Wolf Crypto ICO Review: Lition

Lition — A Blockchain Enabled Energy Ecosystem

Github:https://github.com/lition-blockchainUpdate: Lition have released details of their banking partnership. The partnership is with “ two cooperatives of the German VR Bank” who is a “ is a German co-operative banking group that together has 11.000 branches, 915 cooperatives, assets of € 891 billion and 18.5 million customers as of 2017”.More details can be found in the article below.Lition and Volks- and Raiffeisenbank (VR-Bank) cooperate to process a €20 million syndicated loan…Lition, the company behind the scalable public-private enterprise blockchain with deletable data features, is working…medium.comAs blockchain technology has developed and matured over the past few years, there has been a dynamic shift in the thinking and adoption of current public based blockchain infrastructure and how such infrastructure meets the needs of enterprise, rather than that of the general public. While permissionless public blockchains have led the awareness and adoption campaign for the general user, it is fair to say permissionless public chains have come up short regarding the needs of enterprise and the level of control such enterprises require over the underlying blockchain and the data contained within.With recently regulatory changes in Europe leading to the establishment of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this has resulted in even more emphasis on the development of blockchains that support private blockchain models, especially ones that allow for the deletion of user data, something that businesses building on the blockchain will need to remain compliant with if they are to deal with any European user base.

Lition: The Blockchain Standard Infrastructure for Business

Lition: The Blockchain Standard Infrastructure for BusinessLition, in its entirety, is a fully fledged blockchain and dApp ecosystem, built as a layer 2 scaling solution on top of Ethereum. Lition includes a bespoke data separation & deletion structure that allows for the use of public/private sidechains that are compliant with GDPR regulations and powered by nodes and staking mechanisms, while also allowing for optimised transaction costs and block confirmation times.

Lition Ecosystem Structure

1 — The Lition Blockchain

Lition Blockchain Data Separation & Deletion Concept

Lition lists the following points as their main selling points/points of difference to other blockchain projects —

  • Private Sidechains

Past enabling improvements to current blockchain bottlenecks, such as transaction cost and block confirmation times, this is critical point of difference of the Lition chain as compared to other offerings. By having private sidechains (which can also be public if necessary based off the demands of the client) Lition is not only able to implement these performance improvements, but also to facilitate the separation and deletion of data.

  • Light Client

As a layer 2 solution, Lition clients only need to connect to the relevant sidechain to interact with the network. This reduces overhead as clients can sync the much smaller (approx 40mb) sidechain instead of the full mainchain (ETH is between 40GB — 300GB, depending on the client used). This allows for easy deployment of thin clients (such as IoT devices) on the Lition network.

  • Low Transaction Costs

Lition have moved Gas transactions onto their sidechains and as such have been able to cap transaction costs on the network to a maximum of 0.01c USD. This is appealing to enterprise clients, as they are able to budget fixed transactionary costs on their networks.

  • Fast Block Confirmations

By moving the bulk of transactions (baring mainnet sync which happens in the background) to sidechains and with these sidechains being serviced by designated node infrastructure, Lition is able to reduce block confirmation time to under 3 seconds. This is obviously appealing to those looking to build dApps on top of a blockchain solution in which fast block confirmation times are a requirement (for example a payment application…it’s unrealistic for a customer at a store to wait 10-20 seconds + for a transaction to confirm).

  • API Access

Lition is developing an SDK that allows for easier integration of Lition’s blockchain into enterprise applications, looking to move to a blockchain based solution. This obviously adds to the usability and adoption claims of the project as easier integration = more adoption.

Lition Node Infrastructure

Due to being built on top of Ethereum, Lition requires a periodic sync to the main chain. Synchronisation can be set by the sidechain owner either by the number of transactions that have to occur before the synchronisation happens or the time interval between synchronizations…or both. Lition have provided an economic modelling example of these sync costs in their whitepaper.

Lition Cost of Sidechain to Mainnet (ETH) Synchronisation

2 — Lition dApps

  • First Lition Use Case — P2P Energy Exchange
Traditional v New Energy Exchange Models

Lition’s main use case at this point in time is their P2P Energy Exchange application. In a similar vein to WePowerRestart EnergyPower LedgerElectrify Asia and Enosi, Lition are tapping into the renewable energy sector and allowing for direct trade of energy between energy producers and consumers. This essentially allows for reduced energy costs (average of 20% reduction) to the consumer, as they are able to cut out the middleman, the energy retailers, and deal directly with the energy producers themselves. This works both ways, as energy producers are also able generate up to 30% more profit by dealing directly with the consumer. This green energy approach is particularly interesting moving forward in Litions target market with Germany recently committing to phase out all phase out coal-fired power stations by 2038.

Lition User Benefits

The use of blockchain in this scenario is twofold, firstly by using blockchain/tokens this allows for the direct trading and tracking of energy between energy producers and consumers (energy tracking works via the use of smart readers integrated at the consumers end).

Lition Smart Reader Integration

Secondly this acts as “proof of provenance”, i.e proof that energy purchased from a prouder did indeed come from said producer and at the applicable charged rate. This is particularly relevant in comparison to the traditional energy market, in which energy retailers sell green power solutions at a higher per k/w to consumers, with consumers having to blindly trust the energy retailer did indeed supply the more expensive green power and not marked up cheaper, dirtier coal power.

Lition P2P Energy Exchange Model

Lition have an up and running MVP of their energy exchange, currently connected to seven energy producers. The MVP is publicly available using the link below. Login details for the MVP are —Username: demo
Password: demo1234Lition – Trading PlatformBlockchain energy exchange. The world’s first mass market energy trading platform.demo.lition.de

Lition Energy Exchange MVP — Overview
Lition Energy Exchange MVP — Buy Energy

Lition have already published the source code for their Energy use case MVP front end and Smart Contracts on their Github for peer review. More details can be found in the article below.Lition opens source code — and focuses on 3 new areasLition releases the source code for the energy use case publicly on Github, including our front-end and smart…medium.com

  • Second Lition Use Case — Banking/Syndicated Loans
Lition Banking Use Case Mockup

Lition’s second use case is being developed in partnerships with VR Bank and a “real estate development company (>100 million USD)”. Essentially this is a syndicated loan functionality that leverages a real estate development as the backing asset. Lition have stated more details on the real estate partnership will be available in early March, prior to the TGE.

  • Additional Lition Use Cases

Lition’s additional uses cases at this point in time rest on the ability to leverage their chain in partnership with SAP as an offering to other industries and customers requiring a GDPR compliant blockchain solution. This is discussed in more detail in the Competitor and Partnership sections below.

Lition/SAP Blockchain Infrastructure Use Cases/Future Plans

Token Utility

There are three main utility functions for the LITION token within the Lition ecosystem.

  • Payment for Transactions

Much like Ethereum, Lition sidechains require Gas to transmit transactions to the network, however unlike Ethereum, in which Gas costs fluctuate (and at times quite severely) based off the volume of transactions on the network, Lition has set Gas to a maximum cost of 0.01c USD per transaction. This allows wider enterprise appeal as enterprises/dApp authors are able to set a fixed budget for transactionary costs on the network.

  • Staking and Miner Nodes
Lition Token Staking & Miner Model

To stake on the Lition network the minimum amount of tokens required is equivalent to $100 USD. At ICO price, this amounts to 1000 LITION tokens however this will fluctuate based off token price once the token hits the open market. Staking on Lition is done on a per sidechain basis, meaning token holders will “subscribe” to a particular sidechain, and their rewards will be based off the transactionary volume of that particular chain and the amount of staked tokens held by the user.To run a miner node the required stake is $2000 USD, or at ICO price, 20 000 LITION tokens. Again, in time this will fluctuate based off the open market token price with the peg being set in USD value rather than in tokens. As per the “How are tokens staked” image, miner nodes process blocks on specified sidechains and miners are rewarded every time the sidechain syncs with the Ethereum blockchain. In this structure minder nodes hold a historical sidechain data and also act as validators in regards to verifying and ensuring correct network behaviour by network participants.

Lition Projected Staking Revenue Models

During the Genesis phase of the Lition chain, set to run for a maximum of two years, Lition will provide additional rewards to stakers regardless of the volume of transactions on the Lition chain. This has been put in place to incentivise staking nodes to join the network in the initial stages in which transactionary volume is low, resulting in a negative cost proposition for node owners to run a node without additional incentivisation.

Lition Genesis Phase Staking Incentives

As is the case with any PoS network, staking and locking tokens to nodes has the obvious benefit of restricting tokens from the overall circulating supply, putting upward pressure on the token price.

  • Creation of Private Blockchains (sidechains)
Lition Sidechain Creation and Expansion

Lition sidechains are used to store public and/or private data and can be deployed at an application level by developers, i.e each application can use it’s own sidechain. While creation of a sidechain is free, the owner of a sidechain will need to pay “rent” in LITION tokens, based off the storage size of the sidechain. There is currently no supplied details in the whitepaper as to modelling on rent required on specific storage sizes.It is hard to come to any definitive conclusion on this model without any economic modelling as to how many LITION tokens are required based on the amount of storage required. Further details on this point are welcomed from the Lition team.

Token Metrics

Lition Token Economics

The Lition project has a hardcap of $8m USD (wisely reduced from $25m over the past few months) with $2m USD already raised during the seed round. A total of 172 million LITION tokens will be minted initially (keeping in mind up to an additional 7 million tokens could be minted as part of the HODL Highway), with 50% of these (88 million) available for sale during the seed, private and public rounds. The LITION token has an ICO price of 0.10c USD and will be issued as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum.Seed attracted an average bonus of 40% while the private sale has no bonuses and the public sale has a 1–7% bonus. With no bonus and a lock on private sale tokens, there seems to be no incentive for VC funds to invest in the private round, as they could simply purchase tokens from the public sale at a better rate and without the token lock attached to the private sale. As such, the intention of the private sale seems to be to attract potential enterprise users, as instead of offering bonus tokens, private sale contributors instead are given exclusive rights to developer and testnet access (how much of an inventive that is, we’re not sure…).

Lition Use of Proceeds at $2m USD Softcap (already reached)

The public sale for Lition is scheduled for the 18th of March with $2–3m USD cap (exact amount is yet to be confirmed). With $2m USD already raised in seed, this leaves $3m available in the private sale. It is unclear at this time as to how much has been raised in the private sale, with Lition stating results of the private sale will be published in early March, prior to the public sale.The public sale will be run in two rounds, with the first round capped to $0.5m USD and only available to whitelisted users, with a 7% bonus applicable to the entire round. This round will run for 48 hours from the 18th of March. The second round will have a $1.5–2.5m USD cap, run for 120 hours from the 21st of March, open to all users and will start with a 4% bonus, reducing by 1% each day of the round.Lition have recently released more detail on their token sale, detailed in the article below.Our upcoming Token SaleHerewith we officially announce that our public token sale starts on the 18th of March. We aim to raise between $2m to…medium.com

Lition Use of Proceeds at $8m USD Hardcap

Past the 50% of tokens available for sale, 39% of the remaining tokens are being used to support the Lition ecosystem, with 25% designated to support companies and users looking to use the Lition ecosystem (essentially a business development fund in which companies will receive token bonuses for bringing services across to Lition), 8% allocated to PR & Community (to be used for further marketing and community campaigns) and the remaining 6% used to incentivise developers looking to build dApps on the Lition platform. The last 11% of tokens are assigned to the team and advisors.

Lition Seed, Private & Public Token Release Schedules

As per the above, seed and private sale tokens are locked for a period of three months, vested over a four month period post the initial lockup. Public sale tokens are fully unlocked once the TGE is completed. Advisor tokens have the same lock as seed and private while team tokens are vested at 25% unlock every six months over a two year period. The PR & Community fund is vested over a year period, unlocking at 25% every three months, the Ecosystem Users/Companies fund has 12.5% tokens unlocked after the TGE with additional 12.5% increments unlocking every three months until the full fund is unlocked. The Ecosystem Developers fund also unlocks at the same structure as the Ecosystem User/Companies fund.Lition have stated these ecosystem tokens will be used to incentivse users staking and running nodes on mainnet and as such, will not be part of the secondary market circulating supply.

The Lition HODL Highway

Similar to LTO, Lition have introduced a token protection mechanism for investors, however unlike LTO’s Bridge Troll, Lition’s token protection mechanism is called the HODL Highway and instead of acting as a disincentive as per the Bridge Troll, in which tokens are burnt as they move from mainnet tokens to ERC-20 tradeable tokens, with the percentage of burnt tokens based off the length of time tokens have been held for, the HODL Highway instead acts as an incentive, providing additional bonus tokens to token holders who lock tokens into their contributing wallet address for certain time periods.Past the obvious difference of distinctive/incentive in the two token protection structures, the main difference of note is that the Bridge Troll method burns tokens and as such has the dual effect of both locking tokens from the overall circulating supply, while reducing the overall circulating supply as tokens are burnt (deflationary), while the HOLD Highway locks tokens from the overall supply and actually adds tokens to the overall circulating supply (inflationary). Lition have stated that up to an additional 7 million tokens will be minted on top of the 172 million tokens supply to facilitate these bonus payments. Of course this will most likely be much lower as this figure is based off all users holding tokens for the full six month period.More details on the HODL Highway can be found in the article below.Fundraising update & Investment cornerstones… and what is the HODL Highway?Lition has successfully reached their softcap, despite difficult market situations. What’s next?medium.comAdditional to the HODL Highway is Lition’s “Guaranteed Refund Parachute”. Similar to the HODL Highway, this is an opt in program that enables a TGE contributor to claim back 50% of the initial USD invested amount in the TGE at the six month mark after the date of the TGE. Users will need to chose between the HOLD Highway (up to 30% upside) or the Guaranteed Refund Parachute (50% reduced downside) as only one program is applicable per contributor. Lition will be moving the required funds for the refund program into DAI after the TGE and publishing an Ethererum address and Refund Program smart contract two weeks after the TGE for full transparency, so contributors can be sure these funds will be available at the point of claim.More details on the Guaranteed Refund Parachute can be found in the article below.Lition Guaranteed Refund ParachuteThe current crypto market is difficult climate for investors and at Lition, we are fully aware of this. Many…medium.com50% of all available tokens is in the range of an ideal token sale offering, however this is tempered by the fact that the general public will only have access to approximately 25% of these 50% of tokens. Based off some “quick mafs” and the current intended structure of the sale/available data, post sale, from a total of 88m tokens, seed will hold approximately 28m tokens, the private sale will hold approximately 30m tokens and the public sale 25m tokens.What does make this interesting is the locks on seed and private. As both tranches are locked for a minimum of three months, this means the initial circulating supply will be limited to the public sale round plus unlocked tokens from the ecosystem funds (by our calculations approximately 16.2m tokens across both funds). In an ideal world, the team would not be unlocking this percentage of ecosystem tokens directly after the TGE, however Lition have stated these ecosystem tokens will be used to incentivse users staking and running nodes on testnet and as such, will not be part of the secondary market circulating supply.If that were to be the case, this would put the circulating supply of tokens at ICO price for the first three months at $2.5m (less if the public sale does not sell out, as unsold tokens are burnt). In the short term, with an early listing, this could be of a similar vein to LTO, based off the partnerships in play and low circulating supply.One other aspect to take into consideration is the unlock of team and advisor tokens. Advisor tokens start to unlock at the three month mark, which is extremely early, while team tokens begin to unlock at the six month mark. These are both VERY early unlocks based off other ICO’s (ideally one year for advisors and two years for team members) and as such, increases the risk of holding tokens past the three month mark for the project, as at that point the circulating supply of tokens will begin to increase dramatically.The Lition team have confirmed unsold tokens from the private and public sales will be burnt.Users from the United States, Nigeria, North Korea and China are excluded from contributing to the TGE.


Lition Roadmap

Lition was founded in Q4 2017 with three corporate identities set up to facilitate the token sale and ongoing development of the ecosystem. Lition Foundation is the main holding entity, with Lition Technology AG set up as a subsidiary of the foundation, both based in Liechtenstein, while Lition Energie GmbH is registered in Germany and is the holder of the energy supplier license.From Q4 2017 to Q1 2018 Lition released Alpha and Beta version of their P2P energy trading application and received a license as an energy supplier in Germany, allowing for the first green power plants to be connected to the P2P energy trading application.Q2 2018 marked the formal partnership with SAP and the integration of Smart Readers into the P2P energy trading use case.Q3 2018 along with the technical whitepaper and initial blockchain prototype marked the introduction of the P2P energy trading pilot.In Q4 2018 seed funding was completed ($2m USD) and the testnet MVP was set to private release.Testnet 1.0 has been launched in Q1 2019, with the first dApp use cases onboarded onto testnet in the coming month (one assumes this is the banking/real estate use case). The ICO will also be held in Q1 2019 on March 18th.Lition Testnet Launch EventThe private release of mainnet v1 is scheduled for Q2 2019 and also marks the Genesis phase of the Lition chain. dApps on testnet will be migrated to mainnet at this stage and the STO offering will be extended past the initial real estate use case.The public release of mainnet v1 is set for Q3 2019, with this marking the first major milestone of the Lition blockchain. It is worth noting that data deletion, a major feature of the Lition chain, will not be available until Q4 2019, with the mainnet 1.5 update.Q4 2019 is fairly mundane with an update to testnet and mainnet (1.5), with the major update being a release of an SDK that allows developers the ability to easily build and deploy on the Lition chain.Mainnet 2.0 will be released in 2020 as a public release and will include the full set of features (it is unclear what exactly will be missing feature wise up until this point) and a larger scale marketing campaign designed to foster adoption of dApp development and enterprise use of the Lition chain.As per usual, having tech developed and a short turn around to full production is always ideal. Keeping in mind, Lition is still in the testnet phase and that a fully functional mainnet will not be released until Q3 2019 (an approximate 6 month turn around) with a fully functional mainnet not released until 2020, this needs to be taken into consideration when looking at the project from an investment or adoption perspective.What is most impressive about the Lition roadmap is the achievements that have already taken place prior to public fund raising. By the time the public fundraising round takes place in mid-March 2019, Lition themselves will have released testnet along with two distinct developed in house use cases. Additional project legitimacy stems from government recognition of Lition as a licensed energy supplier, the LITION tokens being classed as a utility token and the support of German blockchain law that allows the issuance of STO’s on the platform.


The Lition project consists of a 5 man leadership team, an 8 person core team, an 8 person development team and a 5 man advisory team. In total 26 team members make up the project.

Lition Leadership Team

— Ph.D. in Energy Economics from RWTH Aachen University
— Youngest ever director of Vattenfall ($10b USD European utility corporation)
— Founded Clanintern.de in 1999 (a top 10 website (at the time) with over one million page views per day)
— Former Managing Director at ExtraEnergie (responsible for over 350 employees and over $1b USD in sales)

— MBA and Ph.D. in IT from ESCP Europe
— Former Director of Online at Vattenfall
— Senior Director of operations at GASAG ($1.4b USD energy supplier in Germany)
— Founder of five start-ups in the tech and ecommerce sectors

— Ph.D. in Business from University of St.Gallen
— Founding Partner of ADVISUM (invested over $1b USD in real estate and project developments in Germany)
— Former Managing Partner at GCI Management
— Former Account Manager at Cap Gemini (worked with Deutsche Bank, BMW AG and Citigroup)
— Account Manager at Cap Gemini
— Invested in more than 100 companies with approx. 35.000 total employees and a combined revenue of more than $7b USD

— Diploma of Business and Engineering from Technische Universität Berlin
— Founding Partner and Managing Director of ADVISUM
— Former Management Board at GCI Management
— Former Engagement Manager at Cap Gemini
— Developed, invested in and jointly managed funds for institutional investors of more than $700m USD
— Founder of four start-ups

— Masters Degree in Physics from Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München — Masters of Business Administration from Penn State University
— Managing Partner at ADVISUM
— Former Global Product Management Team Lead at Lucent Technologies
— Former Research Scholar at Lockheed Martin
— Founder of three start-upsThe Lition has several impressive advisors, most notably Dr Juergen Mueller and Kelly Ford.

Lition Advisors

— Ph.D. in IT Systems Engineering from the Hasso Plattner Institute
— CTO and Board Member at SAP (over 335,000 customers in over 180 countries and €22b in revenue per annum)

—Degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from Stanford University
—Former Chief Marketing Officer of European mobile bank N26
—Masters of Business Administration from INSEAD
— Former CMO at PayPal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
— Former Head of Marketing at eBay
— Former Senior Director of Marketing at McAfee
— Former Director of Media Strategy at AOL

  • Yan Feng Chen

— Masters in Electronic Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University
— Co-founder of LONGHASHThe Lition core team consists of the usual BDM’s, marketers and managers one would expect from a project of this size. All employees from the core team appear to be permanent employees of Lition from their LinkedIn profiles.

Lition Core Team

The Lition development team appear to be outsourced from Instinctools, a software development company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany with a development studio situated in Belarus (housing over 200 developers). Interestingly, Instinctools lists SAP as a client and one would suspect this is where the common connection between Lition, SAP and Instinctools has been made.

Lition Development Team

A full list and description of all team members can be found on the Lition website.The Lition team is one of the more impressive aspects of the project with the main strengths stemming not only from the educational and entrepreneurial credentials of the leadership team, but also their ties into the energy and investment sectors in Germany. ADVISUM, of which several of the leadership team hold position in, appears to have taken a stake in the project at seed level and skin in the game from team members is most welcome in an ICO space in which most projects simply take and spend investor money and award themselves tokens regardless of the success or failure of a project. Both Richard and Kyung-Hun have held management roles in large German energy companies, with GASAG, at this point in time, acting as the main energy supplier to the Lition platform, with seven of it’s plants already listed in the energy trading application.Obviously key to the value of the team is the attachment of Dr Juergen Mueller to the project. Having the current CTO of SAP working directly on the project, notably with a co-development agreement in place between Lition and SAP that includes SAP covering developer headcount at Lition, this extends this partnership from merely a partnership for names sake into a fully fledged working relationship. Keeping in mind the use case for Lition extending past simply being an energy trading application and into the realm of a bespoke blockchain designed for enterprise use, and with SAP having a worldwide customer base of 400 000+ customers, this relationship has great future potential for Lition (and is covered in more detail below in the Partnerships section).


Lition Energy Use Case Competitors

With energy trading being the main use case for Lition at this point in time, current comparisons in the whitepaper have been made with other energy projects, however as previously mentioned, it is worth keeping in mind that Lition will actually compete in several market sectors past energy trading with their banking/loan use case (developed in house) being released in Q1 2019, along with the ability to host STO’s on the platform also being ready in Q1 2019 (with the first hosted STO, via Lition’s real estate partner launching in Q3 2019 once mainnet has been released).What separates Lition from other energy trading platforms is the combination of a working (although on testnet until Q3 2019) energy exchange platform with existing agreements already in place with seven power facilities in Germany, managed by GASAG, along with exposure to an existing mass energy market of up to 80m people…with an approved license as an energy supplier to sell energy to this market.

Lition Blockchain Competitors

Due to the development of their own blockchain, Lition is also able to stake a claim at an infrastructure level to other blockchain projects. Most notable is the point of difference Lition has to other blockchains that support private chains, namely Hyperledger and Polkadot, neither of which support the deletion of data on their chains. The most recent similar comparison to a layer 2 solution that includes both data deletion and public/private chains is LTO.With the enterprise blockchain niche moving forward in this public/private structure and with such offerings in Europe required to remain compliant with GDPR regulations, Lition currently occupies a relatively new and untouched sector of the blockchain market. Lition also is differentiated to other projects with additional features such as STO issuance and compliance and plans to facilitate a fully fledged dApp ecosystem, encouraging and incentivising developers to build dApp’s on the Lition chain. By the time Lition’s mainnet launches in Q3 2019 it will have three distinct use cases built on top of it, the energy trading application, the banking/loan application and the STO listing ability, past the general use case of the blockchain itself.


Lition Key Partnerships

Lition SAP PartnershipThe SAP partnership with Lition is one of the key strengths of the project, with the partnership being phrased as a “co-innovation contract to work on solving the limitations of today’s blockchain infrastructure like privacy, speed and transaction costs”.There are two things most notable about this partnership past the brand awareness that comes with the association with one of the biggest players in tech. Firstly, SAP are actually covering some of the ongoing development costs of developing the Lition blockchain, reducing the costs of development and deployment at Lition’s end. Secondly is the plan for SAP to “further integrate the (Lition) blockchain into their existing product portfolio and offer it to their over 400,000 customers”.Lition CEO Dr Richard Lohwasser recently stated in their Telegram group —“SAP currently only offers the 3 blockchain technologies quorum, hyperledger and multichain. these are commodity solutions that are available to everyone and SAP just hosts nodes for them. This is what the partnership with Modum etc. is about, they are all dApps whose blockchain apps are hosted and supported by SAP. The Lition cooperation is different, as we both work on generating a next generation blockchain infrastructure as layer below the dApps. Unlike the existing 3 blockchains mentioned above, ours is both public and private (all others are only private), and is legally compliant as it allows deletion of data (none of the others offer this). This is a competitive advantage for SAP and their clients, and the dApps running on the Lition blockchain.”The Lition whitepaper details these additional uses cases for the Lition blockchain in more detail (pages 45–47).

Lition/SAP Blockchain Infrastructure Use Cases/Future Plans

GASAG is the main natural gas vendor in Berlin and was founded in 1847 (not a typo, it really is that old) with 1600 odd employees and over $1.4b USD revenue per annum. GASAG is the sole energy provider listed on the Lition energy trading application at this point in time, with seven of it’s plants listed on the MVP, actively trading energy. Lition co-founder Dr Kyung-Hun Ha is the current Senior Director of Operations at GASAG, meaning similar to SAP, this is more than just a partnership for names sake.

  • VR Bank

The Volks- und Raiffeisenbank (VR-Bank) is a German co-operative banking group that together has 11.000 branches, 915 cooperatives, assets of € 891 billion and 18.5 million customers as of 2017. The Cooperative Financial Network consists of well-known German mortgage banks, Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, R+V Versicherung, Union Investment, VR Smart Finanz (formerly VR Leasing), TeamBank, and DZ PRIVATBANK. In 2017, the Cooperative Financial Network’s net interest income was €18.6 billion. The consolidated net profit before taxes was €8.9 billion, an increase of 7.3 percent and its equity is calculated at €104.4 billion.

  • Real Estate Partner

As mentioned previously in the article, Lition have a further partnership announcement with an as yet unnamed Real Estate entity, a real estate development company with “over $100m USD in assets”. Of course this partnership cannot be fully judged until officially announced but is promising news none the less, especially considering the intended Banking/Syndicated loan use case.


Lition is an compelling project in the sense it is many things wrapped up into one. While the main offering on initial viewing is that of an energy trading platform, by developing the Lition chain as the underlying architecture for this (along with the other defined use cases), Lition is actually much more than it seems at an initial glance.With a push towards enterprise level chains that offer privacy and data management as core selling points, while enabling enterprise the ability to deploy their own chains on top of an existing framework (without having to incur the serious upfront costs of developing their own chains) and with the backing of SAP and it’s existing client base of 400 000+ enterprise customers, Lition is in an unique position to capitalise on what is sure to be burgeoning niche of the blockchain market.The Lition project is further strengthened by serious partnerships with the likes of SAP and GASAG, with additional partnerships in the banking and real estate sectors soon to be announced. The recognition of the German and Liechtenstein governments regarding the utility use case of the token, along with the ability to host STO’s on the platform and a license to sell energy to the retail mass market in Germany, means Lition has several distinct and appealing use cases from the get go, before the pure use of its individual blockchain is taken into account.With so many similarities to LTO, and with a few major differences that extend the use case for Lition past that of LTO, does Lition have the potential to be the next LTO?TLDR Summary;

  • ICO launches on the 18th of March
  • Hardcap of $8m USD, softcap of $2m USD which has already been reached. Raising funds in ETH & BTC
  • Partnership with SAP. SAP is partly funding development of the Lition blockchain along with offering it to their over 400 000 customers
  • Partnership with GASAG. GASAG is one of Germanies larger energy suppliers with over $1.4b annual revenue and has 7 of their energy plants already connected to the Lition energy trading application
  • Partnership with VR Bank, a German co-operative banking group that together has 11.000 branches, 915 cooperatives, assets of € 891 billion and 18.5 million customers as of 2017
  • Upcoming partnerships with a real estate development company with over $100m USD in assets to be announced
  • Team has strong connections in the energy and finance sectors in Germany
  • Layer 2 blockchain solution built on top of ETH using a public/private model that allows for the creation of public or private sidechains with deletable data
  • PoS Algorithm that includes staking and nodes, a network transaction cost of max 0.01c USD and a three second block confirmation time
  • Testnet recently launched. Private Mainnet in Q2 2019. Public Mainnet in Q3 2019
  • Intends to be a fully fledged App ecosystem, allowing for easy deployment of dApps on the Lition chain/sidechains
  • Energy Trading MVP live at http://demo.lition.de
  • Licensed Energy Supplier in Germany via Lition Energie GmbH
  • LITION token is recognised by the Liechtenstein government as a utility token
  • Ability to host STO offerings on the platform
  • Banking/Syndicated Loan MVP soon to be live
  • Small supply of circulating tokens for the first three months (approx $2.5m USD), prior to seed, private sale and advisor unlocks at the three and six month marks
  • HODL Highway program incentivises public sale contributors to hold tokens for up to six months for additional bonuses up to 30%
  • Guaranteed Refund Parachute program reduces investment downside risk to 50% of invested funds, guaranteeing a 50% return on initial USD investment (secured by DAI stable coin), claimable six months after the date of the TGE

We have rated Lition at 82.25% in our blockchain project review sheet.For more info visit our Telegram channel dedicated to Wolf Crypto Blockchain Project Reviews: https://t.me/WolfCryptoICOPlease note, the thoughts and opinions in this article are those of the writer and in no way should be considered financial advice.

Wolf Crypto Resources

Public Group:https://t.me/WolfCryptoPub
News Channelhttps://t.me/WolfCryptoAnnounce

Username: Kevinryan



Today, ICOs are not in a good situation. There are only few that we can talk about and invest. I came across with a solid project – ONAM Exchange. It is an exchange ico with a solid team and high quality product. Lets have a look at what it is.

What is ONAM Exchange?

“ONAM Exchange is an high-performance, regulatory compliant, trading platform that features robust risk-management, trade surveillance, advanced trading tools and state-of-the-art security system powered by machine learning.”


“ONAM introduces a fully compliant platform, committed to their mission — led by professionals that are ready to take crypto exchanges out of murky waters of non compliance and welcome mass adoption. By launching the ONAM exchange, the team wants to resolve the shortcomings and other issues our competitors are facing and create scalable, and transparent exchange that’s able to handle future mass adoption.”

What is the problem?

– Hacking
Hacking is a major problem for all of the exchanges. Most exchanges suffered losses millions of dollars. In addition, experts predict even larger scale atacks, thefts and fraud as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream in the future.
– Scalibility
Most exchanges now running with the full capacity because of the growth of the crypto market.
– Market Manipulation
There are many pump and dump transactions in the market right now because of the lack of regulations. This is a big problem for instutitional investors to enter the market.
– Lackluster Customer Support
Customer support is one of the main concerns of the exchanges right now.
– Poor Market Liquidity
Most of time, there is a large gap between asks and bids thus market manipulation is easy.
– Lack of Regulatory Compliance
Because of the unstable market and lack of regulations, it becomes hard to gain individual trust.

What is the solution?

– Security
Aside from implementing industry standard DdoS mitigation, anti-phishing and 2FA solutions, ONAM Exchange developed “Advanced Threat Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Trade Surveillance” systems. All powered by machine learning along with encrypted databases to secure the platform.
– Scalibility
Many exchange macthing engines cannot handle more than one or two million transactions per second. ONAM’s platform easily outperforms them all. The engine is processing in the excess of 10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds.
– Market Manipulation
With “Real-Time Market Surveillance, Supervision and Compliance system”, ONAM’s system anaylzes per-trade and post-trade data to identify suspicious trading activity.
– Customer Support
ONAM Exchange aims to offer 24/7/365 Live Chats in multi languages and commit to adressing the most common issues within the first 15 minutes of a support ticket being submitted
– Poor Market Liquidty
ONAM Exchange aims to attract large market-makers, volume traders and miners.
– Regulatory Compliance
ONAM has retained one of the top legal firms in the United States to handle all legal hurdles.What are ONAM Platform Features?High ScaliblityAdvance Order TypesMargin TradingMargin LendingComposite Index FundsPaper TradingModular UITrade AssistantAuto-TradingSocial Media and Market Sentiment Analysis ToolMarket ScanningAdvanced ChartingEducation for TradingNews and Announcement FeedImmediate NotificationsOTC TradingMulti-language UIMulti Language 24/7 LIVE Chat SupportInstitutional TradersAdvanced and Custom APIsAffiliate Program

ONAM Exchange Preview


The ONAM ICO will begin on October 1st with an end date set at December 1st or until all 195,000,000 tokens made available for the crowdsale are sold out, whichever comes first.Soft Cap: $2,500,000
Hard Cap: $15,600,000

Token Utility

By employing ONAM tokens, users will be able to save up to 50% on trading fees, access market sentiment and BI analytics data, pay for trading bots, and much more.ONAM will be buying ONAM tokens every quarter. It will continue until company has destroyed 50% and 150,000,000 million of total supply. This is an huge advantage for the token price.

Token Distribution

Crowdsale: 65% of total supplyTeam: 20% (50% will be withdrawable after six months of full launch and the other %50 will be withdrawable after one year)Reserve: 10%Bounty, Advisors and Strategic Partners: %5RoadmapQ1 2018:
-Market Research
-Team Recruitmenet
-Development Commencement
-OME Development
-Risk Engine Development
-Product TestingQ2-Q3 2018:
-Regulatory Compliance
-Strategic Partnerships
-Product Concept Finalization
-Company Formation
-UI/UX Development
-TokenomicsQ4 2018:
-Whitepaper Release
-Roadmap Release
-Crowdsale Announcement
-Community Building
-Third Party Smart Contract Audit
-MVP Release
-Private Sale
-Public Crowdsale
-Third Party Code Audit
-Third Party Security Audit
-Platform Beta Release
-Platform Stress Testing
-Asset Listing Registration OpenQ1 2019:
-Trading Pairs Announcement
-Full Platform Release
-IOS and Android Apps Release
-Trading Pairs Expansion
-Institutional CustodyQ2 2019
-Fiat Pairings
-ONAM Token Buyback
-Quarterly Third Party Security Audit
-Quarterly Third Party Order Book Audit


https://onam.io/#team you can check the team from the link. I think, it looks like a solid team.


https://onam.io/#team you can check advisors from the link. Solid advisors with financal background.ConclusionThere are several things that I like about ONAM Exchange-Solid team and advisors
-Good roadmap
-Good tokenmetrics, especially buy back and token burn system is something valuable
-MVP release in Q4In conclusion, ONAM Exchange looks like a promising ICO. I believe, they can manage to do what they promise.Website: https://onam.io/Telegram: https://t.me/onam_exchangeWhitepaper: https://onam.io/whitepaperTwitter – https://twitter.com/OfficialOnamInstagram – https://www.instagram.com/onam.io/Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/onam.official/LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/onam-ex/Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/user/ONAM_OfficialBitcointalk ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5044081.0Sources:https://onam.io/https://www.coinmey.com/upcoming-ico/

Username: Kevinryan


PASAR Benipal

PASAR Benipal – B2C, B2C, O2O, eCommerce global C2C


Hello everyone, this new post that I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project is Want Marketplace, and for more details, let’s go to the following discussion: (WNT) This token is one manifestation and opportunity for all capital owners to invest large or private funds through intelligent exchange systems in a protected access system. Banks can exchange parts of the blockchain with each other to track suspicious activity and track the flow of transactions. Blocking is allowed to be used to rearrange business processes, such as moving transactions from the front office to the middle, eliminating the need for data reconciliation. New uses include blocking for trade finance, global payments, settlement of securities and commercial real estate. Global e-commerce ecosystems from B2B, B2C, O2O, and C2C hyperlocal, social, private groups, secure message-based Marketplace directly on the Android platform and currently available in the United States, India, Indonesia, Philippines with the Global B2B Trading Application – WANT available around the world. The launch of B2C products, other C2C soon in the United States, India, Europe, Britain and Southeast Asia. Supported by our central search engine, Benipal, was developed over the past 10 years with support for conducting contextual and relational searches with Images, Text and Sound. See Pitch Deck and White Paper for more details on our incredible search engine technology. Benipal, the most sophisticated shopping search engine ever developed. Become part of the global B2B, B2C, O2O and C2C global e-commerce market. Benipal SA was founded in March 2009 with the simple goal of making the most sophisticated travel and travel search engines. At present, there are also several e-commerce markets in the B2B, B2C, O2O and C2C segments in various countries. The core search engine technology with images and the power to search for sounds from each market and we ask to be a market leader in each geographical area for the market segment. Private and private global shopping, B2B, B2C, O2O, and C2C groups, are safe messaging markets for Android and are currently available for the US, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan. Launching of other B2C, C2C products in the near future in America, India, Europe, Britain and Southeast Asia. Benipal, the developer of the last 10 years, can use contextual and relational search using images, text and sound. See Pitch Deck and White paper for more information about our incredible search engine technology. Benipal, the most advanced search engine for buyers ever made.

1. Validity of translation

This project will get funding for users of various trading platforms. In the B2B segment, the package that provides verified buyer and seller baseline data is $ 1999, and users will also pay $ 99 per month for message delivery costs. In the US, the package fee will be $ 999, in India – $ 199. Users will also pay a 3% commission for all sales. The project team will conduct training and training in Asian countries to train entrepreneurs to connect to the Internet and make a list of products in their stores. This training will also require a small amount of money.

2. The amount of currency received

Projects accept liquid currencies such as: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR, LTC.

3. Emission of tokens

In this project there are a number of tokens. During the STO period, 100,000,000 WNT tokens will be available.

4. Discounts for purchasing tokens

Discounts for token purchases are 28%.

5. Roadmap

In the technology map provided, the project objectives are up to 2020. After ICO, the developers will raise funds as follows: 15% – “Project development, 10% -” Create office “, 60% -” Marketing “, 5% -” Call Center “, 10% -” Project team “

6. SOFT / HARD CAP Ratio

This project has a poor SOFT CAP / HARD CAP ratio, which has a negative impact on investment attractiveness. SOFT and HARD CAP values ​​are $ 2,000,000 and $ 20,000,000, respectively.

7. bring the MVP

The project has been developed MVP.

8. Risk and insurance assessments

The Security Token Offer (STO) form stores tokens, which means inventory of security assets, profits, and cash flows. In addition, STO must determine investors and securities regulations. This increases corporate accountability, reduces accountability on the market and ensures the protection of investor rights, which supports increased investment attractiveness of projects

PERSONAL SALES NOW OPEN At least 50 Million Security Tokens are offered at Private Sales starting today until they are closed on 31 August 2016 with a 90% Discount Value from the lowest price during Public Sales, currently set at US $ 0.20. Private Selling Prices with SAFT are US $ 0.18 and without SAFT is US $ 0.185

Detail ICO

Global B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C social, hyperlocal, private group and message-based global ecosystems are supported by the real-time search engine shopping with contextual shopping, relational Image, Voice and Text based search.


1. Typing: Pre-ICO 2. Category: Industry3. Team verified: No. 4. Investor white list: No. 5. KYC investors: No. 6. Soft cap: 2 000 000 USD 7. Funding targets (Hard cap): 20 000 000 USD 8. Tokens for sale: 100 000 000 WNT 9. Token Price: 1 WNT = 0.18 USD 10. Minimum purchase: 1.00 USD 11. Airdrop program: No 12. Prize program: yes 13. Has an escrow agent: No. 14. Have a functioning prototype: yes 15. White paper: Open16. Currency: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR, LTC 17. Peron:Ethereum 18. Type of tokens: ERC20 19. Typing: Security token 20. Location: British Virgin Islands21. Situs web: https://benipal.com


November 2019 – January 2020

Employ senior level for Indian, US and Global operations. Position based in New York and India.

December 2019

Open India Call Center and Office. Start Marketing for B2B Android Marketplaces in India.

February 2020

Start Marketing for O2O Android Marketplaces in India. Launch the iOS version of all Marketplaces

March 2020

Open Phoenix, AZ Call Center for United States B2B Sales Start marketing for the United States B2B market on iOS Launching the web version of all Markets

April 2020

Open Philippine-based Call Centers Open Offices in Singapore Start Marketing for O2O Android, iOS, Market the Web in Southeast Asia Start Marketing for Beni-C2C markets in India

May 2020

Start marketing for the Global B2B Marketplace – WANT on Android, iOS and the Web. Begin beni marketing – C2C market in the United States. Launch of Crypto Marketplace – Road Globally

June 2020

Start Advertising for Beni – C2C Marketplace in Southeast Asia on iOS, Android and Web Launch WANT – B2C marketplace in India on Android Launch of High end Fashion marketplace focused in the United States


https://benipal.com/https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5156974.0https://benipal.com/assets/files/WANT_Marketplaces_STO_White_Paper_V1.pdfhttps://benipal.com/assets/files/WANT_Marketplaces_STO_Pitch_Deck.pdfhttps://github.com/wantmarketplaces/SecurityTokenOfferinghttps://twitter.com/wantmarketplacehttps://facebook.com/wantmarketplaceshttps://t.me/wantmarketplaceshttps://medium.com/@wantmarketplaceshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7eODpwwJKIMI0IDL-5Yn3g Username: Kevinryan Link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2653700


TYCOONWhy Tycoon?Manage your own investment at preferred exchangesSecured API connection in real timeThe platform is developed with the highest security standardsInvestment is never stored on the platformThe investments are never stored on Tycoon. The followers can freely assign a part of their volume to each selected trader and set an individual stop loss. Selecting multiple traders allows for diversifying investments to optimize your portfolio management.To ensure all users have a safe experience, the platform is developed with the highest security standards and under continuous assessment through individual algorithms.
THE PLATFORMExplore an ever-expanding variety of cryptocurrencies and automatically copy the underlying assets from professional Traders in our community.Build your portfolio and enjoy the security and benefits of the biggest exchanges in one place.Explore an ever-expanding variety of cryptocurrencies and automatically copy the underlying assets from professional Traders in our community. Build your portfolio and enjoy the security and benefits of the biggest exchanges in one place.
Copy investmentFollowers are able to copy investment strategies from professional traders without entrusting their investments to unknown third-party institutions.Classified tradersTraders are classified according to various characteristics and can be sorted by the follower in any way desired.Followers confidentialityFollowers also have the option to operate on the platform anonymously.Profits followersSuccessful traders profit from their followers added investments without having to manage it themselves.Without additional effortTraders profit from their followers returns on investment pro rata, without much additional effort.
Privacy protectionAll users have the option to work with an alias to protect their privacy.Protection & securitySecurity is our top priority. Various security algorithms ensure that attempts at deliberate manipulation or abuse of the market are prevented before they arise. KYC verifications, 2FA, email verification, professional back-end security, outsourcing of sensitive user data, security algorithms and the use of established exchanges all make trading with Tycoon safe. TYCOON TOKENName: TycoonSYMBOL: TYCBlockchain: ERC-20Max. supply: 140 millionICO Price: 0.10 $Token allocation60% for sale18% for team14% for partnership5% for bounty/airdrop3% for Advisor
TEAMADVISORYFOUNDERSROADMAPJanuary – August 2018Conceptual DesignTeam BuildingSeptember 2018Frontend DevelopmentCorporate IdentityOctober 2018Hackathon with development team in Belgrad (Serbia)Start October 2018Platform DevelopmentDecember 2018 – March 2019Whitepaper creationNovember 2018Private SaleSecond half of 2019Product Launch – MVPPublic demo account testingSecond half of 2019CrowdsaleSecond half of 2019Platform Update – FinalExchange Listings
INFORMATION Website: https://tycoon.io/Whitepaper: https://www.tycoon.io/whitepaper.pdfTelegram: https://t.me/Tycoon_OfficialTwitter: https://twitter.com/tycoonFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tycoonio-1082428378632504/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tycoonio/about/

Username: Kevinryan


Nexxus Rewards

https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nexxus/ About Cryptocurrency is disruptive but more people need to understand it in order for it to be truly transformational. Nexxus has chosen a suite of services designed to help popularize cryptocurrencies. They pivot around the Nexxus Rewards — Global Rewards Community. Merchant loyalty programs suffer from several problems that blockchain technology can uniquely solve. As Nexxus Rewards solves some of those industry-specific problems, it will be helping the overall cause of cryptocurrency adoption.
The core technology is Nexxus Rewards — a global rewards community. Nexxus Rewards facilitates the use of cryptocurrency with a win-win-win situation for the merchants, shoppers and the local community. Shoppers have mobile and desktop apps to find Nexxus merchants to collect and redeem Nexxus Rewards points. Nexxus Merchants have Nexxus promotional advertising in their stores. The Nexxus Rewards technology is already up and running in production with beta merchants currently offering free cash back rewards to shoppers.
Nexxus merchants can come from all types of businesses in the local community like bakeries, salons, restaurants, boutiques, dry cleaners, tire stores, flower stores, gift shops, cafes, pizza parlors, burger joints, frozen yogurt shops, grocery stores, service stations, butcher shops, game centers, miniature golf, movie theaters, home repairs, real estate, car dealerships, etc.
Nexxus Rewards is the first global rewards loyalty technology for bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Nexxus Rewards meets people where they are most comfortable today by accepting any local fiat currency and eventually leading them to the virtues of cryptocurrency.
Nexxus Rewards plans for explosive growth worldwide with a trained and certified independent direct sales force and a distribution strategy designed to create critical mass in local communities in order to provide enough shoppers for the merchants and enough merchants for the shoppers.
Nexxus Partners has a strong technology background and has developed all of its technology internally over many years. All technology, including the Nexxus Global Rewards system and its many supporting services like the Nexxus University Learning Management System (LMS), the Nexxus Barter system and the Direct Sales Management system are all developed, owned and controlled by Nexxus with no third-party dependencies for critical functionality. This enables Nexxus to move quickly with enhancements and refinements to meet the changing needs of the business environment. PROBLEM
Local problems are best solved by local solutions. Local charities and non-profit organizations have always been best at solving local social challenges, whether it has been at the local soup kitchen to feed the homeless, the local shelter to protect battered women, or the local animal shelter for abandoned animals.
But these programs are too often severely underfunded and hindered by government bureaucracy, wasteful overhead expenses, and lack of timely donations.
Local small and medium size businesses provide the vast majority of jobs and they best understand the local needs of the community. A higher percentage of every dollar spent with a local business stays in the local community. But they struggle to compete with large corporate enterprises, big-box stores, and national chains.
20% of small businesses fail in their 1st year. 30% fail in year two, and 50% of small businesses fail after 5 years. SOLUTION
Charities get a leveraged perpetual fundraiser to indefinitely fund their important social causes from an endless network of referred shoppers who tell their friends, and who tell their friends, and… well you get the picture.
Merchants get and keep new customers with a completely risk-free and affordable marketing solution where they pay nothing until after the sale, and when they do pay, they name their own price.
Shoppers collect and redeem shared Nexxus Reward points like cash from all participating merchants. That’s free shopping dollars just for shopping and sharing with their friends.
The Nexxus Rewards technology is already production-ready for revenue generation with product development and market testing completed TOKENOMICS
The Nexxus Token has built-in buyer demand as the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards. Every purchase in any currency drives buyer demand and the value of the Nexxus token. Regardless of the currency used for the purchase, the cashback reward percentage offered by the merchant is automatically purchased from the market in Nexxus tokens.
For example, if a merchant offers a 10% cash-back reward and the shopper spends $100, Nexxus Rewards takes $10 from the merchant and buys $10 worth of Nexxus tokens from the public exchange. Potentially tens to hundreds of millions of dollars rewarded daily in Nexxus Reward points creates tremendous utility buyer demand.
Similar to the Ether coin used by Ethereum, the Nexxus token has utility as the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards and can increase in value as usage of the Nexxus Rewards solution grows worldwide. Ethereum provides computing services for a market of programmers, while Nexxus provides marketing services for a much larger market of merchants and shoppers. TOKEN SALE
Nexxus Token will soon be starting the public sale.
50M Nexxus tokens are being offered at a price of $0.20 each with a
GUARANTEED BUY-BACK of $1.00 from merchant shopping transactions
SYMBOL: NXX – Nexxus Token TOKEN TYPE: ERC20 Utility Token EXCHANGE RATE: 1 USD = 5 NXX TOTAL SUPPLY: 375,000,000 TOKENS FOR SALE: 50,000,000 SOFT / HARD CAP: $2M – $10M USD Token Distribution TOTAL SUPPLY: 375,000,000 ANGEL: 98,000,000 – 26%
Nexxus Tokens distributed to initial investors for seed capital.
RESEARCH: 56,000,000 – 15%
Nexxus Tokens distributed to participants of the technology and business research phase and the conceptual design phase prior to the technology platform development.
EVANGELIST: 69,000,000 – 18%
Nexxus Tokens distributed to contributing product evangelists during the development and testing phase and the marketing development of the initial educational products.
DISTRIBUTED: 243,000,000 – 65%
Nexxus tokens have already been distributed for the design, development, testing and refinement of the Nexxus ecosystem of cryptocurrency services.
TOKEN SALE: 50,000,000 – 13% RESERVE: 82,000,000 – 22%
Nexxus tokens are outstanding and reserved for promoting this digital token sale and for the business development of the Nexxus merchant network. Use Of Funds
TOTAL FUNDS: $10,000,000 SALES STAFF: 50.0% – $5,000,000 ADMIN STAFF: 15.0% – $1,500,000 ADVERTISING: 12.5% – $1,250,000 MARKETING: 5.0% – $500,000 PUBLIC RELATIONS: 5.0% – $500,000 INDUSTRY CONFERENCES: 5.0% – $500,000 CAPITAL FEES: 5.0% – $500,000 OFFICE & OVERHEAD: 2.5% – $250,000
Robert A. Wood: Founder & CEO W. Terry Howell: Ed.D. COO RICHARD LEBLANC: Marketing Director Joseph Prescia: National Director of Sales Gary Berriochoa, VP Business Development Mike Sorensen, Director of Technology Bill Richardson, Financial Controller Michael Bailey, Localization Director Richard LeBlanc, Creative Director

 #NexxusRewards #realbusiness #cryptocurrency #Rewards #CustomerLoyalty #venture

For More Information Click Link Bellow:

Website: http://www.nexxusrewards.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.nexxusuniversity.com/Attachments/38/21/NexxusWhitepaper.pdf
Telegram: http://t.me/joinchat/GEmJmz8-aKVRp9CScFeeVQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nexxusrewards
Twitter: http://twitter.com/nexxusreward
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nexxusrewards-io
Medium: https://medium.com/@NexxusRewards
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nexxusrewards/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF1RQsGDOhtGSuks0Qn3Nsg
Username: Kevinryan


Asclepius Network

Asclepius Network

increased operability of electronic medical records in the world

If at present the use of medical services applications can only be used for individuals. Currently Asclepius offers its services also to companies or hospitals that have the desire to empower it. The ASCA-EMR application is the name chosen for company services, while the ASCAa-Personal is the name chosen for individual services. This difference shows that Asclepius truly understands the needs of every customer. Use of this application in the hospital will definitely be needed. Because every day there will be thousands of physical documents that store patient medical records. Usually the medical record will be entered into the computer. But it would be nice if the hospital uses an application that can input, organize and protect data systematically. So that later if medical records are needed then employees will find it very easy. Besides this medical data will be stored permanently if it has passed the previous verification stage.Did you know that in addition to assets in the form of money and valuables, medical records are also privacy issues that must be maintained by everyone. Therefore physical storage certainly does not guarantee safety. Therefore we also need a digitizing system that can guarantee the security of data privacy. Be it patients from important circles such as government officials or ordinary people also have the security of medical records. Therefore Asclepius invites all walks of life to empower it to prevent various diseases to protect this most valuable asset.If you have a lump of gold to guarantee the value of your sale will reduce the intensity of users and also provide a series of treatments. Therefore, if care can be given to valuable assets, it is also a problem for us to rest and exercise according to the portion needed. Therefore the use of Asclepius will be a major reminder for us to always maintain health.

Integration of Knowledge and Expertise in Sophisticated Medical Care

For this reason, we will collect from all over the world and integrate information about the most advanced medical care for shared knowledge property.A system where users can take advantage of services created from shared property will ultimately provide the most advanced medical care for everyone in the world.By managing a data platform that connects the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information, expertise and all, we will be able to integrate the most advanced medical knowledge and expertise and to complement the global medical information platform.

Creating an ASCAa Lab

We will create an ASCAa Lab virtual laboratory on the Asclepius Network, which is a global medical information network that we will develop.ASCAa Lab will offer a virtual research environment, where leading medical researchers around the world can participate, utilizing advanced medical knowledge and expertise integrated and medical records from around the world.One of the systems that will be developed from the use of integrated data is AI-assisted diagnostic system, starting from AI-assisted diagnostic imaging.The results of the study will be used for various businesses to promote the health of all people in the world.In addition to health information, we will carefully select products with a strong reputation based on expert knowledge and certify them with authentic effects and highly reliable information. We will support evidence-based health promotion by providing information on ASCAa Lab certified health care products to people around the world.

Developing the Most Advanced Medical Information Platform

We aim to develop a “medical information platform” of the most sophisticated medical care. We will achieve this goal by using blockchain and encryption technology.

  1. Authenticity: Medical information contains highly confidential information. Information about the most advanced medical care collected for the integration of expertise and knowledge and medical records containing personal information such as diagnostic records and health checks should not be falsified.
  2. Safety: Patient records and medical information stored on the blockchain must not be deleted.
  3. Availability: Medical information systems that support the most advanced medical care must be run 24/7 without interruption.
  4. Scalability: The system must accommodate exponentially increasing medical information, patient records, and health inspection data while maintaining future updates.

The system can overcome all these challenges only by using blockchain technology, based on cryptocurrency technology.Medical information about the expertise and integrated knowledge of the most advanced medical care and medical records that contain personal diagnostic records and health inspection data require protection from counterfeiting, especially when authenticity is very important in cases of medical malpractice and medical accidents. In addition, each data set contains information that is very private and private so that it will be highly encrypted. With this technology, information will become big data that can be verified and safe for operation.In addition, the use of blockchain technology will secure the prevention of data loss if multiple nodes come in unexpected circumstances and allow the medical system to continue to operate without interruption.

Towards the Integration of the Most Advanced Medical Knowledge in the World

No matter how good our vision is for the “Asclepius Network” project, and no matter how much information about our medical blockchain system, we will ultimately turn all information to a large amount of waste unless we can integrate, manage and use it. We will not only build a medical blockchain system, but also develop software to integrate and utilize medical information and health care.

This step is the first of our “Asclepius Network” project.

Many might wonder if there are tools that can help doctors and other users in situations like the one above. The key to overcoming this challenge will lie in the services we are now beginning to introduce.Many also wonder whether any device can provide medical care to everyone on earth. The answer to this challenge will once again be found in this service.This service will serve as an entry point to the most advanced integration of expertise and knowledge, which is the core of the medical blockchain system, and they will ultimately mean getting out of it.This is our electronic medical record system for all doctors and health promotion applications for everyone.

Information Accumulation with ASCAa-ESDM

Our ASCAa-EMR electronic medical record system comes with next-generation operability, and we plan to embed diagnoses that help information in the system.In Japan, the so-called five-minute diagnosis rule has been enforced, so that each patient meeting will take five minutes as determined by the country’s medical expense system. The purpose of this rule is to promote a more thorough examination of patients, which can be shorter. But the current medical record system is too complicated to only make entries in time; the rules do not, thus, help doctors spend more time examining their patients. With efficient ASCAa-EMR operability, it only takes thirty seconds to take patient records. Our patented technology will significantly shorten the time needed to make medical records, which in turn will allow doctors to spend more time dealing with their patients.AI-assisted diagnostic informationASCAa-EMR MultilingualUsability improvementsEmbedded wallet functionalityTelemedicine must be made possibleReal-time research of the latest pharmaceutical informationReservation system and insurance claim function

ASCAa-Personal health application for Collecting Information

Our revolutionary health application ASCAa-Personal will be developed to support the health of users in many aspects. ASCAa-Personal will seamlessly link individual health information and clinical records and offer health guidelines that best fit their health conditions, while serving the accumulation and integration of medical expertise and knowledge and medical records.An informative video on health supportDigital medicine notebookProvision of health examination results and related health informationWarnings for prevention of severe diseasesHealth check supportApplication for Health Examination LettersTeleshoppingAccess to medical information infrastructure and search functions.Function wallet and saveASCAa-Multilingual Personal


The ASCA token (ASCA, hereinafter) will be issued to be used for various scenes in the Asclepius Network.ASCA purchased through free sales will be locked, and 10% of ASCA purchased will be distributed at the end of each month for a 10 month period, starting from the month ASCA launches the first exchange.To increase the value of ASCA, companies that operate the Japan Medical Solutions project can purchase ASCA on the secondary market with a share of profits in accordance with their sales. As the number of users of the ASCAa-EMR and Asclepius Network projects increase, sales from operations will increase; that is, project growth will increase premiums on ASCA.Company useDeposit to install ASCA-EMR for the Asclepius Network projectDeposit to use the medical information infrastructure of the Asclepius Network projectPersonal useAmulet after installation of the ASCAa-Personal health applicationDiscounts for services and purchases through the ASCAa-Personal health application


2012JpMedsn’s standCapital 60 JPY JPY at H1Starting from the development of ASCAa-ESDM2016148,750,000 JPY as capital at H1Starting from the development of ASCAa-PersonalASCAa-EMR α version released, trial phase in several clinics2017The release of the ASCAa-EMR α version on the Q1 / Apple App Store certification was obtainedCapital 249,750,000 JPY in H2Q2 2018Launch ASCAa-Personal and start full scale promotion in Q2Q3 2018Launch of the ASCAa-EMR β version in Q3, a pilot operationQ2 2019Launch ASCAa-EMR and begin full scale promotion in Q22020ASCAa-Personal full-scale distribution with ASCA issuedMake ASCAa Lab in 2Q


Hiroyuki Yamaguchi: CEO, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.Masakuni Tamura: Board Director, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.Kazuma Kurokawa: CFO

Advisory Board

Medical SupervisionHiroyuki YasuokaMD: Director, Minami Akasaka ClinicPeter Lingström: Professor / Senior Dental Officer,Department of Cariology, Department of Dentistry, Sahlgrenska Academy,University of Gothenburg, SwedenSales advisorLalit Bansal: Marketing Strategy AdvisorMarketing Strategy AdvisorDmitri BelkovTechnology AdvisorBharat GandassThe protection of intellectual property rightsRyosuke Tamura: Chief patent attorney, Lighthouse International Patent Firm

About Us

Medialbit FoundationMedicalBit will become a registered company in the Republic of Estonia and will develop and manage finances for the project.Company name: FOUNDATION MEDICALBIT OÜHeadquarters Location: Harju County, Tallinn, city center, Narva min. 5, 10117Information on Corporate Project ImplementationJpMedsn (Japan Medical Solutions Co., Ltd.), a Japanese company, will implement this project.Company Name: Japan Medical Solutions Co., Ltd.Lokasi Kantor Pusat: Gedung Nihonbashi Ningyocho Ishii, 9F, 3-1-17 Ningyou-tyou Nihonbashi, Chiyoda-ku, TokyoTEL / FAX TEL: 03-6459-0623Fax: 03-6459-0624Founded July 23, 2012Contents of Business Planning medical and nursing care solutions, system developmentModal 239.750.000 yen1948 shares outstandingOrganizational compositionRepresentative Director and President: Hiroyuki YamaguchiDirector: Masakuni TamuraDirector: Kingsley KobayashiDirector: Tony EvansAuditor Company: Tatsuki Tsuda

Website:   https://www.asclepius.network/Whitepaper:  https://www.asclepius.network/docs/Asclepius-network-wp-en-2019.8.pdfTelegram:  https://t.me/AsclepiusNetworkFacebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AsclepiusNetworkTwitter:  https://twitter.com/AsclepiusNMedium:  https://medium.com/@AsclepiusNetworkYoutube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaW0dRQO61SpryNUJmEEgtw

Username: Kevinryan




The real essence of blockchain and cryptocurrency is to distribute decision-making powers from central authorities and big powerhouses through decentralization. One of the more interesting features of cryptocurrency is that it can’t be controlled by any middlemen or authorities. On platforms like Bitcoin network where the framework is peer to peer, the transfer of real value does not require the contribution of any central power, since exchanges are approved by a distributed set of miners that exist on the system. Sadly the concept of decentralization which exists as the basis of cryptocurrency has not been completely adopted in cryptocurrency exchanges. Majority of popular exchanges with massive trading volumes are designed on centralized framework rather than on decentralized framework.While blockchain technology has been remarkable for business and administration because of the level of transparency and security, it is still up to cryptocurrency exchanges and their clients to protect important information and assetsI have used different cryptocurrency trading platforms and seen that most other users are often confused about making choice of cryptocurrency exchanges due to some of the problems faced on the platforms. These numerous problems such as insecurity, scalability, ease of use, simple user experience and many more are the reasons why the MoonX platform is created. Moonx will alter the crypto trade framework particularly in its effort to making it individuals oriented and free from all middlemen and powerhouses.

What is Mybillcash About?

MyBillCash is a blockchain-based company that provides a platform connecting micro job seekers and employers based on-scale work demand from every nook and corner of the world. MyBillCash has a blockchain-based ecosystem that mimics a micro-task website where the transaction is done through bill tokens. They use Ethereum token cryptocurrency called Bills Cash for all the transactions that are made between the employee and the employer.MyBillCash is a decentralized microtask platform on the blockchain with enabled users to user encrypted messages.

MyBillCash Features

Encrypted user to user messagesVoucher economyService marketplaceOffer and take a quick jobCentral escrow mechanism.Job offers from $ 0.15Job searching by keywordToken staking (0.35% daily)
The company acts as an interface for providing people to do simple online internet work and also get paid without any investments. The transaction system is also based upon a voucher economy. This enables the users of MyBillCash to generate vouchers by converting their earned bill tokens into loaded vouchers that can be sold for cash. The voucher economy allows the user to redeem the earned bill tokens as cash and also use the same for starting up a campaign on the site. The voucher once generated is valid for one year and is liable for one-time use only.MyBillCash also uses a referral programme where the users can refer their family, friends and known people to MyBillCash. Once the referred person signs in using the referral link, the user gets paid with a single token. There is no limit to the number of people a user can refer MyBillCash using the referral program. Users can search for Jobs at MyBillCash faster as it enables Job searching by keyword. The freelancers using the website can look for quick jobs posted by employers that pay a minimum of 0.15$ per job. MyBillCash provides an environment that is an encrypted user to user chatting interface that allows publishers and advertisers to discuss about the job description and payment details in a secure environment. Once the job is completed, the employer would rate the work and based on that the success rate of the particular user who completed the job and pay him in tokens.MyBillCash offers an ecosystem that promotes Bills token staking where the holder of the tokens can hold the tokens in his account as long as he wants. MyBillCash offers 0.35% daily on every 2000 bills or more that are staked in the account of the holder. However, MyBillCash notifies that the percentage isn’t permanent as it is subjected to change with the market reaction. MyBillCash claims to be the best in providing works form big business worldwide with no initial investment. MyBillCash claims to provide a stable market for micro jobs and project an increasing trajectory for the exchange values for Cash bill tokens.


Bills token can be staked for more profits, mybillcash offers 0.35% daily on every 2000 bills or more staked, this is equivalent to 10.5% per month. This percentage is not permanent and can be adjusted based on the market reactions to bills token trading.


Name – Bills CashCode – BillsDecimal – 7Contract – 0xCa5226f700d52f9A93Eab8180C3c85F75e856dC1Total supply – 11,000,000Token type – Ethereum ERC 20

Token Distributions

Signup & referral bonus – 25%Reserve for masternode – 45%Team – 10 %Game development – 5 %Game promotions – 5 %Legal and documentation – 2 %Bounty – 2 %Airdrop – 2 %Advisors – 1 %Reserved – 3 %

Username: Kevinryan



WHAT IS CODEO?codeo is part of the business unit of FIVE ANGELS INVESTMENT (HOLDING) LIMITED British virgin Island (BVI) where we are engaged in business development and innovation in the digital-based financial world. through this company also supports the funding of digital startup companies through an incubation program held to grow new startups towards unicorns and even decacorns
HOW TO HAVE A CODEO TOKEN ?Codeo tokens you can have through IEO on CATEX (now), BINANCE, COINEAL, ARCHIDAX and others. and after IEO you can also trade on exchanges where our target for the first year is 25 exchanges
IS CODEO SAFE?Codeo is a secure digital asset because it stands on decentralized and secure Ethereum ERC 20 technology. Codeo continues to develop technology for security by building its own Blockchain network which will be released by the end of August 2020
ARE THERE ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES OF HAVING CODEO TOKEN?by having codeo you will get an additional benefit of getting an annual interest of 2% per year which is accumulated from the $ 1 guarantee value. and multiply by the number of tokens you have. and you will receive these benefits every June 7 and will be sent to your wallet codeo
BENEFIT BUYBACK $1 ?Codeo besides being safe also has advantages such as a guarantee of the lowest value of $ 1 where if market conditions deteriorate you will get a $ 1 guarantee price and can sell at Archidax. that is, the company will buyback through archidax. with the condition if the price of the token is under $ 1
THE REASON AND PURPOSE OF CREATING CODEO?Codeo tokens come as an innovation and solution from digital market players and blockchain to transact using valuable and guaranteed digital assets of value and price. because codeo is designed for a payment instrument and transactions for the present and the future


DETAILSSymbol: CODEOInitial Value: 1 CODEO = 1 USDSmart Contract 0x46b4a7d906F1A943b7744Df23625E63726d79035Type: ERC20CODEO Distributions 30 BillionCODEO initial Issued 3 Billion

INFORMATIONWebsite : http://www.codeotoken.comTwitter : https://twitter.com/codeotokenFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/codeotoken/linke explorer : https://etherscan.io/token/0x46b4a7d906F1A943b7744Df23625E63726d79035Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/MHlV6hcPQhGqNTQN6k4WugEmail : support@codeotoken.com / busdev@codeotoken.com

Username: Kevinryan


Übersicht über MyBillCash

https://mybillcash.com/PRÄSENTATIONZentralisierte Kryptowährungsbörsen sind die beliebtesten und am weitesten verbreiteten und haben im Laufe der Jahre einen erheblichen Einfluss erlangt. Die Börsen konzentrieren sich auf die Kontrolle der Fähigkeit, Blockchain-Projekte auszuführen oder zu stören. Oft sind sie die einzigen Unternehmen, die unabhängig von der Volatilität und Volatilität des Geldmarkts ihre Rentabilität aufrechterhalten. Elektronik begegnet.Der Reichtum und der immense Einfluss, den die zentralen Börsen besitzen, haben zu schwerwiegenden unethischen Praktiken der Marktmanipulation und -ausbeutung geführt, die genau den Grund für diese Börsen betonen Konzentration war mehr denn je nötig.Eine schockierende Information wurde von Crypto Trader namens Silvain Ribes veröffentlicht, wo er glaubt, dass mehr als 3 Milliarden US-Dollar aller Krypto-Assets fabriziert und unwirklich sind und OKex, ist die volumenmäßig größte Börse, bei der bis zu 93% des Volumens gefälscht sind.Darüber hinaus wies ein anderer Händler auf eine besorgniserregende Tatsache hin, dass die NASDAQ-Börse für die Auflistung großer Unternehmen nur Gebühren unter 200.000 US-Dollar erhebt, während sich viele Kryptowährungsbörsen darauf konzentrieren. Der Versuch, mehr als 500.000 US-Dollar an Listing-Gebühren zu erheben.Krypto-Influencer und viele andere im Internet beginnen verschiedene böse Geschichten darüber zu teilen, wie zentralisierte Börsen auf die gleiche korrupte Art und Weise funktionieren wie zentralisierte Organisationen. Oft gibt es zu viel Macht und Einfluss, wenn sie nicht kontrolliert werden.Vermittler und Kraftwerke.Was ist MyBillCash?MyBillCash ist ein Blockchain-basiertes Unternehmen, das eine Plattform bietet, die Kleinstarbeitssuchende und Arbeitgeber auf der Grundlage von Arbeitsanforderungen auf einer Skala aus allen Teilen der Welt miteinander verbindet. MyBillCash verfügt über ein Blockchain-basiertes Ökosystem, das eine Micro-Mission-Website imitiert, auf der Transaktionen über Rechnungstoken abgewickelt werden. Sie verwenden das Ethereum-Token namens Bills Cash für alle Transaktionen zwischen Mitarbeitern und Arbeitgebern.MyBillCash ist eine dezentrale Mikrotask-Plattform in der Blockchain, mit der Benutzer verschlüsselte Nachrichten an Benutzer senden können.
WAS IST MYBILLCASH?MyBillCash ist ein Blockchain-basiertes Unternehmen, das eine Plattform bietet, die Kleinstarbeitssuchende und Arbeitgeber auf der Grundlage von Arbeitsanforderungen auf einer Skala aus allen Teilen der Welt miteinander verbindet. MyBillCash verfügt über ein Blockchain-basiertes Ökosystem, das eine Micro-Mission-Website imitiert, auf der Transaktionen über Rechnungstoken abgewickelt werden. Sie verwenden das Ethereum-Token namens Bills Cash für alle Transaktionen zwischen Mitarbeitern und Arbeitgebern.MyBillCash ist eine dezentrale Mikrotask-Plattform in der Blockchain, mit der Benutzer verschlüsselte Nachrichten an Benutzer senden können.MYBILLCASH-FUNKTIONENDer Benutzer wird in die Nachricht des Benutzers verschlüsseltWirtschaftsgutscheineDienstleistungsmarktLiefern und einen schnellen Job bekommenZentraler Einzahlungsmechanismus.Stellenangebote ab 0,15 USDSuche nach Jobs nach StichwortenWettmarker (0,35% pro Tag)Das Unternehmen fungiert als Schnittstelle, um Menschen einen einfachen und gut bezahlten Online-Job ohne Investition anzubieten. Das Handelssystem basiert auch auf der Gutscheinwirtschaft. Auf diese Weise können MyBillCash-Benutzer Gutscheine erstellen, indem sie ihre verdienten Rechnungstoken in geladene Dokumente umwandeln, die gegen Bargeld verkauft werden können. Die Voucher Economy ermöglicht es Benutzern, verdiente Token in bar einzulösen und damit Kampagnen auf der Website zu starten. Einmal erstellte Dokumente haben eine Gültigkeit von einem Jahr und sind nur für den einmaligen Gebrauch verantwortlich.MyBillCash verwendet auch ein Empfehlungsprogramm, mit dem Benutzer Familienmitglieder, Freunde und Personen, die MyBillCash kennen, weiterempfehlen können. Wenn sich ein Referrer über den Referral-Link anmeldet, erhält der Benutzer einen eindeutigen Token. Die Anzahl der Benutzer, die MyBillCash mit dem Empfehlungsprogramm weiterempfehlen können, ist unbegrenzt. Benutzer können Jobs bei MyBillCash schneller suchen, da Jobs anhand von Schlüsselwörtern gesucht werden können. Freiberufler, die die Website nutzen, können schnell nach Stellen suchen, die von Arbeitgebern ausgeschrieben wurden, die mindestens 0,15 USD pro Stelle zahlen.MyBillCash bietet eine verschlüsselte Benutzeroberfläche für Chat-Benutzer, in der Publisher und Werbetreibende Jobbeschreibungen und Zahlungsdetails in einer sicheren Umgebung diskutieren können. Nach Abschluss des Auftrags bewertet der Arbeitgeber den Auftrag anhand der Erfolgsquote des Benutzers, der den Auftrag abgeschlossen und ihn mit dem Token bezahlt hat.RECHNUNGRechnungstoken können für zusätzliche Gewinne eingesetzt werden, mybillcash bietet 0,35% pro Tag für 2000 oder mehr Rechnungen, dies entspricht 10,5% pro Monat. Diese Rate ist nicht permanent und kann basierend auf den Marktreaktionen auf Rechnungstoken-Transaktionen angepasst werden.TECHNISCHE DATENName – GeldeingangCode – RechnungDezimalzahlen – 7Vertrag – 0xCa5226f700d52f9A93Eab8180C3c85F75e856dC1Gesamtangebot – 11.000.000Tokentyp – Ethereum ERC 20Token verteilenRegistrierungs- und Empfehlungsbonus – 25%Reserve für Masterknoten – 45%Team – 10%Spielentwicklung – 5%Spieleaktionen – 5%Rechtliches und Dokumente – 2%Bonus – 2%Lufttropfen – 2%Mentor – 1%Reserviert – 3%FazitWir werden dieses MyBill Cash konsequent einsetzen, um es nützlicher zu machen, und mit MyBill Tokens Cash wird das Think Academy-Programm dezentralisiert.MyBill Cash macht diesen Pfad leichter zugänglich und ermöglicht es Benutzern, Geld zu verdienen, während sie recherchieren.OFFIZIELLE LINKS:https://mybillcash.com/https://web.facebook.com/mybillscashhttps://www.reddit.com/r/mybillscash/https://github.com/billscash/solids-tokenhttps://t.me/joinchat/PonRnhBsnf4I3usdRpHcqwhttps://twitter.com/Mybillscash
Username: Kevinryan


Instant Assets Tokens

IntroductionHi dears, another interesting project is being started. First of all, for who missed previous entry, what’s a cryptocurrency? To be fast and concise, it is a digital medium of exchange. And the next question would be… What’s your use? It is also easy to guarantee the security, integrity and balance of your financial statements by means of a network of agents (segmented file transfer or multisource file transfer) that verify (untrust) each other called miners, which are, for the most part, general public and actively protect the network (the web) by maintaining a high rate of algorithm processing, in order to have the opportunity to receive a small tip, which is distributed randomly.All this racket of cryptomoney has been increasing exponentially, however, most people know nothing about how blockchain technology works, what a smart contract is and how it could be used. For this very reason, I will first of all carefully introduce this type of block chain technology.Blockchain is a decentralized general ledger. It is a computer network that has an identical copy of the database and changes its status (records) to a common agreement based on pure mathematics. All this means that there is no need for any central server or any entity we trust (e.g. central bank, notaries, banks, paypal, etc.). The blockchain is the technological basis for all cryptomontages, whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.An important part of the blockchain is the smart contracts, a piece of code that is stored in the blockchain network (in each participant’s database). It basically defines the conditions to which all parties using the contract agree. Therefore, if the required conditions are met, certain actions are executed. Because the smart contract is stored on all computers on the network, everyone must run it and get the same result. This way users can be sure that the result is correct.


After this brief introduction to the broad topic of Blockchain and Smart Contracts, we can already see that this technology opens many doors to new decentralized businesses and eliminates the need for expensive third parties. Many new companies are now working on this technology, and large companies are testing it in closed networks to collaborate directly with each other without the need for intermediaries. For that reason, there is a lot of projects that are starting to use this new technology. However, not all of them are worth it. We have to read well what each project is dedicated to, what is its whitepaper, its qualified advisors, etc. As I said, blockchain technology has gained popularity due to the hype about cryptocurrencies which has shaken many startups to launch their own cryptocurrencies even without convincing fundamentals. This trend has emerged because new entrants have been more agile in adopting emerging technologies compared to incumbents who are hampered by legacy systems. However, this competitiveness and this advantage enjoyed by the new players may be short-lived, as no economies of scale are taken into account.For this reason, that is why I choose the best of them through an exhaustive study of the main characteristics. Today, the project I am going to present you is the Instant Assets Tokens, a better way for make property investment easier through the digitization of assets.
PresentationDefinitionAs I said before, Instant Assets Tokens (IAT) (https://www.iatokens.com/) a real estate tokenization to make the property investment readily available to the masses through the digitization of assets by which the tokens are backed by real-world characteristics.

GoalsThe main objective of IAT is to make property investment easily available to the masses through the digitization of assets and expand it to other developing countries with focus first being placed on the Philippines market.As a secondary goals, IAT aims to make resale and leasing processes more transparency, more integrative and more secure with blockchain smart contracts, and to integrate better utilities for the tokens on the platform which includes paying for furnishing, legal fees and fees for engaging tax auditors as a difference to others competence companies. With this technology, time and costs savings could be improved and finally, it also aims to solve all round transactional costs cutting out inflated costs by at least half.


  • Tenants are advised to use the NIAT to pay the rent and will be offered a reduction in the rate.
  • The company will seek to attract several business partners to the IAT ecosystem to increase the possibilities of use.
  • Payment for asset management services Token holders may choose to use the NIAT to pay for our asset management services.
  • The payment for the holders of Furniture Records can opt to use the NIAT to make the payment of the purchase of items for the equipment of their property.
  • The purchase of NIAT Assets can also be used to buy assets and resides within the IAT ecosystem.
  • The holders of Payment Cards for Legal Services may choose to use the NIAT to make the payment for hiring the services of lawyers or legal advisors.
  • Payment for Tax Advice and Services Cardholders can choose to use the NIAT to make the payment for hiring the services of tax advisors.
  • The holders of property tokens for sale or rent can choose to use the NIAT to pay the sales commissions when they publish the goods in the web portal.
  • Asset owners may choose to receive the proceeds of the rental or sale in the form of NIAT.
  • In the event that a commission is required to be paid to the agent / broker, the chip holders may choose to pay the commission of their agent / broker with the NIAT.
  • The Receiving Commission for Agents / Agents / Brokers can choose to receive their commission in the form of NIAT.




The project gives the opportunity to earn Instant Assets tokens (IAT) performing some social media tasks and doing simple steps from the bounty program explained into bitcointalk. Here (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4044551.msg379490) you can access to the link in order to see what are the conditions to become an early IAT contributor and start acquiring tokens.Doesn’t that sound interesting? If you are interested in this airdrop or basically in the ICO, you can read their Whitepaper here (http://iatokens.com/docs/IAT%20WHITEPAPER.pdf). You can also stay tuned in their official Telegram group (https://t.me/iatokens). I hope you liked the post and soon I’ll send you new ones.

Extra details
Token: IATPlatform: EthereumType: ERC-20Price in ICO: 1 IAT= 0.01 USDTokens for sale: 4,500,000,000
Username: Kevinryan


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