existing information handling bases devoured 3% of the vitality given by people, and the exploitation of the bitcoin mining power that now surpasses Switzerland. It is not important to produce equipment that is progressively committed to meeting the specific needs of both advancements. To guarantee management, we must increasingly use the assets we have now in increasingly sophisticated ways.

The benefits of
DAIN regulation gather exercises learned over the previous decade and bringing together front-line innovations to offer answers to existing problems.
– Reducing IaaS costs
By utilizing cost-efficient processing power, it removes the underlying equipment effort from the IaaS cost conditions. Because this is a distributed system, there is no need to take care of the cooling costs.
– Speed ​​up time-to-showcase
DAIN has a commercial center for AI models created by biological system clients, enabling organizations to share settings and complement existing capabilities. Through the exchange of information and information, the ideal opportunities for new improvements will decrease exponentially.
– There is no brilliant DAIN exchange
fee. DAIN can adjust to blockages and benefit from the movement of its hubs to understand their inspiration, keep legitimate clients from wasting their processing assets or paying exchange fees.
– IoT and 5G are prepared
The absence of fees and the registration model in circulation from DAIN allows gadgets with low limits to become part of the system. This innovation will use the availability of 5G and the diversity of gadgets related to the web.
– Zero code setting
No parent information is needed to take advantage of the advantages. By utilizing AI to compile AI, non-technological residents are empowered to begin to take an interest in AI upheaval.
– Unlimited calculation
Intended to place the intensity of the gadget stack on the AI ​​transfer. Access PC assets effectively, financially, flexibly, and on demand.
– Confidentiality
Because of the latest and most creative cryptographic strategies, all information and arrangements that are distributed are entirely private, in any case, when shared among clients.
– Certified arrangements
Due to the nature and nature of AI calculations, all settings submitted are confirmed by a programmed machine-to-machine process.ProblemBut as they say, to offer something you need resources and means to arrange something new. However, there are also cases when technology is available, and their service costs are estimated at tens of thousands of dollars. Thus limiting the number of people who have the opportunity to use this service. Naturally, such questions involve many technological processes, for example: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and so on.Therefore, to make this more accessible, a specialist team has developed a new decentralization project that is completely different, like no other. The main concepts that I now offer you to consider together with you.About the project and its featuresSo, the first thing I want to start is the name of the DAIN project. As you can see, this is quite concise and easy to remember. At the same time, despite its simplicity, it hides a very global idea which seeks to implement its plans for the introduction and popularization of artificial intelligence in the general mass of society. As you have already guessed, it will be very difficult to achieve such success in the traditional relationship system that we have today. That is why increasingly popular blockchain technology comes to the rescue. The scale of functions and actions allows us to go beyond many aspects of the world of traditional relationships. Revealing unlimited potential for all fields of humanity.

  • However, despite the fact that DAIN is based on Blockchain, the idea of ​​structuring was seen by development teams from world giants such as: Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix. If you think about it, remember that for all their strengths, none of these companies own their own real estate or cars and are not even producers of entertainment content. At the same time it does not prevent them from providing intermediary services that connect service providers with their consumers and to benefit from this difference.

The founders of DAIN decided to follow the same path. And it turns out, to realize this idea, high-quality decentralized applications and the capacity of tens of thousands of devices that are not used worldwide are sufficient. What these devices can be computers, and smartphones, and laptops and tablets. In addition, users who decide to lease their capacity will be able to receive from DAIN a pleasant compensation stated in the form of a system internal token.

  • It is important to note that this type of business can open first class access to the use of artificial intelligence, both for personal and commercial purposes, and even for many educational institutions. What has long been needed is such technology that can handle large amounts of information in the shortest possible time.

At the same time, DAIN does not intend to limit its users in every opportunity and level of access, opening the door for all potential DAIN participants.For me, this idea is just a big plan. After all, with the help of DAIN, every user will definitely be able to solve all their needs. Someone will solve the problem with an additional source of income, giving to use the capacity of the device that is not used. Someone will find the long awaited opportunity to use AI for their own purposes. For corporate clients, DAIN will reduce the costs of many processes, which previously could reach tens of thousands of dollars.TokenNaturally, to provide such services qualitatively, a proper level of internal elements is needed with the help of all transactions within the DAIN framework. For this purpose, the developers have developed an internal token system based on the Ethereum Protocol with the ERC-20 standard code, which in turn is supported by intelligent contracts.
ConclusionSummarizing some of the above I would like to note the unique approach of the DAIN idea, and the method of its implementation. At the same time, the opportunities at DAIN are countless and to tell you all about them, I won’t have even one day. And why should I do it, if for this purpose there is technical documentation specifically developed from the project. Where anyone who is interested will be able to find answers to any question.
Ah and maybe this is all, will be happy to read your comments about this project. And I will also be happy to welcome you as my customer on this channel. Thank you for your attention and see you again.DAAD ROADMAP
We just started, but everything has been mapped and planned. Learn about the next steps.
2018 Q3
Network Dain was conceptualized
in 2018 Q4
Dain technical design complete
in 2019 Q1
Agreement with the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas to fund research projects Dain
2019 Q2
DainWare fund a
White Paper published the
funds collected from eight angel investors
Advisor Board
in 2019 Q3
Agreement with SecondWindow to provide workforce development
We are here
2019 Q4
IEO 1.0
Token Private Sale
Telefónica & Eleven Paths LoI out of
2020 Q1
IEO 2.0 with additional exchanges for extended reach PoC Industrial Use Case 2020 Q2
Publication Research Article ICO 2020 Q4 launches the 2021 DainServices Demo Concept organizes service providers and Go-to-market service integrators

Tim DAIN:in connection with the DAIN project team, there is a strong core team. the team consists of experienced professionals from all over the world and in the field of startup, great entrepreneurship. The project also utilizes the collaboration of various departments and industries and academic specialties.

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For more information, please visit the link below:Official resources of the DAIN project:WEBSITE: TELEGRAM:
WHITEPAPER: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: https: // twitter. com / dainware LINKEDIN:

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MozoX tokens are used to reward consumers who walk-in to participated venues to visit, shop, dine, or be entertained. In turn, the consumer can then redeem MozoX at any participating venues, or transfer to a friend as a gift. Team MozoX has completed token generation event on MainNet, hence the tokens are released and ready for distribution.

Mozo is a token to discover the future of commerce. A future where Mozo becomes a digital platform for physical retail malls to thrive side by side with online commerce. Mozo is a blockchain-based solution for venues and retailers to increase foot traffic at offline stores. By issuing Mozo Token rewards, customers are driven directly to venue operators and store owners, being encouraged to discover new locations, browse products, and make purchases. We are bringing foot traffic back into the physical stores.

Mozo is a leader in Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology, having successful results with China’s leading Mall operator, Wanda Group, and 361°, one of China’s leading athletic apparel retailer. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders Wanda China, Suntec Singapore, and DCG Korea, puts Mozo on the forefront of the retail industry in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Korea. With already 38,000 stores committed to using Mozo, our intention is to be the Number 1 blockchain token for the global retail market.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Mozo applies to all types of retail; from individual “mom and pop” shops to larger retailers to even greater venues such as malls, stadiums, to even entire cities and countries. Any venue which seeks to increase and control foot traffic can benefit from Mozo. To help illustrate how it works, let’s look at the following use case:

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

Imagine you own and operate a large mall. Lately, you’ve been wondering how you can increase your foot traffic? You want to drive more customers to your less populated top floors. Also, you’re about to open a new wing to your mall. You want to ensure customers not only know about it, but visit there once it opens.Enter MozoBeginning is as easy as downloading our app and purchasing the number of Mozo Tokens you’d like to buy. After your purchase, Mozo Tokens will be transferred instantly to your digital wallet and you can begin.Start Influencing Foot TrafficNow whenever customers come to your mall with the Mozo app downloaded on their phones, you can drive them to where you want them to go. You and the store owners in the mall can choose how and when to run Mozo Token promotions. Remember that new wing you wanted people to visit? You can direct traffic there by rewarding Mozo Tokens when customers go there and check-in. How can you bring more traffic to your empty top floors? Choose to reward more Mozo Tokens at the stores located there. Now, customers will be incentivized to browse and purchase products so that they will receive a greater number of Mozo Tokens.Only Pay for ResultsThe ability to choose when, where, and how many Mozo Tokens are rewarded allows you to have unprecedented control over your foot traffic. Control you only have to pay for if customers do take action. With Mozo, customers only receive tokens after they’ve completed a visit, browse, or purchase from your venue. So, if customers do not perform the actions you want to incentivize, no Mozo Tokens are awarded.The Mozo EcosystemBeing backed by the Ethereum blockchain network means Mozo Tokens hold value beyond its utility as a rewards program. Customers, store owners, and venue operators will all hold the right to send Mozo Tokens as a gift, share them with friends, or trade them through designated Coin Exchanges. All of this helps to create a sustainable and productive ecosystem, providing your venue with increased foot traffic.

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Mozo is the future of the retail industry. With proven, state-of-the-art technology it shouldn’t come as a surprise we already have 38,000 venues committed to implement Mozo. We are projecting this number to grow to 300,000 over the next three years. Large malls are just one of the many venues that can benefit from Mozo. Hotels, restaurants, stadiums, events halls, resorts, and tourism boards are some of the other obvious applications that can benefit from using Mozo tokens. Anyone who would like to control and increase foot traffic can benefit from Mozo.This is our vision for Mozo. We have the expertise and resources to be a pioneer in an industry previously untapped by blockchain technologies. This is a token to discover the future of commerce. A future where Mozo becomes the digital platform for retail venies to thrive side by side with online commerce. Making Mozo truly, The Token of Discovery.We will soon share more updates and information about our upcoming ICO. If you’d like to learn more about Mozo, visit our site or Download our White Paper. Also feel free to follow us onWebsite:

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The innovation for future with high quality and make comfortable for all contributor and give the best of services in platform , make the best of controlling on decentralized network for make stabling of all condition ecosystem on platform to make as well and make this platform has a big community for support and make more interaction and transaction so that make this platform growing in future and then value this platform growing in future, building the best of platform with high on services and keeping on growing for make innovation with different so this platform make all client comfortable to use and with high on secure for controlling all condition and providing for all connection platform to make as well so that makes this platform fast growing potential in future.
The first blockchain was conceptualized by an individual (or group of individuals) known as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.
It was launched the following year in January 2009 by Nakamoto as a core component of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, where it serves as the public ledger for all transactions on the network.
Through the use of a blockchain, Bitcoin became the first digital currency to solve the double spending problem without requiring a trusted authority and has been the inspiration for many additional applications.
I believe that in one hundred years, blockchains will be as common and necessary as electricity is today. They will be fundamental pieces of the economy which nearly everyone will interact with on a daily basis. They will be so normal that we will forget they exist.
We should expect that, over the next couple decades, we will see a Cambrian explosion of blockchain applications and organizations much like what happened with the internet over the past few decades or electrification in the early 20th century.
If that’s true, it’s worth developing a basic understanding for blockchains, including why they matter and how they work.
It is clear that logistics is a large and complex industry requiring careful tracking and long hours of manual input and it is not easy to make everything transparent for both the consumer and producer. Nowadays, thanks to the development of blockchain technology, logistics, and transport management have changed a lot. The way physical goods are transferred and sold can be profoundly affected. Some companies have attempted to find solutions for modern logistical problems, however, no solution is really optimal. Current options are often too expensive to perform.

What is Mybillcash About?

MyBillCash is a blockchain-based company that provides a platform connecting micro job seekers and employers based on-scale work demand from every nook and corner of the world. MyBillCash has a blockchain-based ecosystem that mimics a micro-task website where the transaction is done through bill tokens. They use Ethereum token cryptocurrency called Bills Cash for all the transactions that are made between the employee and the employer.MyBillCash is a decentralized microtask platform on the blockchain with enabled users to user encrypted messages.

MyBillCash Features

Encrypted user to user messages
Voucher economy
Service marketplace
Offer and take a quick job
Central escrow mechanism.
Job offers from $ 0.15
Job searching by keyword
Token staking (0.35% daily)The company acts as an interface for providing people to do simple online internet work and also get paid without any investments. The transaction system is also based upon a voucher economy. This enables the users of MyBillCash to generate vouchers by converting their earned bill tokens into loaded vouchers that can be sold for cash. The voucher economy allows the user to redeem the earned bill tokens as cash and also use the same for starting up a campaign on the site. The voucher once generated is valid for one year and is liable for one-time use only.MyBillCash also uses a referral programme where the users can refer their family, friends and known people to MyBillCash. Once the referred person signs in using the referral link, the user gets paid with a single token. There is no limit to the number of people a user can refer MyBillCash using the referral program. Users can search for Jobs at MyBillCash faster as it enables Job searching by keyword. The freelancers using the website can look for quick jobs posted by employers that pay a minimum of 0.15$ per job. MyBillCash provides an environment that is an encrypted user to user chatting interface that allows publishers and advertisers to discuss about the job description and payment details in a secure environment. Once the job is completed, the employer would rate the work and based on that the success rate of the particular user who completed the job and pay him in tokens.MyBillCash offers an ecosystem that promotes Bills token staking where the holder of the tokens can hold the tokens in his account as long as he wants. MyBillCash offers 0.35% daily on every 2000 bills or more that are staked in the account of the holder. However, MyBillCash notifies that the percentage isn’t permanent as it is subjected to change with the market reaction. MyBillCash claims to be the best in providing works form big business worldwide with no initial investment. MyBillCash claims to provide a stable market for micro jobs and project an increasing trajectory for the exchange values for Cash bill tokens.


Bills token can be staked for more profits, mybillcash offers 0.35% daily on every 2000 bills or more staked, this is equivalent to 10.5% per month. This percentage is not permanent and can be adjusted based on the market reactions to bills token trading.


Name – Bills Cash
Code – Bills
Decimal – 7
Contract – 0xCa5226f700d52f9A93Eab8180C3c85F75e856dC1
Total supply – 11,000,000
Token type – Ethereum ERC 20

Token Distributions

Signup & referral bonus – 25%
Reserve for masternode – 45%
Team – 10 %
Game development – 5 %
Game promotions – 5 %
Legal and documentation – 2 %
Bounty – 2 %
Airdrop – 2 %
Advisors – 1 %
Reserved – 3 %

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Since my blog is dedicated to new decentralized projects and today’s reviews are no exception, I propose to talk today about the topic of online Entertainment. For many people, these stats will seem surprising, however, around the world they just love to play entertaining online games like poker, Casino, and other gambling trends from this genre. People often prefer recreation of this type than ordinary streets after work, because it often helps them to relax and have fun. What is there to hide, you see how many topics online entertainment has become active, moreover, currently estimated more than 1 trillion US dollars and this is just the beginning. Many experts only predict increasing demand in the industry, so keep that in mind.We all love to try our luck more or less. Someone plays for this at the casino, someone buys a lottery ticket, and someone participates in the sports betting. However, no matter how incredibly adventurous this adventure doesn’t seem to gamble, people still continue and will continue to take part in it. In addition, over the last few years, the number of participants in sports betting has shown excellent growth results, relative to other fields that I have listed.However, no matter how popular the industry is caused by centralization, there are a number of issues and inaccuracies that weaken the authority of the users who are actively involved in this direction. The new decentralized project will solve this problem, which we will now consider.From now on, readers who like games, and now a blockchain-based gaming platform called Bazooka. Bazooka-Team has helped you play in the gaming industry without and and and found sustainable solutions for barriers in the industry. These details are discussed in the following paragraphs.About BazookaBazooka is a digital currency with blockchain technology that aims to revolutionize the e-gaming industry, sports betting, and e-commerce in general. Bazooka has integrated blockchain services into its platform, allowing users to play games and receive their winnings either in cryptocurrency or in Fiat from the comfort of their own home. This Platform eliminates human intervention in its logs to ensure maximum transparency. The entire Bazooka platform system is decentralized and includes payments, winning and spinning programs and other services controlled through the blockchain.


The services offered by Bazooka Platform are listed below
E-GAMING SERVICES: Bazooka offers a variety of online gaming services such as dice, roulette, lotteries, poker, slot machines, and much more. All these games are operated on a blockchain network. Winning results are displayed immediately and winnings are credited to the player’s wallet.SPORTS BETTING: One of the services offered by Bazooka Platform is a sports betting operated by Dai Stable. Users can bet without end on the decentralized spot betting platform offered by Bazooka.
E-COMMERCE: Bazooka offers a decentralized e-COMMERCE platform that allows commercial activities such as buying and selling various goods with Bazooka tokens. Users get more tokens with their support on the e-commerce platform.
BANK GRADE SECURITY STANDARDS: Bazooka offers bank-level security to ensure the security of assets and funds for platform users. The payment processor Bazooka is claimed to use PCIDSS technology and blockchain.Road MapQ1 2019
Conception of the idea
Seed funds accumulated
The development team was recruited
Development of Bazooka startedJune-July 2019
Web Development and contracts
BAZ ERC20 tokens are used
Stage 1 Community Rewards Program
Beta version of the website releaseAugust-September 2019
White Paper released
Full website launch
Community Rewards Program Phase 2
Exchange ListOctober-Nov 2019
Casino Beta Testing
Alpha release
50 Top Exchange List
Wallet DevelopmentDecember 2019
Release Wallet
Launching the Spinning program
Solidify industry partnerships
Sports Betting Bazooka
P2P Bazooka Betting
API Bazooka released for 3rd party developers
E-Sports/E-Gaming integration
IOS and Android phones
Developer Hub2021
Sports Betting Bazooka
P2P Bazooka Betting
API Bazooka released for 3rd party developers
E-Sports/E-Gaming integration
IOS and Android phones
Developer HubConclusionThe unique service of Bazooka allows investors and contributors to save their winnings and then monetize from the comfort of your home in fiat currency or cryptocurrency.I believe that Bazooka is ideal for all those who like to spend time actively and interestingly. In addition, thanks to modern technology and sophisticated game models that incorporate e-commerce platforms, you will eventually get a very valuable tool where you can not only play your own games but also make money. However, all the principles of Bazooka are aimed at the same honest approach to any individual player, whereby demonstrating your skills and talents, you will not be left without proper compensation. All payments, unit distribution, winners of the spinning program are decentralized and fully verifiable on the blockchain. Transparency with P2P support allows malicious attempts to occur in the network.Therefore, I suggest you distract your attention to Bazooka, study the concept in detail and have taken an active part in the development platform. All helpful links await you below. That’s it for me, good luck!


Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:

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GPM Carbon

GPM CarbonWhat is GPMCoinGPMCoin is not subject to inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. Outstanding prospects for the acquisition of GPMCoin in the early stages of the project. Full transparency of investment and implementation of all stages of the project. GPMCoin is a full token.Participant confidenceEach participant can receive a finished product (activated carbon) for the purchased GPMCoin. Open project information completely. Team members undergo the KYC procedure through trusted sources.Benefits of participating in the GPM Carbon project

  • Technology

For the successful implementation of the project, we have innovative patented technology for the production of products with exclusive rights to use them.

  • Raw material

Always available in the amount needed. The quality of raw materials needed for the production of activated carbon is one of the best in the world.

  • Price

Production of a product using our technology significantly reduces costs compared to the costs of major global producers

  • Ready to start production

Availability of prepared technology. Staff very staff. One hundred percent readiness to start production.BENEFITS OF TOKENIndustrial-oriented blockchain projectBased on real productionFull transparency at all stagesBlockchain products that are unique, stable and innovativeThe opportunity to become the owner of a raw tokenFull refund in 18 monthsMore than $ 1.3 million was invested in R&D and Management and MarketingROADMAP2013 – Development and technology patents begin2015 – Modernization of the production complex2017 – Modernization of complex production engineering systems2018 – Development of a business plan and financial model2019 – Conduct a major TGE token event2020 – Launch of main production facilities2021 – Building a Carbon GPM ecosystem with blockchain technology2022 – Launch of GPM Carbon’s own product lineAPPLICATION FOR BLOCKCHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGYECONOMY TOKEN

  1. Tge
  2. Pre-sale
  3. Owner
  4. Gift
  5. Team
  6. Advisor



Strategic planning and overall project management


Business planning, analysis and project financial control.


Expertise in finance, public administration, marketing and public procurement.


Internet marketing.


Project management in investment activities.


In the development and launch of IT systems; business process automation; Web development, Blockchain, Smartcontract


Expertise in marketing: exclusive promotion of exclusive B2B services and projects in the United States, Australia and Europe markets


Technology, R&D, HR and Administration


Expertise in financial planningCONSULTANT


Experts in secure communication systems and the storage, processing and transmission of important and personal data. An expert in social engineering and countermeasures.


Foreign economic relations. Position in the global market. Business development advisors, marketing and sales strategies for the EU.


Business Analyst. Scrum Master Project Manager. Blockchain Specialist.INFORMATION


Username: Kevinryan


Co-DEX – a decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrency that uses an innovative system

Co-DEX  platform


Co-DEX is a decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrency, built on pioneering security infrastructure and using innovative systems. Co-DEX is an exchange made by the community for the community. Therefore Co-DEX is the first exchange to implement a no-fee policy for transactions. The user must bear the transaction costs of the validator who registers the action with a minor and / or blockchain. You can experience direct peer-to-peer transactions without the security risk of trusting third parties, so you always have full control over your assets.

Cosmos network based on Co-DEX is an IBC protocol (cross block communication) to use, so that the various chain blocks in the protocol all tokens can be exchanged smoothly for you. Co-DEX is Vanguard’s infrastructure-based and innovative security system using passwords for distributed money trading platforms.

Co-DEX is a community for people to create exchanged co-DEX is an agreement for the fee that is not the first exchange will be. The user to block the chain works to register party mining and / or block the chain on the task of registering a validator through the necessary actions.

The three characters who are reliable and become hackers like the risks without direct P2P transactions to be there at any time when assets from perfectly stored and controlled can be yours.

Users want to de-centralize transactions to become on the stock exchange. Additional costs do not do, transparency, security guarantees. Co-DEX is still only ERC-20 support. But then Co-DEX is a chain block and the chain block by cross trader is a token, regardless of the agreement you can. This cryptocurrency ecosystem more efficiently enabled users can help you.

Co-DEX is COSMOS Network developing innovative features, the technology used. This is another unrelated feature and automatic transaction support alerts are supported. In addition, the user collects money or assets to secure his own wallet in the ability to carry out. This wallet is by default a private key, set the device in so that the user’s property and private key associated with funding can be more convenient and fully archived.

Co-DEX is Vanguard’s security architecture based on an established balancing-type trading platform. This society to the public to promote the stock exchange “transaction for the cost of 0 (Zero)” policy that implements confidence. Co-DEX is a community of ideas and reflected expectations and community needs and increasingly responds and adapts to goals for. The Co-DEX feedback community is everyone’s core element of the valuable opinion of The Experience. Co-DEX is IDO’s (Initial DEX Offering) step from the Community Connection step of the organization’s events, rewards, program gifts, and fixed air drops.

Co-DEX is the decentralization of the infrastructure of structured potential in the world and provides through the Community to cross the functional chain of interaction acting leverage that can help support.

Why does Co-DE have to choose one?

  • Direct P2P transactions
  • 3 parties not involved
  • Complete transparency
  • High security
  • additional costs No.
  • Community based on a platform
  • agreement for the cost of the Policy No.
  • fast and safe
  • de-centered the screen.
  • IBC is mutually operating Puri platform (Cosmos Network) based
  • community based events


Co-DEX sees the entire crypto market as an expression of the needs, concerns and hopes of every individual that includes community ideas.

When Co-DEX emerged, it prospered and mirrored all ideas presented by the community and its members. Feedback is the key word, and speed, openness, and problem solving are key principles. At Co-DEX we value every input and welcome all visitors to improve our services and platforms.

No fees are our strong belief! We are part of the community, and by the community we realize this goal for the community! Co-DEX provides free of charge other than gas or transaction costs needed to validate transactions on the blockchain.

COD1 Token:

  • Token name – Co-DEX
  • Token symbol – COD1
  • Total supply – 250,000,000 COD1
  • Token type – ERC-20
  • The initial value of the token – 0.05 USDT
  • Token Decimals – 18

COD1 Token Contribution:

  • Token Name: COD1
  • Hard Cap: equivalent to 5,000,000 USD in ETH / BTC / ATOM
  • Token Value: 1 COD1 = 0.05 USD
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, ATOM
  • My contribution: 0.1 ETH
  • Personal Contributions: TBA
  • Beginning of IDO: Q4 2019
  • Expires: After 30 Days or Hard Cap is reached

Distribution and allocation of tokens:


  • 40%: Contribution Token
  • 25%: Team & Advisor
  • 10%: Marketing
  • 10%: AirDrop & Bounty
  • 15%: CoDEX advice


Our Project Strategies and Plans

  • Q1 2019

Create Co-DEX Funding and form a development Team

  • Q2 2019

Form an Advisory board, Site development

  • Q3 2019

Site launch, Social media launch and communication channels

  • Q3 2019

Start Personal Contributions

  • Q3 2019

Alpha testing of platforms

  • Q4 2019

Platform beta testing

  • Q4 2019

Launch of a decentralized exchange platform

  • Q4 2019

Launch of COD1 IDO

  • Q4 2019

Hosting other IDOs

  • Q1 2020

Implementation of various blockchain tokens and currencies through the interoperability feature created by COSMOS

  • Q2 2020

Development of our CO-DEX Wallet

  • Q3 2020

Launch of CO-DEX Wallet, making compatibility features with platforms


  • Mihai Condurache: Mihai Condurache Alone
  • Arturo parrillo: Arturo parrilloCommunication Coordinator
  • Larven crossing: Larven crossing Developers
  • Kail Lee: Kail LeePenView
  • Alessio Vincenzo Fallica: Alessio Vincenzo Fallica Advisor
  • Mark Westerweel: Mark Westerweel Project Advisor-Advisor

For clearer and more accurate information, please visit the official link below:

Username: Kevinryan



SILVER COIN (SCN) – Global Digital Money Backed StabelCoin

About Silver Coin

Silver Coin is a coin created specifically to enter the global market, Silver coin is created using a decentralized smart contract ethereum, Silver coin can be used in all sectors to replace cash. Be it privately or in groups, Silver coins are built to improve the public economy technologically, competition with the number of stable coins makes Silver coins one of the coins that are helped to compete with many other stable coins, especially USDT, USDC and others All currencies have variable values, but cryptocurrency is very well known for its unstable prices. The purpose of Silver Coin is to create stable (ACH) coins that are bound (or tethered) to the value of the US dollar. By linking to fiat currencies, ACH will be a port in a storm of constantly fluctuating cryptocurrency values… We’ll start with a simple explanation of the SILVER COIN Protocol. In the next section, we’ll go into much more detail on how each of these components is implemented.  1. Basic Attributes • The Silver coin Protocol is build with smart contract Ethereum network. but it benefits from locating itself where collateral tokens are most liquid. • The Silver coin will initially have a target value of US $1.00, but is designed to go off of the peg to the US dollar in the long term 2. Token The Silver Coin interacts with two kinds of tokens: 1. The Silver Coin (ACH)—a stable cryptocurrency that can be held and spent the way we use US dollars and other stable fiat money.  2.. Collateral tokens—other assets that are held in smart contracts in order to back the value of the Reserve token, similar to when the US government used to back the US dollar with gold. The protocol is designed to hold collateral tokens worth at least 100% of the value of all Reserve tokens. Many of the collateral tokens will be tokenized real-world assets such as tokenized commodities, currencies, and securities. The portfolio will start off relatively simple and diversify over time as more asset classes are tokenized

Problem Solve

Silver Coin is a stable coin created to reduce the risk of investors using crypto Silver coins are stable coins created to reduce the impact of the risk of rising and falling crypto prices. Silver Coins Created to be used by people who are unfamiliar with the crypto in Aceh. Silver Coin was created as a global digital money to facilitate the transactions of foreign investors to Aceh.


1. Stable Coin. Silver Coin is a coin whose value is based on the value of physical objects whose prices are stable such as the US dollar. This is a global currency, but it is not tied to a central bank and has low volatility. This allows for practical use using cryptocurrency like paying for goods every day. Coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and are very volatile. On certain days, usually an increase of up to 10-20% or even decrease. That makes most cryptocurrency uncomfortable and inefficient for everyday transactions. Imagine paying $ 5 for your flat white today the next day the price drops to $ 4. Such price changes surprise consumers. The adoption of a stable coin will be a catalyst and a way out to solve this problem. 2. Transparent Silver Coin is a coin that is very clear and accountable for the flow of funds, each user will control their own transactions without having to contact other parties to see the flow of transactions carried out, time and block that is clearly visible by checking repeatedly. 3. Secure. Silver coin is a coin that has been neutralized with blockchain, its safety standard has been guaranteed and is recognized by all users of crypto world. 4. Blockchain technology Blockchain, initially a block chain, are developing records, called blocks, which are connected and secured using cryptographic techniques. Each block usually contains cryptographic hashes from the previous block, time stamp, and transaction data. By design, blockchain is resistant to data modification. Blockchain is a publicly distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent manner. For its use as a distributed ledger, blockchain is usually managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively by following certain protocols for communication between nodes and confirming new blocks. Once recorded, data in a block cannot be changed retroactively without changes in the next block, which requires majority network consensus. Blockchain was designed from the start to be safe (secure by design) and is an example of a distributed computing system with a high Byzantine Error Tolerance (BFT). Decentralized consensus can be achieved with blockchain. This makes the blockchain suitable for recording events, medical records, and other record management activities, such as identity management, transaction processing, evidence documentation, food tracking, and choose. 

Money Digital Build For Global

Individual/trader Seamlessly move currency between exchanges and wallets. Enhance your cross-exchange and currency arbitrage strategy. Blockchain Companies Offer your services in a variety of digital currencies. Price goods and services in a currency your customers are familiar with. Long term investment We are target Silver coin will use for commodity asset in stock exchange.

Silver Coin Benefits

Payment Coin Trade Coin Investment Coin

Silver Coin Detail

Name : Silver Coin Symbol : SCN Type : ERC20 Total Supply : 25.000.000 SCN Private Sale price : 0.25$ (Round 1) 0.3$ (Round 2) 0.4$ (Round 3) Public sale price : 0.5$ (Round 1) Exchange rate price : 1$ Allocation Private sale : 500.000 SCN Public Sale : 10.000.000 SCN Selfdrop : 500.000 SCN Airdrop : 1.000.000 SCN Bounty : 750.000 SCN More Event : 750.000 SCN Partner : 1.000.000 SCN Reserve Coin : 10.000.000 SCN

Project Roadmap

2019 Project Launch Airdrop Launch Pre-sale Bounty Start Q1 Pre-sale Public Sale SCN Listing Start Staking Reward For Investors And Dividend Start the prototype building  Airdrop End Q2 Airdrop Distribution Bounty End Bounty Distribution Prototype (MPV) Launch Buy Back Time  Burn Time Q3 Start Roadshow In Asian Buy Back Time Burn Time Q4 Roadshow To Europe. Partner With Some Company. Buy Back Time  Burn Time 2021 Staking Reward End Dividend End

Core Team

Nanda Yusra: CO-Founder Ahsan Khan: Advisor Aimal Abbas: Advisor Kazi Sajib: Bounty Manager https://tme/silvercoin_group

Username: Kevinryan


Decentralized Mindset


Apa itu Token?“Token” sering digunakan sebagai sinonim untuk “cryptocurrency” (AKA “cryptocurrency token”) karena cryptocurrency ada sebagai data tokenized (sejenis data terenkripsi yang digunakan dalam cryptocurrency dan keamanan komputer secara umum). Yang mengatakan, kadang-kadang orang menggunakan istilah token untuk secara khusus merujuk pada aset digital yang ada pada blockchain cryptocurrency lain (misalnya OMG adalah token ERC-20 pada blockchain Ethereum). Yang mengatakan, ada lebih banyak untuk dibahas, jadi teruslah membaca. Dalam keamanan komputer dan mata uang kripto, istilah token umumnya mengacu pada serangkaian angka dan huruf kriptografi yang tidak mengandung data nyata tetapi berhubungan kembali dengan data nyata (bahwa kode kriptografi adalah “pengganti” untuk data nyata). Dalam keamanan komputer, jenis token ini dapat disebut sebagai “token keamanan” (jangan dikacaukan dengan sekuritas tokenized). MISI KITAInstitut Pola Pikir Desentralisasi adalah yang pertama dalam bidangnya Kursus online terdesentralisasi berjalan di blockchain Ethereum. Kursus pertama akan disediakan oleh tim pola pikir Desentralisasi yang akan menjadi kursus cryptocurrency, kursus Uang, juga kursus tentang ekonomi Global, kursus tentang sejarah uang, sejarah cadangan federal, sejarah bank sentral. Fase kedua dari Platform Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi adalah bagi pengguna untuk membuat mata pelajaran apa pun dan menjual kursus mereka pada platform Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi menggunakan token DMST. Manfaat dari platform DMST adalah penyedia kursus tidak perlu mengumpulkan pembayaran dari bank pihak ketiga yang tepercaya atau perusahaan kartu kredit. Mereka akan menangani peer to peer secara langsung dengan klien mereka dalam sistem desentralisasi menggunakan token dan sistem pembayaran terdesentralisasi (DMST Token). Pengguna juga akan berbagi dalam pendapatan yang dihasilkan oleh perusahaan melalui (POS) algoritma Proof of Stake. Siswa tidak hanya akan menerima Pengetahuan Terdesentralisasi terbaik di industri ini, tetapi mereka akan dilatih dalam pola pikir terdesentralisasi yang hebat yang akan mengubah seluruh dunia di sana. Token Pola Pikir TerdesentralisasiInstitut Pola Pikir Desentralisasi adalah yang pertama dalam bidangnya Kursus online terdesentralisasi berjalan di blockchain Ethereum. Kursus pertama akan disediakan oleh tim pola pikir Desentralisasi yang akan menjadi kursus cryptocurrency, kursus Uang, juga kursus tentang ekonomi Global, kursus tentang sejarah uang, sejarah cadangan federal, sejarah bank sentral. Fase kedua dari Platform Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi adalah bagi pengguna untuk membuat mata pelajaran apa pun dan menjual kursus mereka pada platform Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi menggunakan token DMST. Manfaat dari platform DMST adalah penyedia kursus tidak perlu mengumpulkan pembayaran dari bank pihak ketiga yang tepercaya atau perusahaan kartu kredit. Mereka akan menangani peer to peer secara langsung dengan klien mereka dalam sistem desentralisasi menggunakan token dan sistem pembayaran terdesentralisasi (DMST Token). Pengguna juga akan berbagi dalam pendapatan yang dihasilkan oleh perusahaan melalui (POS) algoritma Proof of Stake. Siswa tidak hanya akan menerima Pengetahuan Terdesentralisasi terbaik di industri ini, tetapi mereka akan dilatih dalam pola pikir terdesentralisasi yang hebat yang akan mengubah seluruh dunia di sana.

Jumlah token 150 000 000:66,7% ICO (100.000.000)20% Bounty (30.000.000)3,3% Kelompok Referensi (5.000.000)3,3% Airdrop (5.000.000)3,3% Biaya operasi (5.000.000)3,3% Hadiah Kontes (5.000.000) Nama: Token Pola Pikir TerdesentralisasiJenis: ERC20Simbol: DMSTPlatform: EthereumRilis umum: 150.000.000 DMSTKontrak: 0xced8be08a2b5d2cba4e4c0b51e8d173f9568eaceDesimal: 18 Peta jalan

  • Januari 2018 

Memulai Pembuatan The White PapersKertas putih untuk Institut Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi disusun dan Menulis dengan konsep untuk menciptakan Platform Terdesentralisasi pertama untuk kursus online. Dokumen ini dibuat dengan keaslian dan penelitian asli sehubungan dengan data kursus online dan informasi dengan maksud untuk mengganggu Industri $ 325 Miliar ini. Koin Decentralized Mindset Institute memiliki kontrak pintar standar POS Stake dan DAPP dengan maksud tidak hanya untuk memiliki koin tetapi untuk menambah fungsionalitas token kami.

  • Maret 2018 

Mulai Kembangkan Kontrak CerdasKontrak cerdas yang dikembangkan dengan Bukti Standar Pasak karena kami ingin memotivasi orang untuk mendapatkan hadiah dengan mempertaruhkan token kami yang dapat menambah nilai token kami serta mengajari orang bagaimana cara mempertaruhkan. Itu benar-benar tugas untuk membuat kontrak pintar kami dengan algoritma spesifik 100% penghargaan pada tahun pertama, 50% pada tahun ke-2 dan 3% pada 10 atau 11 tahun berikutnya. Kami menjalankan beberapa tes untuk memastikan bahwa Bukti Pasak ini akan bekerja seperti yang kami inginkan. Token DMSI tidak hanya akan digunakan untuk bertukar dengan kursus yang didesentralisasi tetapi juga akan digunakan untuk para peserta untuk dipertaruhkan.

  • Juni 2018 

Mengembangkan Konsep dan Ideologi ICORencana ICO Awal termasuk pembicaraan bitcoin dan Bounty Manager mengikuti metodologi tradisional ICO. Kami membayangkan seluruh dunia memahami bahwa ada permintaan yang sangat kuat untuk mentalitas dan realitas yang lebih terdesentralisasi agar masyarakat dapat mencapai kebebasan finansial ekonomi. Kami akan menggunakan pengaruh pemburu hadiah di seluruh dunia yang pada dasarnya berfokus pada pembicaraan bitcoin sebagai sumber utama tim karunia ICO. Pola pikir kami terutama difokuskan pada cita-cita.

  • Juli 2018 

Pembuatan Rencana Pemasaran & Strategi PeriklananKami telah mempelajari pemasaran online selama lebih dari 5 tahun dan kami telah belajar dengan perusahaan pemasaran online teratas di industri dimulai dengan perusahaan Empower Network yang hebat dan belajar bagaimana membuat blog Vlog dan membuat corong lalu lintas besar-besaran. Kami telah mempelajari perusahaan layanan data teratas dalam Industri Mata Uang Crypto. Kami sepenuhnya memahami BPK, pemasaran iklan Banner PPC, Membuat Corong, Iklan Bing, dan pemasaran di media sosial. Kami memutuskan bahwa kami harus terlebih dahulu memahami pasar tempat kami mencoba mengacaukan dan menemukan audiens yang kami targetkan dan menawarkan mereka solusi untuk masalah besar yang merupakan masalah yang sama bagi sebagian besar dari kita, yaitu transaksi, retur balik, peretasan informasi dan biaya transaksi. Pemasaran kami. Strategi Pemasaran kami memiliki kemampuan mencapai jutaan dalam industri mata uang kripto.

  • Agustus 2018 

Situs DMST ICO memulai Pengembangan AsliKami menggunakan desainer web kami sendiri dari tim kami untuk mengembangkan situs web kami karena kami sangat bangga dengan proyek ini. Kami sebagai tim menciptakan visi untuk menciptakan Platform Terdesentralisasi Pertama untuk Kelas Online. Kami benar-benar membayar seorang pria di India untuk melakukan situs web kami pada awalnya tetapi mengejutkan kami setelah setengah situs web selesai orang itu lari dengan dana kami meninggalkan kami pada kekacauan namun komitmen kami untuk proyek ini dan semua dana yang sudah kami miliki menginvestasikan kami memutuskan untuk membiarkan salah satu anggota tim kami menyelesaikan proyek.

  • November 2018 

Menguji Situs Platform ICO & Peluncuran FinalisasiTim Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi mulai menjadi lebih akrab dengan fitur situs web dan platform menguji fungsi-fungsinya dan menguji dengan bitcoin uji dan Ethereum. Kami telah melalui beberapa tes untuk memastikan bahwa kami dapat menyediakan bagi peserta dalam hadiah dan juga pembeli token.

  • Desember 2018 

Pembuatan platform Bounty Bitcoin Talk & ANNTim menghubungi manajer karunia berbulan-bulan sebelum penciptaan peluncuran. Kami bekerja dengan orang ini selama 6 bulan dan akhirnya siap untuk meluncurkan Pengumuman. Kami memberinya seluruh tim dan proyek di mana pengembangan dimulai untuk pengumuman!

  • Januari 2019 

Kami bermaksud memulai pra-ICO kami di Bitcoin TalkKami bermaksud memulai proyek ini pada Januari 2019 di Bitcoin talk. Kami Secara Resmi Mengumumkan ICO kami untuk pembicaraan Bitcoin pada 14 Januari 2019. Seorang blogger yang mencari pengakuan melihat ICO kami pada 03 Januari 2019 dan karena masih dalam konstruksi kami masih memiliki foto yang datang dengan template ICO untuk situs web tersebut. Orang ini yang tidak ada yang tahu sebagai Bitcoin Talk Blogger bersembunyi di balik nama pengguna mereka yang diposting pada 3 Januari bahwa kami memiliki tim palsu tetapi kami tidak pernah secara resmi diluncurkan hingga 14 Januari 2019 Ketika pengumuman resmi kami keluar dari manajer Bounty kami. Itu adalah perburuan penyihir. Kami menyadari bahwa bitcointalk adalah platform terpusat dengan banyak infiltrasi kekuatan untuk menjadi dan memiliki masalah nyata dengan sebuah perusahaan bernama Institut Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi. Segera manajer Bounty kami pergi ke pertahanan kami dan Menunjukkan bahwa kami secara resmi mengumumkan Bounty dan Pengumuman kami pada tanggal 14 Januari 1919. Itu semua adalah kebohongan untuk menghentikan gerakan yang disebut Institut Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi. Sungguh ironis bagaimana kita berbagi seluruh tim kami dan semua kualifikasi mereka tetapi blogger ini pada pembicaraan bitcoin hanya menggunakan nama pengguna dan kami tidak tahu siapa mereka sebenarnya.

  • Februari 2019 

Merekonstruksi Seluruh Konsep BountyInstitut Pola Pikir yang Terdesentralisasi setelah hanya 3 hari memberi tahu seluruh tim bahwa kami akan membuktikan semuanya salah dan bahwa visi kami akan berlanjut. Kami segera memutuskan tidak ada satu platform pun yang akan memiliki keputusan akhir dari impian kami dan bahwa kami perlu mendesentralisasi seluruh proses ICO karena ini adalah metode yang rata-rata orang harus mendapatkan dana untuk mengembangkan cita-cita mereka. Kami membuat situs web dengan semua fungsi untuk mendesentralisasikan proses ini. Kami tidak akan mengizinkan siapa pun atau platform untuk sepenuhnya mengendalikan Takdir kami atau jangkauan kami kepada publik.

  • Maret 2019

Pembuatan Situs Web Baru, Pembuatan Metodologi Baru untuk ICO BountyBerdasarkan pengalaman kami dipilih pada upaya pertama kami untuk meluncurkan, Kami memutuskan untuk tidak pernah mengizinkan siapa pun untuk mengontrol arus lalu lintas kami. Kami juga menyadari bahwa kami perlu mendesentralisasi proses pemberian ICO. dan menempatkan Orang-orang lebih mengendalikan masa depan ICO atau Bounties. Sekarang dengan pertimbangan ini kami menciptakan situs web baru serta konsep dan ideologi untuk Bounty dan ICO.

  • Mei 2019 

Ciptakan Kemitraan Baru yang Mendesentralisasi Seluruh Proses KaruniaIndustri Mata Uang Crypto walaupun memiliki potensi untuk menjadi teknologi inovatif paling kuat yang pernah ada dalam Sejarah Dunia, Ia juga memiliki potensi untuk menjadi teknologi yang paling Berbahaya dengan kekuatan untuk memperbudak kita lebih dari pemerintah, bank, lembaga, atau Sistem jika kita tidak sadar akan semua kemungkinannya. Misi kami bukan hanya untuk meluncurkan proyek ini tetapi kami menciptakan cara baru untuk mendesentralisasi proses ICO Crowdfunding dan platform karunia. Kami juga telah membuat kemitraan baru yang akan diumumkan selama Penawaran dan Initial coin Offer.

  • Juli 2019 

Bangun Kembali Platform Bounty pada Platform DMST Restrukturisasi Rencana PemasaranKami telah membangun kembali platform ICO Bounty di Situs DMST, meskipun kami telah menemukan beberapa manajer Bounty yang mampu mengelola ICO kami di beberapa Platform. Situs DMST kami memiliki semua kemampuan untuk meng-host seluruh proses karunia mulai dari Otentikasi Manajer Bounty hingga aktual posting dari posting aktual dari semua Pemburu Bayaran. Kami benar-benar mandiri. Kami harus mengembangkan konsep pemasaran yang sama sekali baru.

  • Agustus 2019 

Menguji Platform Bounty Baru. Re-Inventasikan Metode Bounty. Pekerjakan Manajer Bounty Baru.Tim Institut Pola Pikir Desentralisasi kini telah mulai menguji fungsionalitas situs web dan kemampuannya untuk meng-host seluruh hadiah dan ICO tanpa menggunakan hanya satu platform tunggal. Kami memiliki Tim di seluruh dunia yang mengikuti kami dan percaya pada proyek yang kami hargai karena telah membantu kami dalam pengujian konsep baru ini.

  • September 2019 

Pembuatan Pengumuman DMSI (JST) dan memulai Pra-PeluncuranSeptember kami mulai mencari Manajer Hadiah individu unik yang memahami visi kami dan siap membantu kami menciptakan strategi pemasaran yang unik. Kami telah mewawancarai beberapa manajer tidak hanya mencari keahlian tetapi juga mencari seseorang yang benar-benar mengerti kata Desentralisasi.

  • Oktober 2019 

Meng-upgrade Server kamiSetelah meng-upgrade server, kami terkejut beberapa tautan rekoneksi di mana didirikan kembali dan kami memiliki banyak pekerjaan teknis karena situs web yang dibangun sebenarnya adalah beberapa situs web dalam satu. Pengujian server baru ini dilakukan dan beberapa pengujian situs web untuk memastikan semuanya

  • November 2019 

Peluncuran Pra ResmiKami sekarang telah secara resmi menugaskan Bounty Manager dan siap untuk membuat Prelaunch dengan kampanye tautan Afiliasi unik yang peserta harus mengotentikasi dengan manajer Bounty dan secara terpisah mengunjungi situs web dan menerima tautan afiliasi. Untuk memenuhi syarat untuk kampanye tautan Afiliasi, Pemburu Bayaran akan menerima tautan dan membeli DMST Token senilai $ 10 untuk menerima komisi 5% dalam BTC dari semua penjualan yang dihasilkan dengan tautan afiliasi yang dibayarkan setiap minggu. Pembayaran harus mengakses $ 10 untuk menerima BTC. Semua token akan mendapat potongan 50% di Pra ICO Stag. ICO ini akan memastikan bahwa pemburu bayaran pergi dengan nilai sebelum perusahaan membangun platformnya dan nilai perusahaan menetapkan standar baru untuk ICO dan hadiah

  • 30 Desember 2019 

Pembaruan Buletin & Pengumuman KemitraanTim dan Administrasi Pola Pikir Terdesentralisasi akan menyediakan Newsletter untuk memberi informasi kepada para peserta tentang kemajuan proyek. Tim kami tidak hanya membangun koin, kami terus-menerus menciptakan fungsionalitas baru untuk koin kami yang akan menambah kegunaan koin yang pada gilirannya akan menciptakan Nilai. Kami akan di kemudian hari Memperkenalkan kemitraan besar yang akan membantu kredibilitas perusahaan ini.

  • Januari 2020 

Kami memasuki Fase Kedua ICO BountyToken DMST sekarang akan menjadi harga penuh .10 sen per koin sekarang Anda telah melewatkan semua diskon saat kami mulai menuju ke garis finish. Beberapa hadiah dan kontes akan dimulai untuk memberi penghargaan lebih lanjut kepada mereka yang telah membuat perjalanan ini berhasil. Nawala akan terus memberi tahu peserta hadiah mengenai status hadiah dan arah perusahaan sehubungan dengan status Platform.

  • Februari 2020 

Pengumuman Pertukaran!Kami akan mengumumkan pertukaran token DMST yang akan dimuat dalam buletin dan mengumumkan pemenang kontes khusus yang akan melibatkan pemburu hadiah yang kami punya kejutan rahasia untuk pemain terbaik! SEMUA Kemitraan dan pengembangan platform akan diumumkan dan permulaan DAPP akan diumumkan dan diperbarui.

  • Maret 2020

Akhir dari ICO BountyBounty akan selesai pada tanggal ini dan kami akan menciptakan gerakan dan kesadaran platform keluar. Kami juga mengantisipasi sekarang memiliki sumber daya untuk menciptakan platform aktual yang akan Mengganggu Industri senilai $ 325 miliar yang disebut Industri Kursus Online.

  • April 2020

Distribusi Token Hadiah & Bukti Mulai PasakSpreadsheet Bounty akan diselesaikan dan semua peserta akan diberi hadiah saham akan dibagi dan penghargaan khusus akan diberikan kepada mereka yang naik ke level berikutnya dengan komitmen untuk membangun platform ini. Institut Desentralisasi juga akan mengumumkan anggota tertentu yang berpartisipasi dalam anggota resmi Bounty dari tim karena kami akan menganalisis individu untuk peran atau posisi permanen di perusahaan! Kontrak Smart akan memulai algoritmanya berdasarkan bukti standar pasak dan semua yang memilih untuk mempertaruhkan token akan mulai mendapatkan penghasilan pada tanggal ini.

  • Mei 2020

Platform Mata Uang Crypto DMSI Akan Mulai Pengembangannya!Kami akan mengembangkan Platform saat ini karena kami telah mengembangkan hubungan dengan programmer dan coders. Kami juga akan mulai menciptakan tim yang jauh lebih besar yang akan membantu memenuhi visi. Tim DMSI akan mulai menciptakan pengembangan untuk DAPP dan membangun platform kami dengan semua semangat yang telah kami kumpulkan sepanjang misi ini.

  • Kuartal 3 2020

Peluncuran Platform & Pengumuman untuk pengujian BETA DAPPTim DMSI akan mulai memilih individu untuk menguji DAPP kami dan Mengumumkan peluncuran platform DMSI. Kami akan mulai mengizinkan publik untuk menggunakan platform ini dan sistem Pembayaran Terdesentralisasi saat gangguan dimulai. TimRafael Suero – CEOAbdul Cader – Pengembang Kontrak Cerdas (Dikontrak)David Lyons – CTOShankar Masilamani – Analis Programmer (Dikontrak)Chehara Meeks – CMOSasi Kumar – Manajer Proyek (Dikontrak)Le Queshia Bell – Penelitian dan PengembanganEllis Vernon – Koordinator OperasiKarier Sajib – Bounty Manager informasi

Username: Kevinryan


DAIN is the next-generation artificial intelligence platform

Welcome to my simple article, and I am sure that my article will be of use to you. happy to read articles about the crypto world.On this occasion I will discuss abou t several companies in the world. I am very interested in joining this company, so do you. let’s join this very promising company!…

Artificial intelligence is positioned at the core of the next-gen software technologies in the market. Companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft have actively implemented AI as a crucial part of their technology. But this comes at a cost: the vast number of computer resources required to perform these tasks. The hardware must be constantly renewed and consumes huge amounts of electricity for cooling. And with the exponentially increasing amount of data to exploit, the trend is only growing.The cloud market is valued at USD 291 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 1.25 trillion by 2025, at a CAGR of 27.50% during the forecast period. Machine learning is projected to be the segment with highest growth, reaching USD 188.4 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 48.60%.DAIN COMPONENTS
Understanding and leveraging the possibilities of an artificial brain with unlimited scalability is a complex task. This white paper splits the explanation of DAIN’s potential into three different interlinked components, examined separately and in detail:DAIN Ecosystem:DAIN is created, built, and grown by and for its users. Like theinternet, DAIN users will define what DAIN will become in the future. Users can participate in this ecosystem by playing different roles.DAIN Solutions:The business toolbox designed to offer out-of-the-box value toDAIN users.It aims to streamline the democratization of AI and enable new business models.DAIN Platform:The core underlying infrastructure that enables the ecosystem and the creation of solutions. Its mission is to establish a secure marketplace for computing resources, data and AI models.DAIN ECOSYSTEM
DAIN is conceptually designed to interact with two kind of users, end users and institutions (private companies or any other kind of institution, such as universities or research centers).End Usersfuel the computational resources market, sharing the free computing capacity of their devices to cover institutions’ requests for service, receiving a reward (tokens) as payment.Institutionsmake requests for service to the network, consuming its computational resources. Depending on the type of service request, they can be divided into:Producers:They create new AI models trained in DAIN using their own data and/or data provided by the network members, paying tokens in exchange for the usage of the required computing resources or data.These solutions can be created only for their own consumption, or they can be exposed in the marketplace at any time to generate new revenue streams.Consumers:They directly access the AI marketplace to reuse existing solutions created by Producers.DAIN SOLUTIONS
As described, DAIN Solutions provide ready-for-use business solutions. This section details the initial set of solutions that will be provided on top of the DAIN platform

  1. Empathy – Engagement platform
  2. Knowledger – AI Marketplace
  3. Soul – Autonomous agents
  4. Psyche – A Zero-Code Artificial Intelligent Journey Platform
  5. Intuition – Laboratory

DAIN implements different techniques to promote the stability of the utility token and the overall system:

  1. DAIN token value is referenced by the computing power constituting the network.
  2. The token has reduced volatility, as the value (not the price) is linked with real and measurable indicators.
  3. There are clear token value growth drivers.
  4. Wealth distribution

DAIN Token Value
A DAIN token is directly linked to the computing power of the network. To quantify the network’s computing power, a reference index is defined: DIPS (DAIN Index Performance Standard). Every service request handled by the network can be characterized by a DIPS number, which represents the estimated computing power required to solve it. A DAIN token (DAINT) is defined as the computing capacity allowing the execution of a service request of 1 DIPS, in every active Minimum Resource Cell in the network. 1 DAINT = 1 DIPS x #MRCs To prevent artificial network growth, each MRC requires a DAINT reserve to be considered active and allowed to provide services.While the price of a specific task is driven by supply and demand, there is a pricing mechanism that links it to the token value, reducing volatility.Service Fees
Services provided within DAIN have a fee (dsf, DAIN service fee*) paid by the requestor. The purpose of this fee is to reward DAINT holders. The fee is determined as a % of the service price, and the corresponding DAINTs are“burned” (i.e. no longer circulating in the network). As the total number of DAINTs in the network decreases, the value of the DAINT increases, directly rewarding DAINT holders.Wealth Distribution
In order to guarantee the network’s survival, it is necessary to ensure that all the participating actors earn a fair reward, avoiding wealth centralization by actors with more capacity or voting power.This mechanism incentivizes new users to share their computational resources through DAIN, regardless of how big or small the device’s computing capacity is.The DAIN protocols implement rules designed to ensure that all device types can have equal access to collaborative associations of nodes with heterogeneous characteristics, subsequently ensuring a proportional distribution of the rewards.Roadmap
We are just beginning, but everything is already mapped out and planned. Learn about our next steps.2018 Q3DAIN network conceptualized2018 Q4DAIN technical design complete2019 Q1Agreement with Universidad Pontificia de Comillas to fund a research project on DAIN2019 Q2DainWare fundedWhite Paper publishedFunds raised from 8 angel investorsAdvisor Board2019 Q3Agreement with SecondWindow to provide development workforceWe are here2019 Q4IEO 1.0Token Private SaleTelefónica & Eleven Paths LoI sign off2020 Q1IEO 2.0 with additional exchanges for extended reachResearch Article PublicationPoC Industrial Use Case2020 Q2ICO2020 Q4Testnet launchConcept Demo Release2021DainServices set-upgo-to-market service provider and integratorThe DAIN Team
The DAIN team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in startups, entrepreneurship and large multinationals. We also are proud to have the support of collaborators from multiple sectors and the academic world.José Ramón García LuqueCo-founder & CEOCognitive & AI Architect at Sabadell BankLuis Garcia San LuisCo-founderCIO at Deutsche Bank SAECarlos Díaz CondeBusiness Development & Strategic AlliancesJesús García San LuisCTOCTO & Founder 8g AnalyticsTechnology Advisor LossLessLinenLuis Garcia LorenteCOOPromptwave founder(ICEX Innovation award)Strategic Partner Advisor & Judge @Startup Europe AwardsAndrés Contreras GuillenHead of Solutions & ServicesResearch Team
José Luis Gahete DíazProfessor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADEDavid Contreras BárcenaDirector of the Department of Telematics and Computing at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADEDavid AlfayaProfessor in the Department of Applied Mathematics of the ICAI School of EngineeringAlejandro García San LuisProfessor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADEIsrael Alonso MartínezProfessor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid ICAI-ICADEAdvisory Team
Francesc Fajula De QuintanaDirector Open Innovation at Banco SabadellRoberto Nuñez Del RioFounder at Why? Training and HubIT DigitalMarcos De PedroCEO at myClouddoorCovadonga FernándezDirector at Blockchain ObservatoryJosé SalamancaCOO at UST Global España & LATAMJorge AlonsoGeneral Director at Second WindowRicardo UsaolaRegional Vice President – Iberia MuleSoft Sales at SalesforceValentin GalanChannel and Alliance Regional Partner Director at Mulesoft, a Salesforce CompanyJuan BoqueraOperations Manager at The CocktailJuan Antonio Sánchez CañibanoHead of Digital Services Sales SpecialistsJorge AponteInfluencer Blockchain & Crypto | Global Busines DeveloperFor more information, please visit the link below: Kevinryan Link:;u=2653700

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