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Introduction The world is advancing at a quick pace. At no other time we have seen such a significant number of changes occurring in such a brief timeframe. Monetary, social, mechanical and political movements are reshaping the world in all respects rapidly and new difficulties emerge for countries and especially for urban areas. As governments […]

Apa itu 2Ether?

2Ether adalah garpu Ethereum baru yang bertujuan untuk menciptakan ruang inovatif untuk peluncuran IEO, perdagangan terdesentralisasi, desain kontrak pintar, dan crowdfunding startup.  Misi kita Kami bertujuan untuk memilih ide komunitas terbaik dan menghidupkannya, membangun kerangka kerja di mana penambang, pengembang, dan proyek infrastruktur yang paling menjanjikan dapat berkembang. Apa yang istimewa tentang 2Ether?Dengan menggunakan algoritma analisis […]


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About CitiOSCitiOS is multidimensional. Our global presence is expected to significantly rise to a completely different level through the integration of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) with blockchain technology.CitiOS aligns with the next paradigm transformation of the traditional cities into smart cities where the Internet of Things (IoT) devices are autonomous and […]


Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is SwapZilla, and for more details, let’s just go to the following discussion:What is SwapZilla?SwapZilla — is a unique infrastructure solution that revolutionizes crypto trading. SwapZilla, brings together all exchanges, all tokens, all news streams and all tools. […]


A new trend has been sweeping through the Crypto world: Deflationary Tokens. These are tokens that have their supply constantly reduced when used, making them rarer over time. Tokens like $BombToken and $Fuze have been leading the way with experimenting on what happens when a token’s supply is cut down with every transfer. Due to […]


LIVING PLANET FOR HUMANITY WHAT IS GPM COIN? GPMCoin is not subject to inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. Excellent prospects if you purchase the GPMCoin in the early stages of the project. Complete transparency of investment and implementation of all project stages. GPMCoin is a fully valid token.Trust of participantsEach participant is able to obtain the […]


Aero Ten Inflation Selling PointsThe hyperinflationary approach is a more economical way of mining cryptocurrencies. Now you don’t need high energy, complex computers and millions of dollars to set up your mining sector.Aerotoken can be mined with only one transaction completed. You can’t set all skills together to increase 1%, but with AET, there are game modifiers.Aerotoken […]

Overview – Instant Exchange

SimpleSwap is an easy-to-use instant cryptocurrency exchange. WEBSITE  | WHITEPAPER  | TELEGRAM  | TWITTER  | FACEBOOKMEDIUM  | REDDIT | YOUTUBE | ANN THREADHello everyone … see me again Wong Linglong3 this time I will explain at a glance about * * so see carefully read thoroughly to your knowledge who knows useful for you in the future … WHAT IS SIMPLESWAP.IO? is a fast and secure exchange […]

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