DAINmap the market for artificial intelligenceNot long ago, the world of high technology turned our lives upside down. People become less employed in certain places, and enjoy all the humanitarian benefits that are available in everyday life which are the most ordinary. And all because of one crazy idea visiting the bright minds of more than one […]


MozoX tokens are used to reward consumers who walk-in to participated venues to visit, shop, dine, or be entertained. In turn, the consumer can then redeem MozoX at any participating venues, or transfer to a friend as a gift. Team MozoX has completed token generation event on MainNet, hence the tokens are released and ready […]


PRESENTATION The innovation for future with high quality and make comfortable for all contributor and give the best of services in platform , make the best of controlling on decentralized network for make stabling of all condition ecosystem on platform to make as well and make this platform has a big community for support and […]


Since my blog is dedicated to new decentralized projects and today’s reviews are no exception, I propose to talk today about the topic of online Entertainment. For many people, these stats will seem surprising, however, around the world they just love to play entertaining online games like poker, Casino, and other gambling trends from this […]

GPM Carbon

GPM CarbonWhat is GPMCoinGPMCoin is not subject to inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. Outstanding prospects for the acquisition of GPMCoin in the early stages of the project. Full transparency of investment and implementation of all stages of the project. GPMCoin is a full token.Participant confidenceEach participant can receive a finished product (activated carbon) for the purchased GPMCoin. Open project information […]

Co-DEX – a decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrency that uses an innovative system

WHAT IS Co-DEX? Co-DEX is a decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrency, built on pioneering security infrastructure and using innovative systems. Co-DEX is an exchange made by the community for the community. Therefore Co-DEX is the first exchange to implement a no-fee policy for transactions. The user must bear the transaction costs of the validator who […]

Decentralized Mindset

Apa itu Token?“Token” sering digunakan sebagai sinonim untuk “cryptocurrency” (AKA “cryptocurrency token”) karena cryptocurrency ada sebagai data tokenized (sejenis data terenkripsi yang digunakan dalam cryptocurrency dan keamanan komputer secara umum). Yang mengatakan, kadang-kadang orang menggunakan istilah token untuk secara khusus merujuk pada aset digital yang ada pada blockchain cryptocurrency lain (misalnya OMG adalah token ERC-20 pada […]

DAIN is the next-generation artificial intelligence platform

Welcome to my simple article, and I am sure that my article will be of use to you. happy to read articles about the crypto world.On this occasion I will discuss abou thttps://dain.ai/ several companies in the world. I am very interested in joining this company, so do you. let’s join this very promising company!… INTRODUCTIONArtificial […]

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